Sunday, January 25, 2015

La Fete de la Coquille a Montmartre

This weekend my favorite Parisian foodie celebration is taking place !!
A definite DON'T MISS if you're in town.
Celebrating one of my favorite foods, the lovely scallop (coquille) from Brittany.
Everything and everyone is from Bretagne, l'Armor area.
The REAL thing! Authentique. These are smoked scallops btw.
I went with blogger Solli. We shared 1 brochette (7 euros) fresh off the grill.
No sharing the oysters though.
Just 7 euros for a half doz. fresh, icy, super brinie oysters(huitres).
Solli slurps.
Then on to the soup guys, there every year from L'Ile Bleue. A big bowl is 2,50 but a good sized bottle is 3,50. I shlept 2 home and may go back for more. So delish.
To go with your huitres and soupe - cidre or sparkling apple juice. I got one to take home.
A big variety of Brittany beers and ciders.
On to dessert!
The ineffable kouign Amann, made with Brittany caramelized salted butter. We were told to toast in the oven for 10-15 minutes. I do mine in a pan on top.
I ran the other way when I saw the wonderful crepes
With salted caramel. I overdid it 2 years ago eating 2 crepes with caramel + scallops, oysters, soup, Kouign amman. Lecon learned.
Always the Armor-Luxe stripped Ts and all butter cookies.
The Brittany band played on...many bands.
Just take Line 12 to ABBESSES, the elevator up et voila!
The fete is right in front of you at Place des Abbesses
Do wear something red please. Or bleu...


  1. The elevator wasn't working last time I went to Abbesses - be prepared for stairs...!

  2. Fabulous ! I remember being at something like this a few years ago. But it was not far from the Louvre,, and I think it was promoting other areas of France.

  3. French butter cookies are a weakness of mine.
    And scallops..such delicate morsels..Melt in your mouth.
    Very engaging top art full of life..
    Solli is so pretty girls must make heads turn:)

  4. Anonymous9:35 AM

    I really like ready your blog on paris. your illustration is just fabulous. can you please publish a book so that i can read them while sitting on a cafe and also buy some to share with friends.

  5. In the 'hood! So jealous, I adore St Jacques and we don't eat them enough!

  6. I love seafood, and especially scallops, so this was a great post! I love the oysters, too.
    Crepes, butter cookies, I'm hungry!

  7. OMG - I love oysters, crepes & salted caramel so I would have been in heaven. I just finished breakfast but, after reading this, I'm starving. Hope there are some of these events going on when I get to Paris.

  8. Wish I could be there!

  9. Oh Carol, what a yummy fete! So many wonderful, completely authentic treats to sample. I do love scallops. And crepes, and lots other things that you've shown us here.



  10. Oysters non! Caramel oui!

  11. Enjoyed this post. It reminded me of my trip to Bretagne -Côtes-d'Armor. If you happen to travel up that way, be sure to go to L'Ile Bréhat.

  12. Terrific...thanks for taking us along on this wonderful, yummy trip. How you carried all that you bought is beyond me...schlep is definitely the right verb to cover it!

  13. Loved this one especially as scollops are favorites of mine as well.
    Adore your blog! Coming to Paris around June

  14. Drooling ... Oh my. Scallops. Crepes. (I'll leave the oysters to you, though.) And Montmartre. Wow!!

  15. Amazing blog and very interesting stuff you got here! I definitely learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier posts as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!

  16. Found a new French emigre bakery and had the Normandy Apple tart....heaven! Probably not the same, but a girl can dream.


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