Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Boissier Madeleines

 1st thing in New York, just for old times sake, Bear wolfed down all the madeleines he'd brought back from Paris as a gift for someone else.

 Madeleines from Boissier in the 16th.
 Bear was hoping to get tea at elegant Boissier.
 But comme d'habitude he was too late.
 But that didn't stop him buying up the store
 As much as possible
 c'est la vie
 Meanwhile back on the homefront, Bear got the bright idea to make cornbread madeleines with a few tiny changes naturalement like using orange juice and zest instead of milk with a dash of ginger etc.
 Malheureusement the first batch were too big
 And left in the oven too, too long!
 The second batch came out parfait! Baked in just 10 minutes no longer.
 Bear is going out for Thanksgiving
 And since Bear doesn't much care for jalepenos in his cornbread, he's bringing his own wrapped in the empty Boissier package. What do you think? Should Bear try to fool Viv and her 9 cats?
 Boissier does have one of the prettiest shopping bags in town so it's worth a try non?
Next trip Bear won't be late for tea at Maison Boissier.
184, avenue Victor Hugo


  1. I can just see you popping the champagne-o-meter with those divine cornbread madeleines! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy the cornbread madeleines too.

  3. Bear definitely has GREAT CHEF potential!
    Cornbread madeleines?
    Is that a first?!

  4. Luscious! I'm lecher-ing the computer screen, both for the cornbread madeleines and the cobalt blues of that Boissier vitrine.

    The cats are much more interested in eating the floral centerpiece that arrived today than in any people food, so have no fear: it's strictly paws-off the cornbread.

    See you soon!

    1. Those darn cats of yours!
      I'm bringing a cat/people counter!!

  5. Cornbread madeleines? Oui, s'il vous plait!

  6. Sounds like..
    Le fun:-) Enjoy..and Happy Thanksgiving:-)
    Your Madeleine. Look good:-)

  7. Madeleines are something I don't get excited about, but bears recipe sounds great. I hope he left enough for you to take when visiting your friend Vivian.I'm sure you'll enjoy Thanksgiving.
    Thanks for your comment, I'm not sure I'm adventurous enough to go purple, maybe just one item ;-)

  8. You are one naughty duo, you and Bear! :-)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your hostess,
    may it all end well,

  9. Quelle bonne idée!! This would be a great use for my virgin madeleine pan! Merci! Who cares if she is fooled or not. What a pretty package!
    Happy Thanksgiving, mon amie!

    1. Easy peasy Chef
      Be sure and let the batter rest 30 mins+ not that you need me to tell you that!
      Another trip - I heat the madeleine tin in the oven before adding the batter.
      Then thye pop rt out but I bet you know that.

  10. OH yummm for the Madeleine's and all the hints we thank you for. Lucky you to go to Vivian's. Enjoy the food and company and we look forward to some pictures soon. :)

  11. Oh that Bear! Has he heard that Truth is Beauty. Does he really care?

    Anyhow, best wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving. This post has caused my eyes to drift to my vintage madeleine pan up on a very high shelf. Think it might be time to give it a good wash and another excursion in the oven.


  12. Better late for tea than late for dinner I always say!

  13. Oh, dear, I hope I am not too late for you and Vivian to have this article to enjoy tomorrow.

  14. What a gourmet guy, this bear

  15. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Bear, Carol! I made Bailey's cheesecake, not cornbread madeleines. Those sound good--I like the notion of the OJ in lieu of milk. Enjoy!!

  16. Patricia nauman1:39 PM

    To Carol and Bear....thank you!! For delighting us...happy thanksgiving!
    Oxxo. Patricia and Eric Nauman, Minneapolis

  17. We love to make madeleines but the addition of orange juice and ginger sounds delicious.

  18. You could sell your cornbread madeliene idea to Jiffy! I guess Bear redeemed himself!

  19. I agree with you Sketchbook Wandering, you can build a small business for combread madeliene. Happy thanks giving day!

  20. While planning out next assault on Paris (next year) we were talking about madeleines, and thinking that we hadn't really seen them about. Who has your favourite madeleines?

    1. I would have to do a 'flight' of madeleines as you do on your 'raids'.
      Though I am sure the BEST madeleine I ever tasted was Chef Marthe's right out of the oven.
      Home made is ALWAYS the best!


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