Sunday, June 14, 2020

The May 'Queen for a day' Paris map

Yesterday, after I finished the May Paris Map I went uptown for envelope πŸ’Œ goodies . They made us get off the Metro at Opera because Pyramid was closed due to protests. Its been months since I walked down Boulevard de l'Opera. You feel like a first-time Paris tourist all over again.
Hard not to think immediately of Caillebaut's painting of the same boulevard. 
I wrote about Nina's Paris 2 years ago. Have you been? The tea salon's exterior is simple, but one step inside and you'll want a fan and rose petals to toss.Super feminine and delightful. 
Nina's Paris is the only official partner of the Le Potager Jardins/Kings kitchen garden in Versailles
They develop exclusive food products made from the garden's rare fruits.
The china too is exquisite and for once they are a Paris company that ships world-wide.
Their pink tin of delicate apple/rose tea inspired both the Paris letter
And 'Queen for a day' Paris map.
Another must-visit place on the May map is
 Debauve et Gallais Their Pistole" was a special chocolate disk designed by pharmacist Sulpice Debauve to help Marie-Antoinette take her medicine. They come in dark chocolate and different % of cocoa minus the medicament bien surI bought a 12-piece box(12€) for research purposes.
Utterly the best melt-in-your-mouth chocolate I have ever tasted.
Another Paris 17th century shop, CirΓ© Trudon, have been the queen's candlemaker since 1643. Be Queen for a day and deck yourself out in Marie-Antoinette's favorite things. Why not?.
If you'd like to receive letters πŸ’Œ from Paris please look on Etsy . Coming home on the metro there were no problems. Bonne Dimanche PBer ❤️πŸ»πŸ’Œ


  1. Bonelle1:52 AM

    I love this Paris Map! Who wouldn’t want to be MA for a day? All of those products are so quintessentially French...and irresistible.

  2. Allie in NYC2:16 AM

    Another blog par excellence !!

  3. You must be happy to be out and about..full out today right?
    Kudos for a girl always going out to never complained.
    I have seen those tins in Home Goods etc..super cute..

    Love your work comme toujours!

    1. Mais non cherie
      It is always containment more moi with a quickie trip for a couple hours to fetch whatever.
      The elves are on strike so I have to do the drawings these days 😳

  4. Dorrance9:06 AM

    Nina’s looks wonderful, everything is so pretty. I would love to try her teas. Putting Nina’s on the must-visit-in-Paris list.

  5. Sometimes it's fun to feel like a tourist in your own town. I love the view of the photo and painting together. Perfection (And I DO love that painting!). What a lovely tea shop. I might never leave!

  6. The map is glorious - and I love that Calibotte painting. So missing Paris right now. Stay safe - Hugs to you & Bear.

  7. Kathleen11:49 AM

    Swooning...ahhhhhh! I can "taste" the chocolate that you bought for research "purposes!"

    1. Debauve & Gallais used to have a shop in NYC on east 69th st. Maybe you can do mailorder?

  8. Merci beaucoup Carol,

    Nina’s is magical!

    Chef Ann

  9. Such a beautiful letter. Thank you.
    I hope the protesters aren’t harming any of the beautiful buildings.
    Be safe!

    1. Nothing like that here. In fact the police were marching too.

  10. Ellen2:44 PM

    love your blog and your art. I'm looking forward to reading more since I just found it.
    Just a little thing I'd like to mention. Caillebaut's Rainy Weather 1877 was actually set at Place de Dublin, not far from the tracks of Gare St Lazare.

    1. Oh well Ellen,
      When you've seen one Hausmannian building etc.
      They look very similar LOL
      Bet you in Chicago near the Art Institute where Rainy resides..?

    2. Ellen2:52 PM

      Actually I've never been to the Windy City. I'm a California girl who studied Art History and when in Paris we stay not far from Place de Dublin. ;)

  11. I am so enjoying your PB newsletters and envious that you get to enjoy Paris opening up again. Looks wonderful!

  12. Enjoy being out in Paris again! I want to buy all these things, off to look at that world wide shipping......thank you for the lovely photo of the Opera building. I did a tour there last year and it was excellent, went to see a ballet but it was on at the newer Bastille building (still an excellent theatre).

  13. Judith1:02 PM

    Thanks for this blog! My wife and I fell in love with Caillebotte's "Paris Street, Rainy Day" the first time we saw it several years ago at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, at a very special exhibition of Caillebotte's works. We have since seen it at its "home" in the Art Institute of Chicago as well. And, the last time we were in Paris, we made a little pilgrimage to the Place de Dublin, which still looks remarkably the same -- yes, those Haussmann buildings! -- though there's a tree in the middle now that the city of Paris should cut down. (j/k) Paris is always special, and it was extra special to be "standing" in that painting.


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