Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Paris Valentine and Feb Paris Letter

Judy asked me if she missed receiving the February Paris letter.
She did not. The Feb Paris letters went out Monday.  Bugs suggested a kiddies Paris map letter. No thanks. Getting out two letters a month keeps me Very busy. Here's how Paris does Valentines day.
The big hearts are 'bouchée'. French girls are supposed to eat them instead of lunch. I don't think so.
Dalloyau has a big heart with a keyhole in their vitrines. Check out Jill's Paris valentines post to find out what's inside.
Another locked heart diary from one of my favorite papeteries on the island, Marie Tournelle, 5 rue de deux Ponts.
The dearest little red shop. You shouldn't miss it.
Hearts and cards galore.
Everything for the  Parisienne romantique.
I bought the temptation (tentation -6,50€) sign in the window of another island shop
Maison Moinet45 rue St Louis en l'Ile has a variety of old/new candy tins and the traditional French Vichy lozenges to put inside.
Patisserie des Reves does splendid holiday windows no matter the occasion - they're currently obsessed with candy apples (pomme d'amour) 
Diptyque has piles of pink note books in the window for Valentines???
I fell hard for this pink nite light on rue Clément, my Valentine of choice.
While you're waltzing around Paris don't miss the windows at perfumer Annick Goutal, Place St. Sulpice.
Their latest addition to the collection - Rose Pompon.
Perfect to wear with pink ballerinas earrings from Les Nereides - Printemps.
More perfection - pink baby roses outside fleurist Patrick Allain, rue St.Louis en l'Ile
My Paris valentine -we met last night as I passed by.
Was it Karmic destiny?
I hope you enjoy your February Valentine Sketch letters.
No sugar hearts included. Just Paris paper souvenirs.


  1. That last illustration is lovely, Carol.

  2. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Carol, the picture of the St. Sulpice Annick Goutal, brought back many memories. I have made many purchases there, perfume, soaps and candles. I love how they have little pots of coffee beans to sniff, in between scent samplings. Thanks for the memories... Desiree

  3. Who would not adore that sketch letter?

    That cute..and big.

    Thos earings are little works of glass art.sadly ..unless they are small pearl holes are so low..these things would be dancing on my shoulders..age ..unless they are clip ons;)
    I am a nut for paper..ribbon..paraphenalia.

  4. The sheepdog reminded me: Where are all the French Barbet? My little ex-pat want to know.

  5. Thanks for the shout-out Carol. I agree with Val - you're last illustration is beautiful. So many windows, so many delicious treats to try. Or resist!

  6. That Angelina tin box is pretty cute too:)

  7. Your blog is so fabulous! Even if I was in Paris right now, I know I wouldn't begin to see half as much as you bring to us!! You have such an eye and great ability to pull it all together!!!! LOVE YOU

  8. Steve and Rhona11:43 PM

    What a beautiful Valentine post!

  9. Your "dog chez la fleuriste" photo is an absolute delight.

  10. I love the Angelina tin. Do you happen to remember the price? What's inside? Great post - as always!

  11. Fabulous opening shot, Carol.
    And then all of the great shops,& Parisienne romantique.
    I love the street shots at night.
    I hope that you have a great "V" Day!

  12. So you ARE here! I think feedburner is broken -- I haven't received your email notifications in a few weeks. I figured you were traveling or something. What lovely valentine images -- I can imagine the City of Love does a bang-up job of it! Happy day!

  13. Anonymous10:46 AM

    My Country may be in Meltdown and I have been so depressed. I swear I will not tune into the News anymore and the first thing I do upon waking is....right. So know that your missives are more than just lovely news and Art that allow me to see a wonderful positive picture of Life. They are a life preserver.... Thank You


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