Monday, September 25, 2017

Paris, Monday morning

Trying to be ambitious this morning I headed out to the pool at 7:45 am. So much for best laid plans...
Passing my local boulangerie de la Tour as fast as I can without stopping in
They are hard at work on the viennoiseries
Joggers (footers) are racing right by my boulangerie too
Dads are herding the kiddies to school
I get to piscine Pontoise. They're closed for technical reasons. Hmmm. I look in another boulangerie, flirting with temptation
La Parisienne is a prize winner
Best baguette in 2016. The address should say 52, bd Saint Germain
A Hopper-like worker gently placing the cookies. Why do all French workers look like they walked out of a Hopper painting?
Beautiful croissants but I resist merci dieu.
Back on the street  the parents are coming
And going
Little Red Riding Hood is late! I was Always late to school as a kiddie and I lived only a block away. Were you late too? I'm still a johnny-come-lately.
Dad hitches a ride.
Clearly RED is the IN color this Fall.
Even on my street red is the color of choice.
Most Paris concierges wear black when they're polishing the front door brass. I run back to my studio. I'm late with September's Paris map! Can you guess the subject?
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Happy Monday PBers

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Irving Penn + #EclairWeek2017 Fauchon

Tuesday morning was the preview of the new Irving Penn retrospective at the Grand Palais.
My photography professor friend, Sardi always told me to study Penn's still life, "After dinner games". I've vowed to do thumbnail studies every day after seeing the original (lower right on my inspo board).
Naturally post-exhibit I ran over to Fauchon for still life painting (and eating) props.
They are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Eclair Week september 14-23. Hurry up please.
You have just 48 hours to get this delightful 10-eclair box of goodies.
Upstairs their savory eclairs await.
House pastry chef, Patrick Pailler has created a daunting array of flavors and designs. Hokusai's Great Wave included.
I went for plain ole fraise/strawberry. Anything red wins my vote. Pretty to paint.
Fauchon's pastry graphics are maybe the best in Paris.
Oui or non?
To paint at home I got their classic chocolate eclair with tiny gold sprinkle decorations.
Hmmm...while helping myself to their little gold paper tray and forchette I noticed the wait staff eyeballing me. What's an artist to do. She needs her painting props non?
Rush over to Fauchon to celebrate their annual #EclairWeek2017 Take a selfie in front of the eclair backdrop and win a trip to Paris or an eclair. More on the Irving Penn exhibit to come.
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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Christian Dior, couturier du reve, musee des Arts Decoratifs

Thursday I managed to sneak into the hottest show in town, the Christian Dior exhibit at musee des Arts Decoratifs. By the time I got out 2 hours later, extensive lines and anxious faces were waiting in the rain. I've heard of some taking 5 hours to see the Dior. I probably will go back for more.
If you're headed to Paris get your tickets online and go early. The show is on through 7 January 2018
A history wall in the first room. I'm sure there are still some French viewers reading every detail.
Dior's early sketches when he worked for designer lucien lelong.
Later with his own couture house on famous avenue Montaigne.
Dior said he wanted to make women feel like princesses. He dressed many including princesses Margaret, Soraya, and Grace.
In his 20s he was a gallerist. He adored art and collecting. Later many of the same artists collaborated on his collections.
Ball gowns inspired by elaborate antique wallpapers.
Details in classical French paintings by Elizabeth Vignee le Brun influenced Dior's styling
Dior's bouffant taffeta dresses will never go out of style in my opinion.
His taffeta bows, sashes, rosettes, pink pink
Dior perfume bottles mirror the female figure. Shape and form was everything to him.
The designers who followed in the house of Dior are featured. Galliano drapping a muslin form.
Raf Simons, his seemstresses and fitting model.
One of his two-tiered pleated gowns in motion.
Audrey Hepburn in Dior shot by Avedon.
Yves saint Laurent worked first at Dior. His loose distinctive sketches with fabric swatches.
An entire room floor to ceiling of original muslin forms. I put a video on my Instagram. Link below.
A grand hall of Dior's classic tailored suits
The same suits dans le rue.
At last a huge ballroom with a dazzling light show and music, full of glorious gowns designed by Dior and other house designers. Do not miss this show please! Did you see a Dior gown you would like me to paint? Let me know. Thank you for reading parisbreakfast. You can receive Parisbreakfast letters, maps and Dior watercolors in your mailbox. Just look in my Etsy shop. Visit my INSTAGRAM for more Dior pictures.
Bon Week-end PBers!