Thursday, October 22, 2015

FIAC 2015

What I should have worn to last night's opening at Grand Palais of FIAC 2015?
Hair. Lots of it. Do Not comb.
Little 'French' heels (remember those?) worn with just plain old black tights.
All black head-to-toe is the rule (got that) plus maybe a flash of Fall's hot color, khaki (missed out here).
The Grand Palais is such a gorgeous space.
Always astonishing
The interior structure is fabulous and worthy of endless gazing even if the art is not.
Porcelain disks attached with pins in a room of prize winners. Get closer in case you missed something.
I loved these. Pure color.
What to say? These viewers were smitten.
Filmed animated walkers in a frame. Fun.
I still like the traditional stuff - paint on canvas. Hit me.
A walking artwork.
Talk about lush paint on canvas or rather the back of the canvas. Brit Howard Hodgkin. I'd take this home in a second.
On the lookout for terrific clothes but FIAC is no match for crazy Paris Fashion Week.
I could definitely use that blackboard.
Photoshopped 'paintings'.
An artwork with avocado seeds? You tell me.
Wall art.
Keep a smart phone clamped to your ear non-stop.
You want to look in deep negotiations. Or you could be checking what's for dinner. Who is going to know?
The ubiquitous black tights every Parisian was wearing last night. K.I.S.S.
Only one abstract painted Birkin bag was sighted (price range 6,900€ - 100,000€). I bought the FIAC black bag sold in the boutique (see sketch above) price-5€.
The hot, hot food of the night and selling out fast, The American Browny (spelled with a Y- 4€). What next?
That's my biased report.
FIAC has taken over the city with international art shows at the docks, Tuilleries and everywhere. Still great fun for people watching.


  1. What can I say?

    I love YOUR art:)

    Carole..est-ce toi?
    Ou quelqu'un qui te ressemble?
    I don't see signature red ..but ..

    1. So far I have not hired anyone to do my blog drawings...
      I guess I should sign them!!!

  2. A simply wonderful post! Thank you, Carol.

  3. The art was definitely a piece of work (not in a good way).

  4. Maureen9:19 AM

    Goodness, Carol, what self important rubbish! I agree with you. The Grand Palais is its own art. Still you could sit outside and watch people Hope it was free entry. I would hate to have paid a euro - lol

  5. Thanks so much for sharing info and pics. Wonderful!

  6. Kathy H11:24 AM

    I love it all (could eat at least two of those "Brownys") Hah!

    1. I did not move to Paris to eat Brownys!! :))

  7. Carol, your excellent reporting shows me an entertaining time at the Grand Palais. A scene, shall we say? (I'm another H Hodgkin fan...have seen lots of his exhibits in both museums and galleries, and actually once saw him interviewed by Susan Sontag at the Met.)

    I am so glad that you have that press pass! xo

  8. Paris is the most fascinating place for people watching & I would love to do it with you so you could point out all the things I miss - as I'm lacking the photographer (or artist) eye.

    1. If I did I'd never get the shots Suki :)
      I shoot from the hip. Never look in the viewfinder LED thing.
      Look and pray.

  9. I am so delighted now I am receiving your blog post via email. Why did I not do this ages ago. Adored the post, so many beautiful people doing beautiful things. Stimulating at the very least. I am visiting in 2 weeks I must rethink my wardrobe. Nessa

  10. Leslie7:05 AM

    Love the Hodgkin painting...and I have black tights on!!! But I learn things from your blog and so grateful. Thank you

  11. Great post, Carol, so much color, and terrific candid people photos.
    Great opening sketch and the photos are top notch.
    Love the "walking artwork" :)

    1. So funny...I looked in my bag yesterday and found one of those white ceramic disks had fallen off the artwork into my bag!
      No idea...and what to do? Track down the artiste and return it?
      Not intentional at all.

  12. I know what you mean about the un-combed hair. I see it everywhere here in the greater NYC area. It is horrible! I did not know that it had pervaded the Paris esthetic but that's why it's so important to check in with you every post -- you always update us on the latest in chic… no matter how dreadful it is. But the "browny" thing has my approval. It's about time.


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