Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jour du Macaron 2013

Mercredi 20 Mars Jour du Macaron 2013

Yesterday was the day we wait for all year - JOUR DU MACARON !
Started by patissier Pierre Hermé 7 years ago as a grand gesture to both share his fabulous macarons with the city of Paris and give a generous donation to a charity. Now all the pastry chefs of the organization Relais Desserts have joined in world wide and Jour du Macaron is an annual event everywhere you can find Relais members. And there are so many flavors to choose from!
Now that is an event I would most definitely want to attend. Next year?  Thanks so much for you posts. It is an honour to experience Paris through you and your shoes.
Whoops! These are ballerines from just as pretty as macarons and easy to mix up don't you think?
Oh why didn't I try Pierre Herme's flavor of the month 'Celeste'/fruit de la passion, rhubarbe et fraises? Ah the best laid plans of macaron hunters...
Jean-Paul Hévin had pretty terrific flavors too. I must admit I'm saving my cache of macs to paint and I haven't tasted any yet!?
Patisseries I visited yesterday:
1. Pierre Hermé (5 different boutiques - 1 macaron each)
2. Jean-Paul Hévin
3. Sadaharu Aoki
4. Arnaud Larher (2x) 
5. Dalloyau
6. Laurent Duchêne
I was in the recovery ward last night.
Wouldn't you be?
But worth every moment of racing around.
The deserving charity this year is Vaincre la mucoviscidose/cystic fibrosis - a worthy cause.
Something new this year - an adorable Spring green tablier/apron you could buy for 10 euro donation that went totally to Vaincre la mucoviscidose. I bought one.
And there's a contest - take your pictures wearing the tablier, send it in to the Relais Desserts facebook page and pray you get enough votes to win a day of tasting in Pierre Herme's atelier.
No wonder Leche-vitrine/'licking the window' was invented by the French. What haven't they invented? Bear doesn't mess around with hanging outside looking in. He jumps into the fray and likes to get up close and personal to the macarons.


  1. I LOVE that first sketch of yours, trying to catch macarons! Great job and what coverage, Carol. Somebody had to do it ;-) Recovery ward, indeed. Now I'm also mad crazy about these ballerinas...

  2. Ah yes just across the the avenue d'Opera from Pierre Herme...
    I'm lucky they never have my size...

  3. A lovely, colourful post. I can't wait till I get to Paris next month to buy some macarons. Might have another go at making them myself in the meantime.

  4. Of course, we will all vote for you! Get that photo taken toute suite! The macarons are also much more affordable than the ballerinas---although I would truly love to have them in every color and style. When I win the lottery, I'll do a pair of ballerinas a day blog!

  5. Me too, love the sketch with the people trying to catch the macarons!! :)

    And the ballerinas.
    And the macarrons.

    ... ;)

  6. It's my dream to be in Paris one "Jour du Macaron". Now at least Toronto has one but it's not the same as being in Paris...

  7. Bear, ballerinas and macarrons...perfection!

  8. You will always be ma reine des macarons..Hope you win !

    Out shopping with my daughter yesterday.. ballerinas everywhere and gorgeous to boot..W/ all our snow seeing Spring colors win stores was nice..

  9. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Thank you for the update of Jour du macaron.
    I could not go for patisseries yesterday, because my son was in bed with a fever. Today, he is getting well.

  10. Macaroon Day!
    who knew!
    what bliss
    we should have it here too....!


  11. Hi Carol. I am a friend of Margaret Bauer and she turned me on to this fab blog of yours. Heading to France on May 10, from Provence to Paris. Devouring your words. Thanks! Erica

  12. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Love, Love, Love your blog. I was in Paris for the first time in March. I stayed in the 7th arrondissement. Have you moved to Paris? which arrondissement are you in?

  13. It does my heart good to read what a glorious time you and bear are having in Paris. Scrumptious.

  14. cyndi from SD11:06 AM

    I LOVE the French,they know what's important in life.Merci beaucoup

  15. Love the sketch of the nets catching the macarons, Carol!

  16. Now that was 'a being in your element day for you' What could be better than Jour du macaron. Oh ! those ballerinas are to die for... only wish my purse would stretch to Paris ballerinas, I need to do some research to see if I can find some with a 'bon marché prix '

  17. I sure couldn't pass up a rhubarb macaron! The macaron sun makes me smile. :o)

  18. Anonymous2:06 PM

    it's Bear!! More sil vous plait
    love and hugs to you both,
    Patricia and Eric, Minneapolis

  19. These colors all remind me that sweet spring isn't too far away -- though today it seems like years!

  20. Stormy with a chance of macarons! :-)
    That is so you, trying to catch those giant macarons with a butterfly net!

    I hope you did get a good foot massage after that tour de macarons. ;-)

  21. I don't know what is more delicious looking..the Macarons or the shoes.. YUM...

  22. Those ballerinas match the macarooons!!!
    love it and would like an assorted mix and match on y palette

  23. Oh me too Cara!!
    Me too...
    Mix and match

  24. Great opening sketch!
    Nice, colorful series of mac shots - makes me hungry :)
    Good to see Bear!

    1. Poor Bear has been too much in the shadows since We came to Paris :(
      Must take him out more...

  25. I dream of being in Paris for Jour du Macaron one year too, especially as it's often tantalisingly close to Easter. What an extraordinary day, what a great post. I love your butterfly net illustration too. And how could you indeed resist the charms of the Celeste? I know I couldn't. It looks magnificent. I can't wait to be in Paris sampling macarons in a few months time, and I'm planning on buying a pair ballet flats in Paris too- a perfect souvenir I think. Of course I'll be voting for your picture when the time comes...

  26. Haha, can't think of a better way to end up in recovery ward! What a delightful day to celebrate. And that sketch is fabulous and funny :)

  27. I want everyone who reads Parisbreakfasts to "vote early and often" for Carol!

  28. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Is there a web address for ordering the macaron apron? I looked all through the CF website & the Jour du Macaron site and could not find a link. Thanks -

  29. No you had to buy it on site.


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