Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chateau Vaux le Vicomte - Palais du Chocolat

 Have you been to chateau Vaux le Vicomte?
 Just 25 minutes out of Paris via Gare du Nord to Melun.

 The fall colors are full out dans les jardins magnifiques.
 Designed by landscape artiste par excellence, Andre Le Notre before he went on to create les jardins aux Versailles for Louis XIV.
 Vaux le Vicomte is a more intimate chateau than the massive Versailles, more friendly.
Yesterday and today you can catch Vaux' own Palais du Chocolat.
Ahh...the smell of it. Chocolat Valrhona to boot.
Pastry students from pâtisserie Lycée Antonin Carême with assistance from le chef gastronomique, Laurent Asset will offer you chocolate tastes that change hourly.
The theme at this years Palais du Chocolat is the restoration of the toiture at the chateau, so a chocolate model is construted in the grand hallway and many others in the Grand Orangerie by guest pastry chefs.
You will be greeted by hosts in fancy dress.
Do practice your curtsey.
Frederic Cassel of Fontainebleu insists you try his chocolate bread. I had it this morning - a don't-miss
A chaser of chocolat chaud/hot chocolate from MOF Jacques Bellanger
Why I resisted the unctuous caramel tartiner of Jean-Charles Rochoux on top my chocolate bread is beyond me...
Did you know candies from the red poppy/coquelicot by Des Lis of Nemours are good for your throat? I did not though I gobbled down a small bag entirely back home. They don't taste a bit like medicine. Other chocolatiers present at the Palais to taste: Maison Bossier, Comptoir du Cacao, Arnaud Lahrer, Sadaharu Aoki, Mazet Confiseur and others.
Don't miss a wander through the luxe rooms at Vaux
And look up at the carved ceilings
By artist Charles le Brun, another craftsman grabbed up by Versailles.
Conde Nicolas Fouquet is waiting for you. At least I hope this is M. Fouquet...
As are a pair of sphinx...
Do come!
After all you mustn't miss the Champagne macarons.



  1. Marie-A4:16 AM

    so love your blog!

    what an adventure!
    Ah to be in your glass slippers

  2. Did you try the Beaufort on the chocolate bread?

  3. Brings back good memories of my visit several years ago! Looks like your Canon S100 is doing a great job (not to mention the photographer!). Thanks again for your help with my camera decision-making.

  4. Great photos Carol, the palace grounds and the chocolates!

    1. Tt would be difficult not to take beautiful photos here Nikon

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous pics of a fabulous place - I like the idea of a more intimate Versailles, this one is going on my list. And oh my goodness that chocolate toiture!

    1. Oui!
      Chocolate Toiture = chocolate torture!
      Though the definitions say 'roof'?

  6. Fascinating glimpses of life with chocolate and on the chateau!
    How do the keep the chocolate toiture from collapsing? Rather cool room temperature, I suppose.
    The champagne macarons sound interesting, but they look a bit garish for such a noble ingredient.

    1. P.S.: I love to read your post, and then stroll through the pictures a second time, via slide show. Made me realise, for example, where the color of the champagne macarons come from (orange).

    2. I almost showed the coca-cola macarons by the same maker...

  7. Oh.... how I loved this post! Vaux le Vicomte was one of our favorite days in France this Spring. I had never been (to Paris, to France, or to Europe at all!)....and so, I planned and planned and dreamed. Your blog, was one of the many that I started following before the trip.

    We did Versailles, of course, too. But Vaux was so much better (and far less crowded!). The story of Fouquet, and touring the rooms, the gardens, and all of it, including the restaurant! were highlights of the trip. When we were there, the ceiling was under construction and wasn't visible..covered by that great white sheet. Only a drawing of the details was visible. I'd love to be there to celebrate the restoration.....especially with chocolate!

    It's a beautiful windy autumn day here in Michigan too. The sun is shining brightly on the tall oaks that surround my house. And now I'm warm and a little extra happy inside, dreaming of Vaux le Vicomte. Merci!

  8. Chanceuse de voir toutes ces belles choses!

  9. I've never heard of Vaux le Vicomte but it looks absolutely lovely! Will have to put it on my list of places to see and things to do when I return home to Paris in January.

    x Milsters


    1. parisbreakfast1:24 PM

      enfin! Some place you haven't been!!!

  10. Oooh la and la, again, Carol.

    Vaux le Vicomte looks absolutely wonderful in every way, beautiful, accessible, friendly, and filled with chocolate!


  11. Candies that are good for you? Chocolate inspired by chateaux? CHAMPAGNE macarons?!?!? What a wonderful world we live in...especially In the part of the world called France! Yes, I have been to Vaux le Vicomte. It is lovely. But I guess I wasn't there during candy season.

  12. Chocolate AND Vaux!!!! I swoon! I can think of no better, more opulent location for the Choc Party! But remember, Vaux was built for Fouquet, who was Louis' Finance Minister, and Fouquet was imprisoned for daring to outshine the King in his ambitious home! And that's why Louis had to build outshine Fouquet. I'm not sure he met his goal.

  13. C'etait une vraie torture du Chocolat! Pourquoi ? Je ne suis pas la-bas!

  14. Chocolate at a chateau? The perfect day! Thanks for the wonderful pictures. I want to go there maintenant !


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