Sunday, September 08, 2013

Monet's Garden 6 pm

Sketches made in Monet's garden after hours on an overcast Friday. Someone asked if I knew how you could enter the gardens after hours. Really I haven't a clue how you can gain access without being a member of Art Colony Giverny or are perhaps have a Legion d'Honor de France award. ACG have had permission for years along with a few (very few local artists).
A wonderful Monet sketch of an iris from DK MONET. Look for MONETS GARDEN For flower details.
The Black-eyed Susans I was sketching...

These umbrella-shaped trellis things are called parasols brought in by head gardener James Priest to add height to the rose bushes and to replace some other taller plants or trees cut down.

At last real Pom Poms and ther's a tag to prove it. See below. Not too many plants are tagged.

There is plenty of Goldenrod. This I recognize as a former child sneezer/hay fever sufferer. They really are glorious and also as height and dimension with a splash of yellow. Gardener Priest has such a painter's eye.

All the multi-shades of pinks and greens of the plants...
Reflect back wonderfully to the Maison Monet.
The end to a perfect day in Giverny - framboise sorbet.


  1. Im sorry to repeat that,Im so jealous .the multipink giant Dahlia are heartbreaking and we wonna talk about pom pom,amazing shade of purple ,so cool this winter..I just bought a Ysl lipstick yestarday...

    Thanks Carol delicious report...

    Iam planning a long Paris week end the first of October..the 5th is the white night too...yeah!

  2. What a great op to be able to go after many of the same plants are in bloom in our gardens also..Alas no dahlias anymore..I gave up because of our close to the lake Earwig Colony..they are in at all hours and not allowed.:)
    I find flowers so hard to make lifelike..Should practice more while I still have some..

  3. Orgastic colors and shapes this morning!!! So glad to see your sketches from the Garden this morning!!! Have been waiting... Can you just paint up and sell some of those multi-fleur sketches??? Loving them. I believe the first "meanderings" of your eye and hand are the most stunning, natural and inspiring! Keep it up.

  4. Oh those Dahlias.. wow. I can smell the fragrance from here. Oh this is all so really do lead a charmed life..My dream charmed life going to Monets Gardens. I cant believe you needed us to help you decide if you should move to Paris. Look at all you get to see and do from there. Big Sigh..:)

  5. x me they are Dahlia,also the purple ones.there are so many variety..

  6. Une belle promenade fleurie se terminant avec une envie gourmande... Gros bisous

  7. Love how you are having such a great time amidst all that peace and beauty :)

  8. un reve. just so magical.

    1. Its overwhelming at times but i'm not complaining

  9. Mmmmmmm! Sweet little trip down memory lane!

  10. Anonymous1:54 PM

    It is interesting that your sketches have a lot of appeal because they seem to reflect the essence of the garden for me. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Anonymous2:00 PM

    So lovely. Thank you. Big hugs

  12. Anonymous2:09 PM

    In 1999 I was walking Monet's path and in front of the
    The Baudy Hotel an artist stopped me and said "This
    is a special moment we are having a rare eclipse".
    He taught art in Monet's garden. Until your blog
    I did not remember his name. Now I have a question
    Answered that I have wondered about. By the way Gale Bennett was very helpful to me that day.
    I love your blog and wait to see where you go each

    1. What an amazing story Diane!
      There are pictures of Gale Bennett everywhere in the house we are staying at.

  13. Anonymous2:15 PM

    A couple look like Zinnias....lovely....and of course the cone topped off the day....

  14. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Yes, lots of dahlias in your post today. Tall stalks, fancy looking petals, some like a simple daisy and others with seemingly hundreds of petals.
    You’ll see dahlia types as big as a salad plate, float one in a shallow dish for a centerpiece and dazzle your guests!
    Love your postings.....they make my day!

  15. Great shots, that is really a place I wish I could get to!

  16. Carol, thank you so much for these additions to your earlier Giverny jardin reporting. What a place, and your post do show your artistic response to this special place.

    I think that you found a fine time of the garden's season for your visit. I would think that such a place might also be quite inspirational as the calendar pages take it off season. (That's the way I feel about NYC's Shakespeare's Garden.

    Hoping that you and your sketchpad ... and if the weather stays warmish, your paint kit, might be making some more visits. Not just after hours, after season.

    Delicious feasts can be found not only in patisseries.


  17. So fun to know you're there sketching flowers in Monet's garden, Carol--very appropos. I love it.

  18. Sigh. How wonderful!! So glad you've had the opportunity to do this. And so glad you're sharing it with us!

  19. This is all becoming quiet addictive. :)

  20. Anonymous12:30 AM

    We have Monet's exhibition on here at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.In the last room of the exhibition there's a 390 degree photographic experience of Monet's garden. But I can't get excited about it. Don't know why except that perhaps the southern part of Australia is great for growing all those flowers. I have seen magnificent displays of dahlias here in the Botanical Gardens of the regional city of Ballarat that really so outshine those of Monet. Perhaps It's a total effect. Perhaps there are so many formal gardens in France (pruned conical firs/statues) that people are delighted to see a great example of an English-style garden. I wouldn't want to have to queue for hours to get in to see it, as can happen in the summer I hear. I adore the French countryside however , with its forests and stone houses and adorable places, and feel that I have been born in the wrong country!! Gwendoline in Australia

  21. Ah if only I needed an artists sketchbook! At least I get to peek into yours. I love how you brought the pinks and greens back to the house, and then back to glaces. The pom poms were my favourite flowers I think, the texture and pattern is incredible, the colour divine.

  22. Early September is such a wonderful time to visit a flower garden.
    The flowers you are showing us here of Monet's garden can also be found around many informal gardens around here.

  23. Thanks for the tour of Monets garden. I too feel like some of the other comments, there are much nicer gardens to be viewed. But how I loved your sketchs, do you take pictures then paint them later, when you get home? I bought some of the dble sunflowers shown, they seem to be lasting longer than the other type.

  24. I can't imagine anything more wonderful than to be able to walk through Monet's garden. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos!


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