Saturday, September 20, 2014

Maison et Objet 2014

Maison et Objet at Villepinte Nord (RER B) Sept 5-9 2014

This is one monster show
My 3rd visit
I still have NO clue how to take in this show without becoming a casualty victim. 
La Rentree in Paris begins with a roar taking off with thus enormous decor show. A gazillion design events go on tied in with MO (none of which I attended except for a darling breakfast at Hotel Royal Monceau for bloggers and journalists - a chance just to meet and chat and restore before the onslaught of walking MO. If you know how to DO THIS SHOW and survive, do tell svp! I'm still a novice. There are 8 halls, each one as big as the Jacob Javits Center in NYC. Awesome doesn't begin to describe the size and range of stuff to see, so I'll show you what I liked. As for strong trends I haven't a clue. By the way this is a FOR THE TRADE show. Most items I'll show you are from new collections so not available yest in stores. We bloggers are considered 'journalists' in France, so we get to see far more than I ever did in New York (where basically bloggers are slightly higher than dirt).
Most things I fell in love with were from either Amsterdam or Scandinavian. This china is from KLevering.NL 
I have been on a backpack(sac à dos) hunt for months and my own true love is from KLevering Amsterdam (just 15€ but that could be the wholesale price). Wish I had seen this before I bought the pricy €€€€ meh Marc Jacobs black backpack.
These jelly lamps ARE made in France (150€ approx.)
I always fall for a riot of color. No idea who this was...
Les Touristes is in the Marais and has fabulous prints and colors. Must visit their shop.

Pantone colored items are still IN I guess..
Balloon chairs everyone was falling into exhausted from
Fun Eiffel Tower lamps- not an easy thing to do since they've been done to death ahem from Rosemonde et Michel Coubert.
A small first-show display from Finland, had splendid things. I could have hapily taken ome the entire collection (which is sometimes possible on the last day of the show if you're loaded with €s).
By Nord of Copenhagen on the other hand is a major At Home supplier with wonderful animal prints - like a giant reindeer printed on your white duvet. So many temptations here.
French rug designs .
A book of Victorian fabric patterns. There are many decor book stands throughout the show, but impossible to stop and browse. The eyes can do n,y so much looking...
More from Amsterdam, The tops are hand woven in Turkey with silk backs. Wonderful colors and patterns.
Amsterdam - AnneClairPetit.NL knitted toys and even furniture like these cherry seats for kids.
Naturally a chic notebook (carnet) is de rigueur for Bear from
Fabulous lamps
Beautifully displayed
In Halle 8. And the first time I made it to 8. Very spacious and airy. A delight to visit at MO.
Witty wax candles from Pop Corn.
Wonderful animal nightlamps made for kids from Korea - from
A giant knitted dog just because. Pets are Not allowed in the show. 

One does have to eat while traipsing around so there are food demos and exorbitant sandwiches and water/coffee. I recommend bringing our own from home. Gluten free breads for tasting from and they were terrific. I'm converted.

My big fav is Pip from where else? Amsterdam.
Get me a ticket. I'm out of here.
Many design firms give away logo bags to carry all the give away brochures, catalogs. Pip Studio's Free bag was one of the best and I was lucky to ask nicely and get one the last day. Love U Pip Studio. (Not for sale by the way).
There are masseuses onsite. But why not a full on spa? I would love to loll in this tub for a bit or do a few spins on the waterbike (these are huge in Paris, Aquabike classes by the ton). 
So that's the news or rather my version from Maison et Objet September 2014. 
*PLEASE if you have any hints how to survive this show let me know for the upcoming January MO. Right now I'm nursing the sniffles and sneezing from too much running around Paris. Today is Jours de Patrimoine and Manger Local and Les Marchés Flotants du Sud-Ouest by the Seine. And, and, and. What's a girl to do? Certainment Not stay home, nap, drink lemon tea and take aspirin? 


  1. Georgia S6:12 AM

    Wonderful splash of colors and patterns.
    I don't know how you do it all.
    Take care of yourself please!!

  2. Well I won't say rest:)
    There are some cell salts for colds you could try..under the tongue or in water sipping through the day.
    My mom would make my dad a hot mustard pack for his chest.
    I loved Vicks Vapor Rub.that feels like love to me.

    I love Pips' too!

    1. What are cell salts?
      Vicks you ain't gonna find over here.
      Moutard de Dijon?
      I am not putting on my chest.
      On my entrecote..mais oui.

  3. Oh my! Just my favorite thing. I'm no expert, just a design aficionado - but You have basically nailed it with your nicely curated bits of on trend elements like patterns, colors, both high end and low end items - and I will definitely be visiting Pip! So creative. What a daunting expo - seems like it would require a few visits or zeroing in on things you chose beforehand - there is probably a lot of info out there from the Design Center circles about who and what will be showcased. Be well...

    1. If I was in the field I would know what to look for.
      I'm just browsing looking for something to pop out at me.
      I don't know the marks and maybe it's a good thing...not biased.

  4. Wow Carol...that is a gigantic show! I can tell that while exhiliarating and inspiring and entertaining, it would also become exhausting to visit. It seems as if there is nowhere for your eyes, let alone your feet or back to rest.

