Sunday, May 31, 2015

Paris ♥ Mum

You might think it was Valentines with all the Paris windows wearing hearts on their sleeves.
Poilane made their punition cookies into big buttery hearts. 
Angelina has gift baskets with hearts for Mom.
Master patissier Gerard Mulot has framboise-loaded heart-shaped cakes galore.
Fraise too. I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more gateaux Charlottes in the future don't you?
Le Grand Epicerie is not following the heart trend around town. i.e.'Maman Cherie'
In their front windows pastry chefs make meringue Pavlovas by the dozens.
Big and small.
Remember I showed you le vrai madeleines at Gilles Marchal?
Food expert Coco Jobard told me this is how madeleines looked in Proust's day. Well now you can taste them at the Epicerie for yourself.
Light and buttery, they are made to perfection by Le Fameuse Madeleine de Proust.
More hearts and flowers. Long lines outside the flower shops today. That's a universal anywhere in the world.
Remember that melting chocolate heart in La Mere de Famille's window?
It's been replaced. La Mere's chocolate is divine and the oldest confectionary in Paris...I think.
These chocolate hearts don't look so melty...
Jacadi has adorable maman et bebe elephant bed sheets for mother's day.
If you live in here and do a search on Google you will get more moms and babes animation. That's how it is in France.
Bonne Fete des Mamans.


  1. Any one of these would warm this mother's heart!

    1. My heart is warmed and my only child is a bear...

  2. Charlotte was a very unconventional name for my mother in the time and place where she grew up - New Mexico in the 1940s and 50s. Now it's the chic-est of the chic!!

    1. I would change mine but too many Ts and Ls. Not a good match.

  3. Foodwalker2:32 PM


    1. It's a big deal here but then every celebration is.

  4. Oh Carol, those special Mother's Day treats are rather tasty looking. Of course, one would not need to prove motherhood in order to sample them!

    Your Paris Maps are so splendid! It's a grand idea, very well carried out by your artistry.


  5. Tout est tellement beau et féminin!

  6. Yum! This was wonderful! I want those elephant mom and baby sheets. Why are the French so much more innovative than us?
    I have never been to Paris but I have a lifelong friend who has traveled there. She is quite a bit older than me. She will be 82 years old in November and still is full of energy. She recently acquired a tablet and has had lots of mishaps learning to use it. I am going to send her the link to this yummy post. I only hope she can navigate enough to view every photo. She will be "over the moon" to see those gorgeous creations.
    One more thing. Is that a Driscoll's raspberry box in the photo? I hope they are organic! Oh the reach of big agribusiness. One would think that the raspberries in Paris would be from a little nearby farm.

  7. I love the photos of the chocolates and the strawberries & whipped cream the most. I'm at that stage of the day where I'm hungry & looking at this post isn't helping :)

  8. Kathy3:31 PM

    Oh, how lucky you are to be surrounded by all that artful chocolat!
    Thank you for sharing

  9. Vicki4:48 PM

    Gorgeous posts for all the moms, Carol! Varied and enchanting. Happy Mother's Day to you, too, for giving birth to your incredible, creative enterprises!

  10. Kathy M.4:49 PM


  11. Love this site, visit it everyday. I'll be in Paris for 10 days at the end of June, I was wondering if there is anything interesting we could see. This is not my first trip so we'll be taking it easy. Any suggestions?


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