Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Mini Fauchon Tea Tin

Fauchon Tea Tin, watercolor,9" x 11"

I used to paint from Re-ment miniatures.

That's how I fell in love with this tea tin browsing at MeowPaw's minis. I used to go hunting every morning for interesting things to paint among the Flickr mad mini collectors...

Identical to a real tea tin from Fauchon, my fav Paris place to browse...

We used to have one in New York and I went every Sunday to browse religiously. I really miss it.
Now I must go to Paris if I want to browse in Fauchon...
I would LOVE to wear a pink apron. Do you need a New Yorker, Fauchon to help taste new cakes and assist tourists?
First thing I'd try out is this "squared" citron tarte...
Oh, another squared thing - a "Rubik" tarte needs tasting in my opinion. Miam! Triple Framboise YUM!A macaron gateaux! I would send this lovely gift basket to you Atsuko-san, for sending me your mini tea tin all the way from Japan.

It brought back many memories...

More Memories of Fauchon:

BONJOUR et Ohyo gozaimasu!

(Repost from August 2008)


  1. Why did Fauchon leave us??

  2. They were tearing down the hotel on 55th street and Park avenue at the time.
    very sad indeed.

    There used to be at least 3 Fauchons in New York.

  3. I was offered a Fauchon vinegar once:) I should have kept the bottle..

    Oh the small pretty little joys..like empty tins..napkins ..boxes..
    I love your recreation of it.So feminine.

  4. I'd start with TWO of those lemon tarts. Thank you very much. Because I've been sooooo good, running in this horrible Minnesota heat and humidity every night. Yes. Two, if not THREE tarts.

  5. Justine3:31 PM

    You are back to torturing us again with these fabulous desserts!
    mon dieu

  6. Your selfish readers need to shoulder some of the burden! You cannot be expected to research every single pastry all by yourself! I offer my entirely unreliable assistance.

  7. Ooooooh!

    Is that a little scalloped tea-measuring spoon?

  8. It looks like a great little store.
    They definitely get points for creativity - the square citron tart and the Rubik's Cube tart are very inventive.

  9. I am sending one of each your way Nikon this evening...

    Hope they don't get crushed in transit!!

  10. I used to go to that Fauchon all the time too ... imagine my shock when I visited the Paris store, so much more fabulous. I loved their tea and coffee and tins, still use most of them.

    BTW, I got my Chateau watercolor yesterday ... LOVE IT SO MUCH

  11. Their salted caramel eclair is the best!

  12. This post is basically my dream come true! :) Beautiful watercolor and scrumptuous pics!!

  13. The macaron cake is amazing, so extravagant!
    Fauchon may no longer be in NY, but now you have Laduree, which just opened on Madison Ave I think. Not a bad substitute to Fauchon...

  14. Savorique,

    Laduree is shut up tight behind unattractive wood siding.
    Gawd only knows when they will open
    Pas encore bien sur!

    I am very interested in your MACARON RECIPES though!!!

    Merci indeed.


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