Thursday, January 10, 2013

Impressionism and Fashion

Wednesday January 9, 2013
Time to rush see the musee d'Orsay's Impressionism and Fashion before it closes January 20th. It is coming to the New York Met in the Spring but these shows are never the same in my opinion.
Stripes were big back then pre-Sonia days in the 1800s. Who knew? I brought along a sketch pad in case I couldn't take pictures but...

And polkadots! Loved this purple dotty and striped number worn by Prosperie de Fleury in 1881

Loads of daguerretypes on display to document the trends of the time...

Bows, bows, bows! I saw a wrist bow bracelet on one of the sales going on today. Bows are forever in France.

And perfume of course. Always perfume.

Black was big I suppose thanks to Queen Victoria, as in this opera spectator by mary Cassatt.

The almighty parapluie/umbrella makes a fashion statement in this Caillebotte painting set in an Hausmannian street. G. says the French will open an umbrella whether it's raining or not. They do look swell...

And make such wonderful silhohuettes...

The darling Dog of the Day in a familial setting with Vichy checks in the background.
What better accompaniment to eat after the d'Orsay exhibit than a frou frou marron eclair from patisserie Gosselin just at the corner of rue de Belle Chasse...
Did you miss out buying your ticket at the news kiosk on the corner? And instead wait and wait on line to get into the d'Orsay? I hope not. *Hold onto your ticket stubs by the way and gain free entry to the extraordinary Gustave Moreau musee in the 9th + the Opera Garnier tour.
Oh and don't forget your brollies!



  1. I´ve seen the exhibition in December and simply LOVED it!!! (No wonder: I love the impressionists and I love fashion) But I didn´t dare to take photographs....

  2. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Wonderful blog.
    I have tickets to see it in chicago in July with my art history teacher.
    Love bows, polkas n brollies too


  3. We are watching The Forsyte Saga on Netflix..a 2002-2003 series..You have nailed the era:) Love the dresses more than the 20's:)
    I want a Figaro right now.Love the journal page..
    A fan:)

  4. Bonjour Carol, and many thanks for this post. Yes, I agree that some exhibits travel better than others, and would love to be able to see this show at the d'Orsay. Would not mind one of those eclairs, either.

    Your sketchbook views are also a treat! xo

  5. Simply fantastique, especially YOUR drawing as part of your new series!

  6. Hello, my name is Natalie and I'm from Brazil, I teach fashion and art in a faculdadena my city, I follow your blog every day because I love everything you post!!, In his last post was that you saw in the exhibition fashion empressionist, I'm doing a lesson for my students I would like if possible a vision about their exposure, what you felt what you saw as you drew attention at the exhibition, if you have more photos I'd love to see. I give these classes at a college free for poor teenagers, this view of the outside world would be very important for them. I had already talked to you about on how you see and interpret all your experiences.
    It would be great if you could help out.
    Thank you!

  7. How I wish I had time to pop over to see the exhibition. I love fashion and Impressionism (together in my favourite gallery - wonderful!)
    and an éclair would of course be the 'icing on the cake.'

  8. Mary P.12:33 PM

    Your drawings are enchanting, and I love seeing Pairs through your eyes.

  9. My favorite post so far. Loved everything here. well I say that to all your posts but..I was amazed at how big those paintings were when I saw them in person in LA. I saw that one of Caillebotte's and stood in AWE. Books just don't do them justice. Your sketch is wonderful as are your photos. I got to use my brollie this morning chasing the neighbors ducks back home while it was snowing..I use them just to herd the ducks home most of the time. Useful things those brollies. :)

  10. So glad you were allowed to take pictures so that I could share the exhibition through your camera. But your sketch was great, capturing the bows, & polka dots. I guess it helps when in Paris to know all the tricks for tickets.

  11. That would be a dream to attend. Thanks for sneaking photos for us!

    Bows and polka dots - oh, my heart!

  12. Hi..Thank you for the "quick look" to the exhibition! :)
    Happy 2013 to You and the Bear

  13. Just love these posts, Carol. But I wanted to ask...if anyone is having some difficulty with the smaller font here & yesterday? I am. Any chance we could have back the slightly larger one?



  14. Bonjour! I have seen 'Paris Street; Rainy Day' at the Art Institute of Chicago. If you ever get to Chicago I highly recommend it! They also have Seurat's 'A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte' and 'American Gothic.'
    Happy New Year! Jennifer aka Gigi

  15. I loved the exhibit, too. Your sketch is just perfect!! That was my favorite dress, too.

  16. I see the huge Monet in the background, the one that was ridiculed when he first exhibited it and then was bought for 200,000FF by the French government after he got famous for his water lilies. I guess I'll have to fight the throngs at the Met to see this -- it's a grand collection of paintings.

    I'll probably have to settle for a cheese danish afterwards, tho.

  17. Those long, full draggy skirts always make me wonder about laundry. Obviously, these were worn by women of means...but even today's "miracle cleaners and fabrics" can be tough to clean. I wonder how they did it! And what did the hoi polloi wear?

  18. What a wonderful exhibition, and of course you made a lovely post of it. How fabulous to see the dress, and then a painting of the exact dress. I didn't know about buying tickets at the kiosk- great tip!

  19. Thanks for this post and yesterday's on the Hopper expo. I saw this one and loved it. I think I heard that the clothing will NOT travel to the US. One can also buy advance tickets at FNAC. I didn't see the HOpper expo, so again thanks for the post.

  20. so glad you posted this! it was on my weekend to-do's but thanks to a mean 'gastro' i think this is as close as i'll get ..

  21. I loved this exhibition so thanks for the memory, Carol. You certainly know how to end each visit, though. I just run back on the RER. Your way is far sweeter and organised!

  22. Looks like it was a fabulous exhibit. Love all the clothes. Some of the women in those stripes should have been told they were "Glamour don't's." Horizontal stripes in full fabric like that was not too flattering in that daguerreotype. too funny


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