Friday, October 09, 2015

Chanel Spring 2016

On Tuesday I joined the gawpers outside Grand Palais for CHANEL 2016 Spring collection.
Franchement, I think it's far more fun to gawp at the FAB fashion parade of attendees, running the paparazzi gauntlet outside than to go in, grab a seat probably way in the back, wait and wait easily 45 minutes for the show to begin. Then crane your neck, hoping to see the show whizzing by in 10-15 minutes tops. You're head is spinning but you must pile out, feeling a bit crushed you weren't been invited to the elite soiree back stage. Of course if Chanel or any other fashion house should wish to send me an invite I will be there with bells on!!!
By the way Kaki green is the HOT color for Fall PBers! Long skirts too.
As always many Chanel addicts are over-dressed to the nines. This gal makes it works.
These two? Way OTT (over-the-top and trying too hard) IMHO, although def amusing and fashion is frivolous after all.
Front row A-listers like pajama-clad Vogue Grace Coddington and Colette owner Sarah Lerfel don't have to bother decking themselves out in multiple CCs.
Do you know hot, hot New Yorker, Leandra Medine blog Man Repeller? (on far right) and maybe wearing a Chanel choker. I'm addicted. The tone is witty, irreverent observations of the fashion world, hugely followed and she's a mere 26. MR has won every prize in the book. 'In 2012, Medine was featured in Forbes's "Top 30 Under 30" as one of the year's "most influential trendsetters," while The Man Repeller was recognized in TIME's "25 Best Blogs of 2012", and received "Best Overall Blog" at the 2012 Bloglovin' Awards. In 2013, Medine was featured in Fast Company Magazine's "100 Most Creative People" issue.
Check out Leandra's take on all the copycat looks at the shows. She nails it.
Front row editor Giovanna Battaglia was wearing unmatched earrings (see above sketch) and her signature flower power prints.
Did I say Chanel 2016's theme was airport and Chanel Airlines. Security was très tight getting in and all the invites were faux airline tickets. Witty.
Inside a giant airport scene perfect for Grand Palais' enormous airy space.
A-Mazing hair! Pretty amazing zebra-striped coat. Is that a dead frog/zebra around her neck? And is it Chanel? Qui sait. As long as you're wearing black and white something or other you're IN.
More fabulous hair.
Love the gauzy black tutu skirt with Chanel tweedy black and white jacket.
The Asian attendees do Chanel right. Meticulous perfection every time. One woman was wearing Chanel pink sweater set with ropes and ropes of pearls over denim overalls. More pictures on FLICKR.
Simply gorgeous..oui?
Great hair and daring décolletage. Not sure if off-the-shoulder look is her creation or Karl's?
Attendees after the show with their goodie bags. Sometimes it's just a Signature bottle water, but me thinks not at Chanel.
I was aghast seeing how this woman tied her precious Chanel jacket casually round her waist till I got a look at the show shots. Copycat!
The Happy pants I would guess are Not Chanel. Her bag is though. Black and white suit on the right is hot hot hot.
Japan Vogue editor Anna Della Russo was wearing it so you know. Bet her undies have CCs on em. Note Chanel signature dish bag.
Where are the men you ask? This dreamboat is divine Brit violinist Charles Siem, the pro photographer nearby let me know. miam miam
Super top top architect/ designer Peter Marino in his usual garb - black leather with tatoos. Marino earned a degree in architecture from Cornell University, and apprenticed in New York City under I. M. Pei, George Nelson and Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. Andy Warhol was his mentor and early patron.
Top sound designer for Lagerfeld, Dior, Celine, Michel Gaubert. Check out his Instagram. Chanel is always the coup de grace (the finishing blow) of Paris Fashion Week. Now back to drawing sketch letters and Paris Maps! I'm en retard. But if you'd like some of the lovely Chanel perfume touches shown at the top, do (re-)subscribe s'il vous plait.
So how come I dont have these super nerdie red lunettes


  1. You sure do get to see the sights.some very pretty people here..and some very unique ones tu..I love the tutu outfit..on HER.
    I like YOUR red glasses much better Carol.
    Too much signature for me...though.

    1. An absolute blast to watch the parade Monique!
      A lot of effort went into this "15 minutes of fame"
      Thank you Andy Warhol.

    2. I just went to Flickr..never thought the décolleté was just a blazer/top.
      I love the asian girl with the beanie type hat and elegant and gorgeous.I have a pair of jeans w/ holes:) From always kneeling on my right knee to either garden or thse pics Carol.

    3. Last that you sketching? It's a gorgeous fashion sketch.

    4. The sketch above? All mine bien sur.

      a low neckline on a woman's dress or top.
      a woman's cleavage as revealed by a low neckline on a dress or top.

    5. I agree with Monique. Those red glasses are a classic case of "trying too hard".

      And I also agree that your sketches are map-worthy. What fun!

  2. Super loving all these photos!

  3. They're kind of ugly, what outrageous clothing! What a hype!

    1. Anonymous2:25 PM

      D'accord!! Simplement de trop.

  4. Sad how far Chanel has fallen if this is a true "representation"!!

    1. Some women wear it very well. And others get carried away with the uniform aspect.
      I guess they feel 'safe' in head to toe Chanel...

  5. Mostly outrageous and not so flattering but high fashion is often beyond my understanding. Just recently renewed my Paris maps as I just can't get enough of them.

    1. THANKS Suki!!
      I have yet to put any Chanel on the maps...Hmmm

  6. Oh Carol, as Chuck Berry might have sung to you, this was a very entertaining post. Staying outdoors seems to me to be a great method to catch what's really going on.

    Already forgotten what else I meant to typle. xo

    1. Outdoors is Paris is where it's happening mostly..

  7. Love Chanel, but I would look like death warmed over in Khaki Green! :-)

    1. Khaki green is My color so I'm finally in luck...already have stuff in ze closet! Yahoo

  8. Noticed the woman wearing the red sunglasses. I have a pair just like them, except that I only paid $10.00 from a street vendor in NYC

  9. Barbara R12:40 AM

    Mon Dieu ! It's all too much! I can't deal with it !



  10. Kathy H12:41 AM

    Loved all the hair-dos and the beauty with the exposed shoulders...wish I could do that - hah!

  11. Cynthia T12:47 AM

    Your pix are always the best!

  12. Allie C1:00 AM

    Terrific post on Chanel show. Vital and engaging!!!

  13. Brunie1:02 AM

    still here with you....

    ...a lot of this "fashion" feels ugly to me...

    ...the simple but elegant woman in the green skirt I do like.

    all the best

  14. Peter Marino - ROFL! If I had looked like him when I was still working, I think my clients would have been quite ready to agree with my every suggestion.
    Love to see all the gorgeously put together attendees!

    1. Honey if you had his roster of clients you could wear a paper bag to work and do no wrong.
      VERY highly regarded. Has kids too. C'est comme ça in the Fashion world.

  15. Great opening sketch, Carol. and then a lot of expensively dressed, stylish women :) Quite a crowd!
    I don't like the Army green look, though......

  16. I just read a new book about Coco Chanel, and now know much more than I ever did about Coco herself, her stylish designs and that the Chanel shows are always at the Grand Palais (post to come next week). So I really enjoyed your view of the Chanel show- even standing about outside looks such fun! Best people watching ever? I think so.


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