Monday, September 29, 2014

Grand Palais - Mugler, The Grand Rex - J-P Gaultier

Saturday morning I could not find the Fete du Miel at the Luxembourg gardens so I grab the #1 line over to Grand Palais to see what's doing. It's easy to spot the other faux 'pap'(paparazzi) on the train with their big cameras. Me with my lill' iPad.
At the Rochas show a real pap in black head-to-toe motions me out of the way so he can get his shot. I give him the 'Gallic shrug'.
He yells out,
I want to respond back,
"YOW! IPAD MINI BUSTER!" but I don't.
Instead I add a 'burst' app called Fast Camera soon so I can shoot faster, successively.

At 12:30

I look for some looks. Nice. Anya Ziourova, Tatler Russia directrice in Balmain.

Love the two-toned air-brushed patent leather oxfords.

I'm wondering why everyone immediately crosses their ankles when asked for a shot?

Then I know why. This is Claire of cosmetic Clarins famille who bought Mugler when he sold out. Ahem.

I happen to be standing in a sort of crowd/line under a sign that says 'STANDING' and we are invited inside to watch the show!
Ta da. Effortless...OK with some shoving I'm inside standing, watching the show! I can't believe my good fortune. The looks are sleek, body-con(body conscious), austere with cutouts, metallic trim.

Just hints and references and 'une pale copie' to the wild, crazy Thierry Mugler in 90's. If you want to see how tame this show is watch the music video Mugler made for George Michael's Too Funky. FYI Mugler now designs Beyoncé's show wear.

The show lasts maybe a total of 10 minutes.

Brit designer David Koma pops his head out for 3 seconds of applause and disappears.

And then it's over and everyone is running off to the next show. They put out a guide to the times and locations but many big name: Dior, Balenciaga, Lanvin just list 'invitation' so you have no clue where they're held.

I do manage to catch a glimmer 'It Girl' of PFW(Paris Fashion Week), Giovanna Battaglia. She's tops on The Cut's best-dressed street people list. I go home to draw jam jars and then head out at 6:00 to see what's what at Jean-Paul Gaultier's grand finale tonight at 7. 

It's held at a classic old movie theatre, The Grand Rex in the 10th. There are at least 4 entrances each heavily guarded. No way are they gonna let us plebs in.

You have to be wearing or carrying your J-PG sash invitation.

Some design stars like Alber Elbaz of Lanvin doesn't need a sash to get in anywhere.

But Anna Della Russo is having a tough time till she's rescued by staff. Note her shorty black boots.

I would like to slug the guy on Suzy Menke's left who stepped on her toe. Pushy! I would like to tell Suzy to lose the scarf but I'll stick to reading her Fab columns in Vogue UK.

In case you don't know editor at large, Julia Sarr-Jamois she's a hot hot dresser, very cool and seen everywhere during PFW FYI.

They closed the doors on us plebs in the street but the show inside was Fabulous from what I read. I feel a bit like this warrior photographer at the Isabel Marant show at Palais de Tokyo. Daunted but not defeated.

Anyway I have my own flashy show waiting on my bridge. Not a bad ending to a terrific day as a faux pap right? For many more pictures on the shows, breakfast at Angelina, Givenchy's new book on AUDREY!! Puleeze head over to my INSTAGRAM.
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  1. People cross their ankles because they think it makes their hips look narrower (seriously)

    Lucky you to get in that show!

    1. I'm surprised. I thought they were doing it to look a little fatter! :)

  2. I shudder to say this but about the only person I can relate to in these posts is Suzy Menkes. Which should be a wake-up call.

    1. It's all a big show like Hollywood.
      Can't take it too seriously Jeanie

  3. Fashion intimidates me.I don't even think I am interested anymore LOL.
    Your posts yes!
    Still a big fan of TM's Angel..
    LoveJ S_J 's hair..and face:) What a beauty.
    I see Madonna :)

    Lots of fancy people there.I thought they were all in Venice for le wedding.

    1. TM's Angel perfume is wonderful!!

  4. cyndi from SD9:56 AM

    Fabulous...Just another "boring"day in Paris.

  5. crossing ankles while posing makes the poser look thinner … narrower .. its also why posers put their hand on their hip …

  6. sillygirl10:59 AM

    Thanks for taking us along - nice to not have to endure all the pushing and shoving!

