Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Paris Cafe: Le Select Crowd

 Yesterday I met up with illustrator, Rick Tulka formerly of Brooklyn, now expat in Paris at the cafe Le Select. We've been meeting for at least 6 years.

 Rick has been coming to Le Select a good 15-16 years and drawing the inhabitants like some people jog or swim daily. The results of his efforts - Paris Cafe: Le Select Crowd is now on Kindle.
 Rick's drawings are inimitable.

 I'd know them anywhere.

 You'll find Le Select at 99, bd du Montparnasse 75006

 And possibly Rick drawing, but don't pester him unless you buy his book, ahem.

 It's full of historic figures who frequented Select like Hemingway, Kiki, Foujita, Hart Crane, Henry Miller and Simone and Jean-Paul with accompaning witty stories by Paris specialist Noël Riley Fitch.

 The atmosphere is captured to a T and makes for the perfect gift book for your fanatic Francophile friends

 As Rick takes off for real work at home, he asks me,
"What are you doing your last night in Paris?"
I hadn't given it a thought...

 The best solution?
A last visit to musee Monoprix to gaze again at endless yogurts...

 Veloute has become my yogurt of choice this trip. Do you have a favorite yogurt or a fav last bite?

 The chance for a last box of carottes rapees is pretty thrilling before I face up to packing pre-departure. Miam!

 Rick says I finish most Parisbreakfast posts with a dog and voila! A patient Paris Lab awaits his owner like magic in front of Monop.

 I wonder why I haven't painted any of your pets in front of Monoprix? Phoebe of the UK insisted on a patisserie bien sur.

Bye-bye Monoprix
Bye-bye Paris dogs
Bye-bye Paris


  1. Such a joyful way to go!

  2. À bientôt Carol!

  3. I love Rick's sketches of the Select and it's visitors - he has a great one of Hemingway...
    Your shot of the dog waiting at the door for its owner is a fabulous shot!

  4. ahhh, hello, Carol, hello Rick! Any chance either of you are up for another cup of coffee in Paris on the weekend after next?

  5. It's say to say au revoir, isn't it? Better to say à la prochaine... I hope you've had a wonderful visit. I love Monoprix, too. I am always on the look out for a new one to visit. Great post.

  6. I meant it's sad... bien sûr. Really should proof before hitting that button!

  7. Musée Monoprix - *rofl* you are simply the greatest!

    I remember Rick from previous visits - great drawings, indeed!

  8. Monoprix..One day:)

    I'd love to be talented enough to sit and sketch in a public place..Paris no less!

  9. So someday you & Rick will be featured in books about the olden days in Paris cafés & expatriot artists who frequented them...Sartre, Hemingway, Tulka, Gillott...Good trip home to you!

  10. Paris' cafe shops are a must to visit during a trip there. As the other says their coffee is divine. The atmosphere is also quite appealing especially at night.
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  11. "Bye-bye Paris"--such a sad statement. I agree with the Chef. Katie

  12. Wishing you a safe journey, Carol, and thanking you for all these views in and around Paris.


  13. Your mention of Hemingway reminded me of the book I'm reading, The Paris Wife. Have you read it? Bon voyage back to the U.S.

  14. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Yes! I know this place! My first meal in Paris! We were let lagged and stumbling around looking for a meal before we passed out. They were very lovely to us poor tourists.

  15. Anonymous12:12 PM

    I hope your last stop is really for macarons to paint and munch on the plane!

  16. Ah! le fin de la vacance. Well as we say 'all good things must come to an end' if it was everyday it wouldn't be the same.
    Bon voyage
    Barbara Lilian

  17. Yay--you got to see Rick again! I always love when you show him in his element. He never disappoints. I just love that guy. He's right--you often do end with a dog--too funny. Time to return already? C'est triste.

  18. Well looks like another book is going in my cart. Thanks for the intro to this artist and his work.

    And the musée Monoprix is my absolute fav. We prefer Mamie Nova coconut yogurt. OMG. I see online you can find the calories. I don't want to know.


  19. Safe travels! You timed this trip very well indeed! No floods or power outages for you! (Maybe you wouldn't have experienced them anyway!) I swear I can read that dog's mind: "WHEN is she coming back? Is she bringing me a treat?"

  20. Is it time to go home already? Seems like you just got there. Fun post. I cant believe that dog just sits there and doesn't go into the store looking for its master. I Need to check out Ricks book. Safe trip home and hope you find home safe and sound.

  21. jessica caffe11:14 PM

    hope u come back soon!!! I tried to see u at Salon du Chocolat but was a mess and sooo much people!!! Paris miss u already darling! love your post and the frenchie dogs! bisous jessica caffe

  22. Johanna12:29 AM

    I didn't realize you were leaving so soon. I wanted to suggest you visit the Mary Cassatt expo at the Fondation Mona Bismarck (until Jan. 20). I haven't been myself, but it looks good.

  23. Such a lovely post Carol. How wonderful to meet with you talented friend again- his drawings are amazing. I love the term Musee Monoprix! I may have to borrow that. Supermarkets are one of the fascinating windows into the alternate life you could lead if you were lucky enough to live in Paris.

    I did a post last year for Paris in July about my love affair with Parisian supermarkets, although sadly sans dogs.


    As for yoghurt, I'm astonished that they often come in glass or ceramic jars, and I love the different French flavours- chestnut of course, raspberry goat milk yoghurt. I'm a bit of a thrill seeker with the flavours. Our strawberry or peach and mango are nice, but I'm always cheered on by the thrill of the new.


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