    All the same, it looks fabulous. And I do agree with you about that particular Netherlands design touch.

    Loved the ikat cushions. I always love ikat weaving.

    Please do try to get some rest ... I'm sure that autumn in Paris is going to need a lot of running around.


  5. Anonymous10:53 AM

    I wonder if a person just recuperating from a serious injury wouldn't be allowed the handicap motorized chairs we have in the states? I loved this riot of color, I am so depressed with the present state of affairs in the World that flowers and color reminded me of all the beauty in the world. It seems that in the year two thousand and fourteen we humans could be at peace and enjoy Life-we have so much if we would slow down and -forgive me-smell the roses.

    1. Someone had a scooter.
      Very good idea.

  6. Love the Pip Studio selection! Bright without being garish. Love design shows.Take care of yourself, svp!

  7. Jane G2:04 PM

    I just loved this tour. Delicious colors, forms and humor. Thanks for saving my feet!

  8. Who did the pattern china?

  9. you did a great job at the show.
    great reporting.

  10. Your black Marc Jacobs backpack is the perfect blank canvas...get some fabric paint!!!!

  11. The January show ie even more daunting as there are far more exposing (for example furniture and fabrics). Maybe IF I get really lucky I can head up to Paris for the January show we are full swing lambing, transferring to milking then! I would have to find cheap lodging and buy a cheap train ticket.
    I LOVE being on the farm, but by then I am ready for Paris' magic and a slight taste of my old life :-)
    I WOULD LOVE TO SHOW YOU HOW TO DO THE SHOW!!! I had been doing it since the very first one up until the last couple of years. I was sooo sorry I missed you last January, remember last year you were moving?!!!

    1. Do you have a sleeping bag?
      Buy yr train ticket NOW.
      3 months ahead it's always a steal in France.
      Email me.

  12. Boy, that place is packed!
    It must have taken some time to do a proper tour.

  13. Wow! That must have been fabulous. I'd kill, well not really but almost, for a pip studio bag and I'd buy and Eiffel Tower lamp as I collect Eiffel towers. They are in every room of my house in one way or another. Yes, I am most proudly obsessed with Paris and Monsieur Eiffel.

    1. Obsession is the word in Paris.
      So easy to fall in love with stuff

  14. January 23-27, 2015

    The dates for the next MAISON et OBJET !!

  15. It's Heaven but must do all the days to cover it....
    It's divine decor and floral.... COLOR........
    THANK YOU for covering it...
    jealous and appreciative!!!!!!!!!

  16. LOVE the Turkish pillows! Also have a fondness for PIP Studio, everything from them is always so adorable!

    1. I have a different perspective on these giant exhibitions. I've been attending them for years.
      1st I would get the convention catalog and go to the online list of exhibitors and make a plan. there is always a map of the hall with numbers entrances restrooms etc. so you don't have to retrace your steps.
      2nd, narrow your focus to what's important to you. the choices are overwhelming and sometimes serendipity is at the booth next to the one you thought you wanted--- but remember this is a giant buffet and you will be overstuffed.
      3rd, plan your route by booth numbers.
      4rth, dress light as it will likely be hot in there if you are overdressed and grabbing a lot of swag. if there is a coat check, use it! Make sure your feet are comfortable and that you know where the restrooms are. Pack a water bottle and a light snack.
      5th, as you already know, you are a captive audience in there and the lines for yucky, expensive foods are long. don't rely on free samples- make it a point after 2 or 3 at the most hours to physically leave the place for a quiet cafe where you can collect your thoughts and decide if you are fresh enough to go back, or hang it up. Be honest with yourself!
      Last, be very conservative about accumulating swag. Many places will not let you bring in a rolling cart or suitcase, but if you can, use that rather than be burdened by all the free bags. if absolutely necessary, you can check that full bag and fill another one (which I used to do to get samples for homeless shelters and charities).
      Love reading your posts.
      Happy shlepping!

    2. Yr so right about these shows being like a giant buffet Sue. Maybe it's all about self-control...
      Villepinte Nord is an exposition city so there's no escaping ipunless you leave altogether.
      Everyone else had those granny carts. I see them all the time at the French shows. A must-have clearly.
      I could escape to the Press room and should do more often.
      They provide all the amenities, wi-fi and checkroom too.
      It is about pacing oneself isn't it, again like at a buffet.
      Taking small tastes and stopping before going overboard

  17. I will be in Paris between October 22 and 30th. I'd love to know what the information source is for events such as this. I'm constantly intrigued and entertained by Paris Breakfast and the kinds of places you visit.

    1. Simply GOOGLE:
      Paris events October 2014
      Et voila

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  19. Love your coverage and living vicariously, Carol! xx

  20. I just want to reach thru my computer screen and start buying ... so many wonderful things. Color overload for an artist like you. Not to mention feet and brain ... No advice except pace yourself and take frequent breaks for a cup of tea.

  21. Great Post. nice to visit and walk :)

  22. That pip bag is divine. I imagine that was a rather exhausting day.


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