  7. How fantastic to get into the Mugler show. I just love that you shrugged at the ninja clad pap. Fashion isn't my thing either, but it's fun to tag along with you Carol.

  8. I expect to see you in a new shoe collection after all this studying you've been doing at Fashion Week.

    1. How will you see my shoes in Alberta?

  9. Next time Mr France takes my photo, I must remember to cross my ankles as well as sucking in my cheeks...:) Great to be with you to see the hustle & bustle or should I say pushing & shoving. Good for you to get the shots you did.

    1. Love the challange of coming away with some good shots.
      So fun!

  10. Patricia1:22 PM

    Hmmmm. This is making me rethink blue nail polish!
    I love getting these each day.

  11. Wear any color nailpolish you want.
    I've given up trying to copy these mad addicted dressers.
    But looking is fun!

  12. Susan H1:25 PM do you know who these people are and what they look like???
    Very impressive.
    Suzy Menkes is the only one I'd know if I tripped over her.
    Vicariously enjoying your life!

    1. Some really do stand out in a crowd.
      They have that 'It' factor.
      No getting away from it.

    2. Research darling research
      Read The Cut and other trash...Vogue
      It takes work believe me.

  13. Kathryn Owls Head1:46 PM

    Some days I am saved by Paris Breakfast. I feel drenched in a world I love, splashed with color, smells, tastes and visual feasts. PB NEVER disappoints. Thanks for bringing it all to us, Carol.

  14. Are scarves OUT now in Paris????

    1. Only for the fashion-minded
      Why cover up their silhouette?

  15. Really fabulous shots, Carol. I didn't know that you would be that close to the runway! Great shots there.
    I love that circular staircase shot, too.
    And of course, the girl with the Nikon, just before your bridge......

  16. How exciting - and always enjoy your fashion forays. Not surprised the ubiquitous scarf is being left's become such a cliche here so I don't even bother anymore! Hmmm...I've been meaning to try Instagram anyway so here goes - this may or may not work...

    1. parisbreakfast1:58 AM

      I don't know what I''m doing on Instagram either
      no idea
      left off all the damn hashtags!! ach

  17. Alan SA10:24 PM

    e went to the Opera Garnier but found it closed as there was a function on at the time. I asked a photographer (who was part of a large crowd of photographers) outside what was going on to be informed that it was a fashion show.
    I’m still not quite sure what happened but the next thing the photographers all rushed inside leaving me on the steps. A policeman came up and shoved me inside and, quite annoyed, told me to stay with the crowd of photographers.
    And that’s how I ended up in the press gallery at the Stella McCartney show. Only in Paris!

  18. Carol...DO you ever SLEEP?! Really, what are you ON?! ;) Your productivity is just through the roof. Please do a post one day with your appox average day schedule and hints on how you do it all...

    One of my fave classes in design school was rapid viz...the 25 drawings a week in our sketchbooks, plus the weekly big assignment. You do this in a day!! I must go rest now after reading you post ;)

    1. Sleep 4 hrs...sometimes 5.
      I'm on clean living?
      Don't drink, smoke, do drugs of any kind.
      Learning to drink coffee...a Must in Paris

    2. I almost never house clean and I lose stuff all the time!!
      something's got to give right?

  19. Susan J8:56 AM

    Lady, I'm exhausted just looking at all your pics!
    What a mission you gave yourself x

    1. Peanuts compared to today at Chanel/Grand Palais...
      then Hokosai preview
      Then Le Japon at Bon Marché

  20. So THAT is Suzy Mencke....back in the days when I devoured fashion mags, I always loved her columns!

  21. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Carol--This post is SO cool. What a fab opportunity---so pleased for you -- ! Felt like I was inside the show myself just looking at your post-! Patricia, Minneapolis

  22. Anonymous6:13 PM

    It's George Michael, not Boy George. Am I the only one who actually reads what you write, Carol?? :-)

    1. YES!
      oh you are right...I get them mixed up all the time too :(

    2. HEY! I got it half right!
      I'm semi-dyslexic ya know...

  23. Fantastic shots! I echo what others have said. Your energy level is amazing! Having fun with these posts. Makes me feel as if I'm still in Paris!


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