Friday, June 21, 2013

Fauchon Attraction

*Fabulous soirée alert for Fauchon Attraction - their newest collection of divine goodies available starting today through 10 september.

It was last night and I'm still recovering.

Framboise/raspberry pink everywhere.
Darling mini versions of a 'Charlotte Tourbillon'
I'm who is Charlotte Tourbillon? Latest winner at Roland Garros? No way! A new twist (ha!) on a charlotte russe gateau usually surrounded with vertical lady fingers - un mélange de fruits rouges (fraises, framboises, mures et groseilles) topped with crème Chantilly and a marshmallow bonbon. This is the giant version. By the way a 'tourbillon' is a kind of twisty spring inside a watch according to Wikie.
This is the clown's nose! A chocolate shell enrobed in magenta glase sitting on a pistachio financier base. All fun and games at Fauchon last night.
Beautiful towers of raspberry-red fruits and pistachio macarons.
Lots of lollypopism! Mini eclairs on sticks - they come as a pair. Granny Smith candy apple and pistachio.
More food on sticks - glazed tomatoes filled with Atlantic crab, ginger and a touch of avocado puree. Perfection.
Foie gras lollies
Even more stick action. Grab a fishing rod and try to catch a canard or bath duckie.
And these bduckies move fast! You had to 'catch' THREE duckies to win a lollypop. I was ready to tear my hair out and even attempted to give the hook a helping hand but got caught red-handed. Still I did catch 3 ducks though I thought it would take all night.
The prize lollies or Attraction Sucettes - a twist or tourbillon of color and flavors acidule - fraise, framboise, cerise, mure, cassis, Pomme = yum.
What to wear to a Fauchon Attraction collection soiree? These hot pink shoes of course from Le Bon Marche!
One does wonder what the original Fauchons would think of all this circus shenanigans at their epicerie. Don't miss out!


  1. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Fauchon Fabulous! LuLu

  2. Que de rose, que de rose! A very pink post! :-)

    I am guessing the original Fauchons - featured in the photo above - would have been slightly horrified by all the tra-la-la, and the minimalist trend! They do not strike me as a pink-wearing crowd either... :-)

    Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. 'All the tra-la-la'
      I love that French expression!

  3. When I worked.. we had a gift exchange.. everyone knew I loved to bake and cook..But what a surprise many many yrs ago when I was given a Fauchon Vinegar set..
    Wish I had kept the bottles but I thought what a fabulous gift..
    You get to see the neatest things..
    My favorite outfits are the aprons at the bottom:)
    The little fishing expedition looks like fun.. a step back in time..being a child:)
    I see so many painting subjects for you in this post!
    Your palette is edible!
    When we think a child is so cute ..or someone is so nice.. we say:"Elle est mangeable ".which means edible...Which means your palette looks good enough to eat:)
    I cannot believe I had floral shoes like those pink ones when I was 19.
    Now I can't even look at a heel that's higher than a square pump...or flat wedge.

  4. patricia5:14 PM

    I just want to follow you around ... (not in a stalker kind of way, more "frequent eater friend"). To quote WHEN HARRY MET SALLY, I want what she's having...

  5. The best party ever! And the duck fishing is completely inspired!

    1. You can't imagine how hard catching those ducks was! And I had no champagne either!!

  6. Anonymous6:06 AM

    very nice place

  7. Anonymous9:01 AM

    What a ball!
    De trop fun!

  8. Anonymous9:04 AM

    I have Always loved their hot pink colors and brand and pastries to match.
    Such style!

  9. This is my color, my favorite food group, my idea of a great night out! Love the lollipop fishing! And macaron tree! Oh, I love it all!

  10. The best in my mind is the clown's nose---might not taste so good though. I also think the glazed tomatoes look like a wonderful idea to try!

    1. Oh I forgot to say there was cherries inside
      It was divine truly!

  11. Anonymous10:44 AM

    This sounded as if it was so much fun. The pictures were making me salivate.
    Last summer I took my daughter out to dinner at the restaurant at Fauchon and it was
    such a treat. The food was excellent. I was still recovering from jet lag so when I ordered my daughter's crab salad salade de tourteaux instead I asked for salade de tortue turtle salad. The waiter and I had a good laugh out of that one, who knew faux pas could be so amusing. :)
    The colors are spectacular.

    1. It's my favorite place in Paris.
      Always full of witty surprises Laurie

    2. Wow Laurie you actually went there!? Wow :) I would love to even visit there if I had to just stand by the window and watch Lol. Hey ladies and guys if some are here. You can make $80-100+ daily Free to start today! You have nothing to loose check it out

  12. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Magnificent Carol!
    Chef Ann

  13. cyndi from SD11:36 AM

    Thank you Carol for taking us with you to the most wonderful events and places.I'm going to wipe the tear out of my eye( it's a tear of joy ),and dream of my next trip to your neck of the woods.
    I hope that you will still be in Paris.Did you find a flat to lease starting this fall?
    Have another wonderful day.

  14. I love the colors! Amazingly bright.

  15. God, all those things I can't eat any longer...but fun. I laughed out loud to picture you trying to cheat to nab the ducks. Too funny. I'm glad you succeeded in the end.

    1. Yup, I actually grabbed the hook and tried to jam it into the loop. I have a low tolerance for frustration :))

  16. Anonymous1:24 PM

    This is the water color. You have so much to make a book, probably three or have to be in heaven! The desserts are just beautiful ....

  17. "Tourbillon" is more like a whirl in this case, when you look at the fingers movment you can imagine the cake in a whirl.
    Love Fauchon

  18. Carol, this was such fun to read...and I admit to envying you this gala at Faouchon. Is my memory giving up, or did Fauchon once have an elegant outpost near Park Ave in the 50's? I think I bought cakes there to celebrate some occasions. If it wasn't Fauchon, I wonder how I got that memory!

    Like an earlier commenter, I also love the clown's nose And on my own behalf, I do love pink...sophisticated pink, mind you.


    1. Your memory serves you well Frances
      There were at least 3-4 Fauchons at one time in NYC
      So sad we lost them...


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