Thursday, November 15, 2012

des Gateaux et du Pain

 Chef Marthe along with knowing where to go to get whatever, kindly introduced me to excellent pastry chef Clair Damon of des GATEAUX et du PAIN and asked if I could come back and shoot the interior - a rare opp to be sure.
 des GATEAUX et du PAIN is a patisserie of the 'bijouterie' variety, designed by Yan Pennor, who designed Pierre Herme's shops. It has the look of a luxe Parisian jewelry shop with sparkling cases and perfect lighting.
 Do not be intimidated by its sober elegance.
 The pastries, viennoisseries and breads are perfection inside and out.
 And not to be missed.
Chef Claire Damon's perfect chausson aux pommes won top prize chausson in Paris in Le Figaro's tasting. This chausson has a pâte feuilletée caramélisée shown here is filled with lemon cream inside. I know. I ate it.
 Everything is golden.
 Temptation beyond.
 The breads are bio, crusty, rich in texture and flavor.
 Not to be forgotten, in the back of the patisserie another show awaits.
 Desserts sized both individual
 And for soirees.
 An unusual Mont Blanc cassis - Pâte sablée, compotée de cassis, morceaux de marrons, meringue légère, crème de marron et chantilly. I bought the individual size...
 Two of the treasures I brought for research.
 Cheese-cake au pamplemousse -Fond de pâte sucrée garni de crème pamplemousse, biscuit cuillère imbibé de jus de pamplemousse, marmelade de pamplemousse,disque de cheese cake fondant et crémeux. Glaçage blanc et écorces de pamplemousses confites. 
Sweet pastry filled with cream grapefruit spoon biscuit soaked in grapefruit juice, grapefruit marmalade, cheese cake fondant disc and creamy. White icing and candied grapefruit peel.
A thin base of cassis compote adds just a touch of tartness contrasting the creamy chestnut on top plus the surprising crunch of meringue interior makes for a delicious mouth feel.
 I also bought a pain aux graines au levain, and asked to have it sliced. The bread was too warm for the slicing machine. It had come straight out of the oven from the laboratoire next door. Miam.
This is a must-do in Paris.
Tout les jours sauf le mardi de 8h00 - 20h00.
63, blvd Pasteur, Paris 15
Metro Pasteur - Fermé le mardi


  1. Beautiful place! If I had to choose between a chausson aux pommes or jewelry, I'd choose the pastry.

  2. That Pain au Raisin is calling me! Had a PaR from Cafe Nero a couple of days ago and it was so dry! Will be sending them an email tonight! Once again great pictures and so much temptation!

  3. headed over! i was totally going for the pamplemousse goody but then that spaghetti looking thing totally won me over - so simple/sloppy looking but seems like the flavor must be rather subtle/sophisticated. i'm tempted to try making it......

    miam ma'am!

    1. Yes the spaghettis are extruded chestnut puree. This is the 1st Mont Blanc I can say I've fallen in love with. I much prefer the crunch of meringue inside rather than cream plus the tartness of the cassis - a total surprise!

  4. Thank you for sharing! This is on my list for our next visit.
    xoxo, B

    1. It is a MUST! You will not be disappointed in a single bite I promise!!

  5. Delicious!! I love the look of the cassis compote dessert.

    Thank you for these beautiful photos!

  6. Wow, those pastries look so exquisite! I'd love to have some of that chocolate right now :)

    1. I only tried 4 pastries plus the bread.
      I will go back for the chocolate for you Nikon!

  7. So delicious. I am craving for all of them especially the cheese-cake au pamplemousse.

  8. Anonymous9:21 AM

    So happy to find your enchanting blog. Thank you so much for all of the info ... now I am hungry.

    xo, Lissy Parker

  9. Cruel and unusual punishment--showing me these things before lunch time, Carol! They look amazing.

  10. So hungry!!! and since it is le petit dejeuner ici je dois sortir toute suite et chercher des patisseries-un peu difficile dans la compagne en Australie mais j'ai decouvertee un petit secret ;)

  11. Clair will be generously rewarded by everyone who will visit her shop, enthralled by the photos seen here!

  12. Chef Marthe5:09 AM

    Magnifique reportage sucre et très belle mise en lumière de tous ces trésors dores !
    BRAVO !


  13. Imagine having this boulangerie/patisserie in as your local!

    1. I know...I know
      You could try one thing a day
      And fast the rest of the day bien sur!

  14. Deborah3:51 AM

    The pastry looks delicious, but the setting so austere! I wonder how they keep crumbs from collecting in the bottom of those sleek pastry cases.
    Thanks for the tour!

    1. parisbreakfast3:53 AM

      That's the 'bijouterie'/jewelbox style of patisserie in Paris vs. the homey neighborhood boulangerie...
      Must post on this

  15. Who would think of cassis with a mont blanc? Fabulous. That chausson aux pommes is calling my name!


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