Monday, November 05, 2012

Boulangerie Pichard

Have you been to Boulangerie Pichard?
If you have raise your hands.

A very top-drawer neighborhood boulangerie located on:
88 Rue Cambronne  75015
How did I find out about Pichard?
L. said I must go.
Back to gazing at Pichard's delights. Anyone know what 'chapelure' is? I think I want it.
Note the trophy (for best croissant 2011).
Another for the best mille-feuille 2011 and the best pain bio 2012.
Be prepared to get on line.
Ahhh...the prize winning croissants.
The decor is quite lovely by the way.
My croissant awaits.
Very golden crunchy indeed.

But what really knocked my socks off was the carmelized-just-hot-out-of the oven chausson aux pomme - maybe the best I've ever tasted.
Big Merci!!


  1. Hello!
    "Chapelure"? That's breadcrumbs (like bread "powder"). Why do you ask? I didn't saw any "chapelure" in the pictures...

  2. That looks so fabulous. How can my list get any bigger than it already is?

  3. OK I will have one of those last ones please. yumm..Great photos.

  4. I'm sitting here eating my organic yogurt and drinking crappy office coffee DREAMING about that croissant.

  5. Anonymous9:33 AM

    OMG,we spent our two trips to Paris (last May and this Sept.) in an apartment on Rue Blomet, 1/2 block away from this heaven. The deal was sealed for a total love affair the morning we discovered a large pot of apricot jam boiling away on the curb in front waiting to be canned. THE best almond croissant and need I tell about the pear and grapefruit tart we had one evening. (Who comes up with these combination ideas? What talent they must have!) My hand is raised up and waving and I am doing a little jumping, too...on our last trip we bought two of the almond croissants and ate them as we sat in the airport waiting for the plane to take us home. Now always there will be an association with the sublime and the pain of having to leave...

  6. Ooh, that chausson aux pommes looks delish! Our eight-year-old son could not get enough of them on our trip this past summer. A nearby bakery offers them, but he said they just as good as the ones in Paris so don't bother. Momma's so proud. ;)

  7. OMG that looks like heaven. I could almost smell that croissant, but never mind I'm quite satisfied with our little local Boulangerie who make wonderful croissants, my Sunday morning treat...when I'm not on a 'regime' Each post I read during this trip to Paris, is like having the Devil tempting me, good job it's only pictures I'm looking at or the regime would have been thrown out by now. Have fun.

  8. Omg, I have to try this chausson aux pommes

  9. God, those pastries look delicious--you're making me drool here.

  10. I'm just happy that I found a french bakery in Ft Myers FL! I can indulge every once in awhile in macarons and croissants and not have to go to Paris.

  11. Yum, yum and yum again.

    Carol, please tell me that you did vote before you left town.

    The final 24 hours have begun...I think that it might be a late night tomorrow.


  12. The pastries look incredibly good - I like the cheese cakes (if that is what they are!).

  13. Pretty pretty..Keep on enjoying your adventures!

  14. One of those...ANY one of those... would go great with watching election returns!


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