Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fetish Ispahan!

Pierre Herme's Pink Ispahan, Watercolor, 9" x 11"
THANK YOU for all the well-wishes To Get In The Pink of Health. I've got PINK on the brain.
So much 'pink' to taste. Herme even has miniature pink gateaux. Along with le monstre Ispahan.

Et bien sur les individuals.
Beaucoup du individuals.
But it only takes one.
This Ispahan verrine is toooo pretty!
Paris taught me to love roses. They're on almost every street corner. Merci au Nom de la Rose. Paris Breakfast at EtsyFrench Pink Tea, watercolor 9" x 11"
One visit I went wild and bought everything rose in sight. The In The Pink Report:
My MRI says I have quite a few herniated disks but,  no surgery required.
I am crazy for my new physical therapist - he gave me ultra-sound/accupressure/massage + heat yesterday.
I feel newborn.
I'm feeling much better thanks to all your kind words.


  1. Iloveit Iloveit Iloveit Iloveit.....:)

  2. So glad to hear that you're feeling better!! All that pink, plus Bear's TLC, are bound to get you out and about very soon!

  3. Way to go Carol!
    You and your blog, both flush with rosy color, awaiting the arrival of spring...and soon, thanks to your new physical therapist, there will again be a spring in your step.

  4. YUM. And so pretty, too!

    Most of all, I am so pleased to read that you have gotten a diagnosis, and YAY to the magical physical therapist! So good to read what he is doing is helping you feel better! Fantastic!

    I hope you are feeling 100% very soon, Carol.

    Bonne journée!

  5. I am glad to hear that you are working with a marvelous P.T. Take good care of yourself!

    And…keep us “in the pink” with your wonderful paintings and photographs!


  6. Adele in NC11:48 AM

    I'm another faithful reader of your blog.
    I'm so glad that the MRI results ruled out surgery.
    Hope the PT helps relieve the pain and helps restore balance.
    All the best,

  7. Herniated discs!?? That can't be good, but thank goodness it's treatable without anything major. YAY!!!! So Good to hear that, Carol! You must be so relieved.

    Your paintings sure look serene and beautiful--these are amazing. Just elegant.

  8. Here's to no surgery. Wow, Carol, herniated disc"S"! I'm sorry for that. The pink is so lovely and that "rose" tea, simply beautiful....where was that enjoyed?, I wonder. I hope physical therapy and the therapist continue to do you good.

  9. Daffodil1:46 PM

    Another get well wish..
    dear carol hope you're all better soon.

  10. THANKS Daffodil!
    It does takes time to get better.
    Rome wasn't built in a day...

    JENNY- I set these up in my room at hotel La Louisiane (great light)
    The 'pink' tea is really Permanent Rose watercolor - no way to boil up the rose petal tea in ma chambre..


  11. An ultra-massage is so much better than surgery. I'm so glad to hear your good news! Here's to good tingles as you get back on your feet.

    Did you buy the rose water / syrup from au Nom de la Rose? I didn't, and regret it.

  12. .. GREAT POST ... so glad you are better ...

  13. Pretty In PINK! loveloveloveeeee~~

  14. I am so glad you are feeling better. Continued better health!!!!!!!

  15. tonemor4:40 PM

    I am Tone-Cecilie, living close to Oslo, loving Paris, playing the flute, longing for le printemps, thinking it is too cold here now, beeing happy for you and your paris inspiration, mother of four, loving reading, music and cakes , looking forward to trying a G. Mulet some day, reading your blog now and enjoying it. Get well very soon...

  16. Bonjour Carol
    So.. pleased to hear your good news ~ and that your physical therapist is looking after you!!
    Love the pink....
    "All Things French"

  17. love your post today with all the pink roses and the rose items. I grow a few roses mainly I am a pink peony person but I do like rose tea and rose jam etc. In the photo today I see the rose tea and it looks like a bunch of tiny rosebuds bunched together. Is it one of those flower teas or is it actually roses that open to make the tea?
    I went on Au Nom de la Rose website but they just show the silver bag of tea not a picture of the buds/or loose tea etc.
    Did it come from them? I have had the flower teas before but not roses.

  18. so good to see you're in the pink again...but herniated disks -- not so much! Take care!

  19. Another gorgeous Rose painting in the blue vase. wow.
    So happy to hear you are doing much better and help came without surgery. Loving all the pink.

  20. Carol I'm so pleased that you are in good hands and require no surgery. Herniated discs and several as you know are big deal, just impressed with your positive outlook. My oldest brother in a physical therapist, good person to have in the family. Sending you lots more pink wishes for good days with much progress ahead.

    xx Deb

  21. Mo surgery needed. Those are magical words, aren't they, Carol.

    Your tribute to Pink is also quite magical to see.

    Hoping that your ph. therapy sessions will continue to give you relief from pain and also help to strengthen that backbone.


  22. Some things are just too beautiful to eat. No wonder poets and artists find them inspiring. For the rest of us mere mortals, they remain divinely delicious! (Love the watercolours by the way!)
    Stay cool,Carol. Therese

  23. How goes it?
    Hope your on the mend

    Stay loose

    Sid xx

  24. I was so glad to read about your MRI and 'no surgery' prognosis!
    I am sure your PT will be of great help and you'll be your old self soon! The ultrasound treatments are heaven as I recall.

    I am so impressed you have kept up your blog!

    Best wishes for continued recovery!

  25. I don't think we will ever run out of reasons to visit Paris.
    I am dreaming up some now ---but who needs a reason? x
    I am having one of those pastries ...mmm

  26. Anonymous7:47 AM

    So glad you didn't need surgery - when I had a herniated disc the doctor said it was either surgery or shoot me to put me out of my misery...love the pink...are they as tasty as they are beautiful? Cindy

  27. No surgery required! Glad you are feeling better and recovering well with your PT. Beautiful artwork.

  28. I heart my Paris Breakfast ISPAHAN & VERRINE watercolors. Thanks again Carol!

    I cut all my roses back but when they bloom again, next month, I must send you a photo of my "April In Paris" hybrid tea rose, it is planted next to my Key Lime tree.

    Sorry to hear you're having back troubles.


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