Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Paris vs. New York

 Looking for pink in New York takes extra effort. And it may smack you in the face like this giant heart candy (an artwork) on Madison Avenue.
 I tasted tiny pink sugar hearts in an UES(upper East side) penthouse on Saturday. They're from Chambre de Sucre (Japanese). You can win some you go to Une Deux Senses.
 New York is full of Paris' pinks like this Eiffle Tower at Pylones...
 Comparisons are not odious if you're reading Vahram Muratyan's Paris Versus New York-an adorable gift book for the Paris/New York obsessed.
 A few sample pages just in case you haven't clicked on Muratyan's FAB blog...
 I beg to differ with Mr. Muratyan on this page...
 And New York's macaron obsession (these are from Patisserie Ceci-Cela) the tables have turned don't you think?
 Amelie vs. Carrie...mais oui
 Ralph is better doing a pink trench...
 And French Jacadi on Madison does perfect French stripes.
 Both towns are neck and neck...
When it comes to little shop dogs don't you think?


  1. What a sweet little dog in that blue french window! So charmante.

  2. This put a big smile on my face - thank you Carol!!! :D

  3. Adorb comparisons..though Paris wins hands down IMHO

  4. Lucinda11:29 AM

    Pink is soooo Paris
    New York?
    Soot color

  5. more Paris in NYC
    Eric Kayser is coming!
    You might know this but fyi---
    in NY Post real estate column Lois Weiss "Between the Bricks"
    Eric Kayser has leased 3, 300 square feet on the ground and 1,500 of the lower level at 1294 3rd Ave on the Upper East Side, The in-line store at the base of the co-op at 175 East 74 Street has 50 foot of prominent frontage.

    Eric Kayser is looking for three locations in NYC.


  6. You have the perfect blog for you:) It's such a fit...a perfect one..
    I learn a lot here and I love les images..always.

  7. Don't be too hard on Mr. Muratyan....with long lead times to press, he can't possibly be as au courant as you!

  8. Jeanette:
    The Cupcake invasion of Paris has been going on far too long IMHO.
    I would love to see a hasty retreat and soon!

  9. The Paris dog certainly wins!

  10. yr right!
    NY doggie is lacking in je n'ai sait quoi

  11. I MUST get that book. Since I've lived in both NY & Paris, it's always a toss up as to which I love the most...like trying to decide which is my favorite child...I love them both!!!

  12. ... the most wonderful dog in the world is in the Wine Shop I frequent ... LuLu .. I know the days that she is "in shop" and go ONLY then .. she's a rescue dog and looks like a red fox ... and so sweet.

  13. I have to agree.. The Paris doggy is most adorable. :) Looks like an interesting book...Paris versus NY..

  14. But what about those of us who will forever be obsessed with
    South Jersey...?
    Mmmm. Perhaps the time is ripe to do my "South Jersey Breakfasts" blog.
    I has a certain "Ring" to it,
    don'tcha' think?

  15. Anonymouse4:38 AM

    Mais non cheri!


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