Monday, June 08, 2015

Coté Sud

You might be wondering what is this 'Coté Sud' she is going on about?
It's a gorgeous French lifestyle journal focusing on interiors, travel, art and food.
I used to collect them though they cost a fortune in the US compared to here.
A perfect source of creative inspiration to dive into. Give it a look next time you see it. They are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. Plus there is a Coté Est, Coté Ouest and a Paris version.
Every  spring they hold big fairs first in St.Tropez, then in Aix.
The fair/salon is like the magazine, full of color.
Rich pattern and texture.
In town but this scene reminded me so much of the magazine.
You can always depend on the most beautiful shades of azure blue in Coté Sud. All photos here down from the current issue.
Always lots of lush water views.
Interiors of Cobalt and turquoise. It must be refreshing to live here.
Endless infinity pools and of course the great wide sea to vicariously dive into.
So that is Coté Sud
PS You can subscribe to Coté Paris on Amazon (6 issues). Very cool and newsy. What's not to love?


  1. I adore this magazine - always so many super ideas. I have a good friend that lives in the perfect house, just near Avignon and it's a photographer's (and artist's) dream to see all the details that are in the house, such as bird cages, lavender. Even the toilet is decorated with style! Each time I'm inspired to do something like it up here around Paris, it just doesn't fit. That last photo of the swimming pool just screams another life. Wow!

    1. The last photo is the sea I think. Too big for a pool and little waves.
      I don't think she is wearing a stitch...just noticed. I have never done that!

  2. I have truly enjoyed your photos of Provence the past several days. I have traveled from St. Paul, MN. to Provence three times now; last summer visiting mutual friend Corey Amaro. It really tugs at my heart seeing your photos of everything I love about the south of France.

    1. Corey's house could be in Coté Sud. She has a wonderful eye and touch. I can do zip with real objects. No sense for it at all...

  3. I always liked the Coté Quest the most. I love seeing these photos, almost as good as being there

    Enjoy ... Well, you always do !!!

    Karen in VA

  4. Anabelle2:16 AM

    Love your color theme posts!
    What beautiful blues!!!

  5. Kathleen9:16 AM

    Love it!

  6. Azure blue, always a color for escape and inspiration. Thanks for this beautiful post, Carol.
    So refreshing, as we move toward the summer solstice!

  7. Those blues♥
    And I love long dresses..
    Why does everyone..almost always look like they pull it off so well together?
    Seems I can only ever do home..under the best of circumstances..out of a suitcase.
    I am a zero.Minus zero..

    1. There is NO WAY U come even close to being a zero M!!
      What are u talking about?

  8. I love the blues, Carol! They have a beautiful shade to them; tropical, I guess.

    1. I fall in love again every time I see those blues..where's my paintbox?

  9. I loved the colors of this blog. But especially the dresses shown in the photo. Any idea of the name of the vendor at Maison cote sud?

  10. All I need is a little of that wild, wonderful blue in my life and I'm happy forever.

    I am personally blaming your June sketch for the four pints of ice cream I bought yesterday and the resulting body changes that come. Just sayin'...


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