Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Christie's Euro Decorative Arts

Napoleon's Macaron,watercolor on Etsy, 5.5" x 7.5"

Do you think Napoleon ate macarons? I called FactCheckers and they say, "NON!"

I spotted that Napoleon bust at Christie's European Decorative Arts exhibit on Saturday. Wouldn't these make nice Warholesque pillows?

French Tapestry Chaise,watercolor on Etsy, 5.5" x 7.5"

And wouldn't that pillow look just swell on this French tapestry chaise/chair dog gone it? All this immersion in Marie-Antoinette and other Frenchie 18th century decor, has made me decidedly dissatisfied with my new IKEA SOLSTA sofa and other IKEA accoutrements/stuff :(
Visiting Christie's only brought home to me again...

...that I need Maison Jansen consoles like the above and what-have-yous to really do my job here at PB right!
This bed would be a good starting point wouldn't it? One of the grand things about visiting an auction exhibition (unlike a museum) is you can jump on the bed and try it out for size!
Or these triplet chairs!
And don't cha just know they had those pink hydrangeas/hortensias at Christie's? You betcha they did!
I'm thinking I'll start the re-do of my apartment with this Marie-Antoinette dish towel (torchon)for 16 euros (ouch) The big question I'm asking myself IS did Marie-Antoinette ever do dishes? for thought


  1. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE your painting of Napolean. But why did you not choose to give Napolean is pastry namesake?

  2. This is why I need my very own FACT CHECKERS onboard here!
    May I impose upon you at 6:30 AM for a bog post review Madame L. Belette?
    S'il vous plait?

  3. These are wonderful, Carol! and you look like you're enjoying doing these, too!

  4. I am sure that there are benefits to this job. Like a title of "Official fact checker for Paris Breakfast." I am sure that as your fact checker I will have to go to Paris with you and eat all the leftover macarons. And, there is the matter of the Belette painting. Now that I have negotiated my benefits I happily accept the job.;-)

  5. joyful artist11:41 AM

    My understanding is that Marie A did have a working farm where she and her court would go and "play" farmer. Of course the cows had to be properly washed before she would milk them. I think you can visit her farm along with the tour of Versailles and surrounds. Soooo...maybe she did do dishes!

  6. Very good point Joyful.
    I was just reading about her farm in more detail...
    Who knew? :)

  7. I love waking up to your posts! It has made me more inclined to paint every day. Thank you. One question though....what kind of brush are you using for these quick sketches?

  8. melanie12:29 PM

    I must admit I love Napoleons also

  9. Hi Carol,

    I am a very new subscriber to PB and just wanted to tell you much I enjoy your work! You are indeed talented. Today is my birthday and your political humor this morning started my special day with a smile.
    You betcha it did!!

  10. emilie12:35 PM

    Quite possibly Marie-Antoinette did milk the cows.


    Incidentally, Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Rose did wash dishes in their child size fully furnished play house. I read a memoir by the Princesses' nanny who reported it..

  11. Great triplet chairs.

  12. I love napoleons, but prefer "mille-feuilles" (Thousand Leaves.)

    About those Laduree religieuses, they discontinued the rose-flavored ones a month ago. They were the best, and prettiest! Hopefully they will reconsider...

  13. Cooking the books1:10 PM

    Your watercolors are so charming! They really capture that whimsical feeling of a Parisian pâtissier! Thanks for the sweet treat (minus the calories!)

  14. Interesting CATHERINE how Parisien patisseries put a time line on their specialites - it adds that little bit of scarcity and urgency for the harried shopper.
    MUST mark calendar to go wolf down Rose-flavored religieuses before it's too late!!!

  15. Kelley5:30 PM

    I just wanted to make sure you had read the following post...
    it appears that your favorite macaron is being made into a book. ooh la la.

    All the best on your upcoming Paris trip. Say hello to Paris for me.
    abeillemere at comcast dot net

  16. Love the paintings. Your summer week long watercolor course with Dewey is coming out in lovely washes in all your paintings.
    I wandered thru the comments enjoying it all. :))

  17. oh my, all this is just too gorgeous. Napoleon looks very much himself btw ;)

  18. That bed is devine! But of course I WOULD love it with my Fantasy Beds I design and create. hahaha you can jump on and try it for size...but does anyone really? I vote for you to paint the bed like the Princess and the Pea with a macroon in between all the mattresses! I'd buy it!


  19. I'm a confirmed Crate and Barrel type myself, but that 3-part shell chair could convert me to antiques!
    And please forget about fact-checking; Fantasy is soooo much more rewarding!

  20. My wit has abandoned me, this is one fabulous post.


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