Thursday, January 08, 2009

Dousoeur de Paris

Dousoeur de Paris French Macaron Tree, watercolor on Etsy, sold 5" x 7"

On Monday Judy Tillinger of magpiesbeads sent me lovely photos of a brand new French pastry shop in New York...

Dousoeur de Paris Called, Dousoeur de Paris at 652 10th Avenue near 46th Street...

French Tea Tray, watercolor on Etsy, 5" x 7"

Dousoeur can mean sweetness or two sisters and in this case it's owned by two Parisian twin sisters, Corine Fina and Diane Cepeda.

Photo by Judy Tillinger

Photo by Judy Tillinger
I dragged myself out in the rain yesterday for a looksee...

Dousoeur de ParisAnd wouldn't you know the New York Times beat me to it and wrote about them yesterday!


Photo by Judy Tillinger

Dousoeur de Paris Photo by Judy Tillinger
Very Frenchie indeed....

Dousoeur de Paris They even have King Cake, but you have to buy the whole thing...
And they have macarons too, but you have to order ahead.

No singles yet...And they have Buche de Noel!
Dousoeur de ParisThat you can buy a single slice of - see the far left.

Religiouses too...

And other goodies...

Dousoeur de ParisI had my old favorite,a tiny tarte citron. I can never pass it up for anything... And a hot chocolate. Fun and very Frenchie.



  1. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I so want to come to New York again, and when I do I will visit Dousoeur de Paris! Thank you for this info. darling.

  2. Oh Yum and Yippee - I will note this addy for my next NYC visit (pretending it is Paris of course)

  3. Christiane11:24 AM

    Douceurs de Paris...
    unless you want to create a new word!

  4. Margaret B.11:25 AM

    Loved your post today.
    The King Cake freezes pretty well, so buying the whole cake isn't such a bad idea. I warmed a piece in the oven everyday for tea time - during the holidays.

    Margaret B.

  5. Carol! I love the top picture! It's just gorgeous.

    I don't know whether you know about my foodie blog: The header photo is a macaron i took a picture of when i was in London. I had to wait about a half an hour for a friend and so I popped into a boulangerie. The had the most gorgeous things! Luckily it was a brief wait, or i would have been too tempted!


  6. What a beautiful place to be when it is raining outside. Lovely. That Religieuse is awfully tempting...;-)

  7. You go to all the best places. Note - I am not scared of French Cakes just birds and cats. Oh and dogs well anything that doesn't speak to me really.

  8. Oh my goodness. Lucky you. What a wonderful place. Love the photos of that lovely shop and paintings.

  9. yum yum , i'm hungry!!

  10. Sacre bleu! How could you get scooped by the NYT????!?!?!! on the bright side, this place looks great! Of course you will have to break them of their little French single macaron sales - it's un-american!

  11. very lovely! I used to make Buche de Noel every year, and lately, I just haven't done it. I found a good one in a neat little shop here in Cary. Beautiful paintings, m'dear!

  12. Anonymous9:54 PM

    I may gain weight just visiting your blog ;)!

  13. what I want to know is where I can get that adorable cakestand in the shops window with the little cherub sitting on it.

  14. Anonymous5:55 AM

    What a scrumptious post! I'm glad to see that French pastry culture has been so well represented in the US. Take a moment to remember Gaston LeNôtre who died yesterday.

  15. I wonder if in your dream you had been to Berthillion before you went to Laduree and you were doing courses. First course: Ice cream. Second course: macarons. Third course: Chocolate.;-)

  16. I thought I was in Paris for a minute then, thinking I must go and find this place. And to think I was in New York a couple of times during the summer and never knew of this place! Ah, next time.

  17. Carine from Paris3:59 PM

    I think it's so nice to stimulate that way Dousoeurs de Paris's team.

    You're right because all what they make is good, of high-quality and delicate.

    Indeed they merit so much people to come to taste their pastries. They work with all theirs hearts and really wish to please with refined flavours.

    You can really be confident in their serious work.

    an admirer

  18. Patty Campos6:00 PM



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