Saturday, April 28, 2018

Painting the Ritz!

I've been missing in action all week painting the Ritz!
The RITZ PARIS AUCTION preview was over 2 weeks ago at ARTCURIAL, Rond Point, Champs-Elysées. I thought there would be long lines to get in. Instead it was just me, Bear, and TV crews.
They were still setting up the 17 display rooms...
Designed by decorator, Vincent Darré. He's standing in LA SUITE WINDSOR.
Utterly gorgeous! Unfortunately you can't see the Windsor's little brown suede doggy bed for sale...
The divine Fitzgerald suite.
Back in the studio painting from my hundreds of photos.
Et voila.
Le Salon Proust. Someone past by and played the harp. Heaven.
I took a gazillon pictures of the old Ritz 'Marthe' pattern china (they changed the color from green to blue with new renovation. Its available in their hotel boutique). I thought I would be painting this.
Instead I became enthralled with the Ritz chairs.
And there were many, many chairs to paint.
How did the auction go? The link is above for more details. It was a grand success.
Almost 9 million dollars earned.
7 times the estimation. 
13,000 visiters during the 4-day viewing. 
5 days of sales. 
3,500 lots of 10,000 objects dispursed. 
100% sold. 
60% sold to foreigners in 53 countries. 
50% sold through the internet. 
The natural light in the Artcurial is simply gorgeous. You felt like you were wafting through the old Ritz.
Do visit their other auctions. Outstanding.
An archival picture of Mademoiselle Coco Chanel's suite.
Vincent Darré's version her bedroom full of red lacquer Chinoiserie.
Yes, Bear visited the Ritz Paris auction in case you were wondering. No one objected. Nor did they mind my sitting in one of Chanel's chairs and sketching onsite. 
Sheer heaven.
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Bonne Weekend!


  1. J'aime mieux tes dessins que ces décors ;-)) On a envie de s'asseoir dans tes fauteuils...
    Quel chic parisien, ce Bear ! Love it

    1. I know...I only realized a little too late I could be sketching all the time!
      And I had to go to la dentiste. Or I would have stayed much longer 😄

  2. Anonymous3:35 AM

    Some details are wonderful some forniture too but decoration its too much its a bit claustrofobic especially in the bedroom course its french style and in my opinion not all the time so chic or elegant.

    1. Remember Its a sale room really. They have to show as much as possible for the viewers to get ideas.

      10,000 objects to show as aesthetically as possible !

  3. Love your furniture paintings!

  4. I'm salivating over those antiques and the watercolors. Would love to hear more about your experience there (love the part about you sitting in Chanel's chair to sketch!)

    1. It was an extremely relaxed atmosphere. You can always touch things at an auction viewing unlike a visit to la musee. Occasionally I noticed Vincent Darré would lead some potential client on a private tour before the plebians arrived the next day.
      Ooo la la 😄
      He did quite fabulous sketches of the rooms and they were for sale as a set in the book store.
      He saw me sketching but paid no never mind bien sur.

  5. Oooh! Lovely post!

  6. Absolutely glorious - I would have loved to wander through those rooms.

  7. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Fabulous!!! Wow! Thank you for the tour. That is such a very cool experience for you and bear. I am so glad you took a ton of photos and share with us. Your paintings are so beautiful .What amazing history ! I probably couldn't even afford a cup of coffee there , but now I can dream.(Or rather ,I dream of a bottle of fabulous champagne) Cheers,Fan from Oregon Thank you again!This made my day!

  8. Jane G2:40 PM

    This looks like it was SO much fun! I like that designer-- miam!

  9. Terry2:44 PM


  10. Sally V2:46 PM

    The curtains behind the red settee make me weep.
    The fabrics!
    The workmanship!
    Thanks. Sally

    1. I took soooo many pictures of the gorgeous drapes Sally.
      Instant love ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Dancing Poly2:57 PM

    Oh your Painting the Ritz is divine!!

  12. Jill Butler2:59 PM

    My My look at all that goo and splendor! Great!

  13. Linda3:01 PM

    Merci for this divine trip thru the Ritz!


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