Wednesday, February 13, 2019

5 Years on...

Bear reminded me its 5 years since we moved to Île Saint-Louis and 5 years since we started Paris watercolor letters. ❤️ CELEBRATION! ❤️ We called them: Belle Lettres, Sketch Letters, You've Got Paris Mail etc.
Five years ago we lived in the 19th arrondissement. Quite a step-up to the Île our former 'landlady' said.
Our first Paris letter was going to be about leeks(!?) 
Fortunately surrounding maritime themes and BERTHILLON won out.
Being naturally dyslexic, disorganized, and a rotten speller with illegible handwriting, I had no idea what I was getting into. Starting a letter subscription business - what was I thinking? :((
Both studios before and after remain a bordel/chaotic. Getting the letters out remains a monthly challenge I know I'd miss.
I looked for the 1st bonus watercolors (gift with purchase). None left.
I love French airmail envelopes, but no one else liked their letters folded 2Xs 
As a Saint Valentine thank you for hanging in there dear letter subscribers and putting baguettes on Bear's table, I'm including the 1st Parisbreakfast letter along with the February letter. (Paris map subscribers will get theirs in May). ❤️HAPPY ANNIVERSARY PBers❤️. We're still here and the Île is still spectacular as the day I moved. Thanks for reading and sharing Parisbreakfast. Subscription letters 💌, maps and watercolors etc. are in my Etsy shop. With love💋 still in Paris🐻


  1. love living vicariously through your paris adventures!

  2. What courage you had!And look how long it's been..5 years used to be wood silverwear.You have literally put a silver spoon in Bear's mouth.
    I'll never forget that blue door and that street:)
    Congratulations! Valentine's looks grand on your paper.
    I like the Air Mail too..but the Kaft so cute too and all the adornments..the arrondissement stamp..your stamp..they all get stamps of approval.
    I think I had the breakfast of champions..listen to me lol..!!

    1. LOL Monique
      WhenI look up old posts...there are 2,500+ posts! I see your comments way back then.
      Thanks for cheering me on 😄💋

  3. That's a huge big deal, Carol, and Bravo to YOU! I have saved all mine and now need to renew one of these days. Maps next time, I think, just to be different! I miss your packets but not for much longer!

    Everything about this post makes me smile but what makes me smile most is knowing that you are out there, living the dream, making your art and making a living! It's all very good indeed. Congratulations!

  4. Bonnie11:26 AM

    Félicitations Dear Carol & Bear on your Île St-Louis 5th year Anniversary! This definitely calls for a glass of champagne at an island bistro or a Berthillon ice cream cone (do they have a champagne flavor?!).

    1. No Champagne ice cream! Why is that?
      We will order some..
      And give a street party in rue l'Île Saint-Louis

  5. Karryll11:34 AM

    Joyeux Anniversaire! I can’t imagine a lovelier place in Paris to live. I think I’ve been reading Paris Breakfasts at least that long.

    Bonne Chance in the next 5 years!

  6. Happy PB Letter Anniversary - hard to believe it's been 5 years, time certainly does fly. Receiving my map every month is a definite bright spot and I love the days I see PB pop up in my email - always the first thing I read. Hugs to Bear, love the way he's guarding your desk.

  7. Joyeux Anniversaire Carol and Bear! 🎉👍🥂❤️ Love, Geri

  8. Sharon3:32 PM

    Carol: I Loved this anniversary Belle Letter ! What a
    Success story for You and Bear! (Both doors are special!!~)each newesletter brings me such pure Joy!(similar to Phil and Anthony Bourdain and Rick Steves
    Not to forget my Carol Champagnedrawing!!! ( I did love the one with 2 flutes but both might be excessive
    sending a dozen red roses to you and Bear for Valentine’s Day...(the reds last longest...

  9. Happy anniversary!
    Keep these coming!

  10. Cornelia E3:43 PM

    Congratulations on your 5th anniversary!!!

    Reading Paris Breakfasts is the best part of my morning!

  11. A hundred thousand thank you for the enchantment and Beauty you so generously give. May your next years joyously surpass even what you are now able to imagine!
    Thank you, thank YOU.

  12. Congratulations and happy anniversary! Wishing you--and us, your fans & followers--many more years of PB.

  13. Bravo! Felicitations! Chapeau! (ie hats off to you!) A great achievement and something we can all cherish in the form of our letters and watercolours :) well done Carol et Bear.

  14. NormaJean11:07 PM

    Happy Anniversary Carol!!!

    I am so glad you followed your heart!! I for one have been blessed by your art and charming emails!

    Congratulations on superb accomplishments and Happy Valentine's to you!!

  15. Congratulations! I think your letters are a grand idea. I much enjoy the ones I have! I've had the privilage of staying on the Île Saint-Louis several times, both in hotels and a wonderful apartment once. I admire your courage in taking yourself to Paris all those years ago. My husband and I once dreamed of doing just that, but we didn't. We instead got an apartment in NYC for a few years to experience large urban life. Fond memories!
    All the best to you and Bear for the years ahead.

    1. Funny and I 'gave up' NYC for Paris ;))
      No regrets ever !!

  16. Love your art!


Love hearing from you