Thursday, July 15, 2010


Mini Tea Time watercolor, 9" x 11"

I'm off to David Dewey's watercolor workshop in Maine next week. But I still want to paint some still lifes...
What to take with me that won't fill up too much space? Isn't it clever of Pierre Herme to create dessert art to use in the background of my still lifes? My suitcase is overloaded. But for the life of me.

I can not find my MACARONS!!!
Oh there they are, safe and sound :)

I could use a "drink me" bottle like Alice to get very small...
To set up these %$#@! still lifes...hmmm
There's a new yellow bird on board. Bear wants to know if they are both going to Maine or is he just going or are they even going at all!?
What do you think?


  1. Well, Max has got to go (to Maine). The rest of what you ask, Carol, has just left my brain. Such is my state lately. But wanted to say that I remember well your posts from, perhaps 2 years ago on Maine. I loved them & hope you have a productive time. (And I hope it's cooler up there!)


  2. What a clever way to paint on the go~ with miniatures! You have quite a collection, the tiny tiny macarons are so cute! Have a safe trip to Maine~~~

  3. I agree that you have quite a collection!!
    I know that Bear will not want to stay in hot NYC without you - be sure to take him :)

  4. Have a great trip and enjoy, Carol! I know you will. Take care,

  5. have a great trip and have fun! Eat some lobster for me. xo

  6. Bear just has to go, he is the bear-est of essentials, after all.

  7. How brilliant is today's post! Not that they aren't always, but today's was super-wonderful. Alice's drink-me bottle, an inspiration. I bet you'd do it too!
    Bon voyage, Berkshires Tsarina

  8. Justine3:32 PM

    You've got enough stuff to fill a sound stage at Universal Studios!

  9. LULU Lolo3:34 PM

    I have a dollhouse based on one at Museum of city of NY--
    where oh where did you get those miniature macarons!!
    What can
    I give you for that info--sometimes you will have to visit me and see my Paris room!

  10. LULU I get everything from Rement Queen, but her stuff is 'Barbi' sized...not small enough for dolls houses...
    My macarons are 2 years old...

  11. Carol, Merci, I buy dollhouse miniatures in that small shop on
    Ile St. Louis that also sells candy.
    Have a great time painting
    up in Maine!

  12. that shop L'Ile Flottante is now selling ice cream cones!!

  13. "the more the merrier".........

  14. Thanks for the name--it slipped my mind--I got gummy eiffel towers
    there once--recent dollhouse purchase was an ashtray with
    cigarettes inside.
    Thanks for the info.

  15. Aw, that was fun ~ what wonderful props, they would be perfect in a Paris dollhouse, too. Have a great time in Maine, Carolg!

  16. Hi Carol,
    I love your blog!
    I know how fond of macarons and all things Laduree you are.
    I am a scarf collector and frequently troll through ebay.
    I saw this one and had to let you know.
    (and please keep blogging)


  17. thank you ERIN,
    I got it last trip-very pretty
    I would like a shower curtain too in that design...
    Sheets please?

  18. Love Maine... and lucky you with David Dewey the water colorist.

    Getting out of summer in the city & packing small -- an art, a gift in itself,
    Taking along the little critters who don't complain and watch you paint away in the Maine sun.

    Wonderful, looking forward to see what you paint this time around.


  19. Forget Pierre Herme! I want to see mini Paris Breakfast dessert still lifes! Please?

  20. Carol, it's fun to see how you are packing your trunk for Maine. This is an excellent time to depart New York.

    The weather here is becoming challenging. All the same, before you depart or perhaps when you return, do stop by MOMA to see the Matisse show on the top floor. You might have already seen it? There are some exquite tiny monoprints whose subjects are ... food. That Henri really could draw!

    Best wishes.

  21. Anabel11:47 PM

    wasn't mini ha ha the good friend of laughing water in some walt disney movie?
    Ooops-Minnehaha, "Laughing Water," in Summer, St. Paul ... preserved as a town park, are the graceful Falls of the Minnehaha (Sioux

  22. Loved this post-- loved the mini's! You've got some great dishes, and I love those macarons!! I'm proud to say I actually have a dollhouse size green macaron. It's so teensy tiny and I love it!
    If you love Paris, and you like miniatures you've got to check out the most incredible petite maison at
    The detail is incredible-- it's really difficult to determine if it's life size or mini!

  23. So you are off again I see. Are you never home? Have a good time

  24. Bear must go, this is non-negotiable, doncha know??

    As for yellow birdie, peut-etre... maybe if you leave your kerosene lantern at home?

    Eat some lobster rolls and blueberries for moi in Maine! xo

  25. I love this post! I'm crazy about your work, I'm moving later in the year and am going to fill my new house with your gorgeous pictures, your so talented and I love the story (and bear) behind it all x

  26. Have a great trip to Maine. I just flipped back to many other postings from your previous trips. It has inspired me to get out my watercolors today. No water landscapes. I just moved inland but I will pick up my paintbox today.
    I can't wait to see your next post!

  27. such a great idea to present artwork - with those mini thingies! You need a proper mini dining room furniture now and all the jazz

  28. Thanks for the link!

    I love your behind the scenes photos so much!
    The pictures of the set up, of the packing, the palettes, the props. I will take it all!

    So who is going or did go to Maine?
    I hope you took both!

    - M.

  29. Love your watercolours and love your artist's mess!


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