Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Paris Pink roses

 Paris pink teatime...
 So many roses yesterday.
 On Valentines Day - these are from Dani Costes Dani Roses.
 Roses + macarons at Cafe Pouchkine = parfait.
 The color pink/rose pops at Jean-Paul Hevin macarons.
 Pink/rose gateaux at La Grande Epicerie de Paris - a kind of fraisier.
 Pink stripes at Parfum Annick Goutal...
 More pink stripes at les Bonbon stand at Metro l'Odeon
 How girly can you get?
 You can not think pink without mentioning.
 Fauchon - Queen of rose/pink.
 Pink/rose is what little girls/les petites filles are made of.
Bonjour Pink/Rose!


  1. Lucinda8:35 AM

    never too late for more Paris pinks

  2. La vie en rose ....

    Beautiful painting, Carol! :-)

  3. J'adore le rose et je suis gourmande...

    Belle journée


  4. Carol, I can just smell those roses looking at the photos, and taste that macaron. Such beauty everywhere. I love pink! Ever since I saw it, I now think of the "Think Pink" scene in Funny Face.

    Happy belated Valentine's Day!

  5. What a super beautiful post! Just what I needed on a gray dreary day in Mobile, AL. Love, love, love the colors. merci!


  6. wonderful w/c there, Carol! Pink: what's not to love.

  7. That backpack on the little girl in the last photo is almost as big as she is! Does she have a lot of chocolate in there?

  8. Love the little girl with the pink "cartable" on her bag. This reminds me of my years in French elementary schools. These things were so heavy, but picking a new one at the end of summer was a big deal! I bet that little girl is quite proud of hers! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  9. Pretty - I'll go for that love preserve and a few of these other cutie girlie things (except for the macs that would crush), pack it all in the cartable and ride off in the pink scooter! Can I get away with it in the pink?

  10. There is NOTHING better than pink. Unless it's pink and green together.

  11. I love all the pink-ness!!!

  12. Confiture d'Amour..Gotta love it..I may make one this summer:)
    I don't wear pink..but I still like it very much..the Rachel Ashwell pinks..the Laura Ashley pinks.. pink roses..antique pinks(vieux rose we say)..and my mom love "Rose Kennedy" was a color named for J.Kennedy's pink. and and cream.. ton aquarelle.. :)did you know there is a station on Syrius..Watrecolors? i thought of you:)

  13. LOVE this post. I love pink if you hadnt noticed... :)) Its a happy color. Your painting is wonderful and that second photos of the Roses is GORGEOUS!!

  14. I love that last shot, too :)
    Great shots of the pink pastries - they look good - and the flowers!
    Love the watercolor!

  15. Oh that little girl with the pink satchel is such a fab shot!
    (Closely followed by the pink Vespa - this has just become my fantasy transport around Paris!)

  16. Monique/Nana: I don't think I own anything pink nor have I ever worn it..why is that?
    I wear tons of olive green, black and grey.

  17. Is there a more perfect combination than Paris and pink? Love...

  18. Maybe you're just going through
    the Olive Green Black and Gray
    part of your life these days.
    Think PINK.
    Spring is coming.

  19. I love pink flowers in the whole gambit of pinkness. Have never been drawn to wear it- might change my mind if given opportunity for a Channel vintage pink suit.

  20. I happen to love pink, but you'll never catch me on a pink motorcycle!


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