Friday, February 16, 2007


Red lips on 57th Street at Tag Heuer I'm just not ready to leave it..

Everyone else has moved on...

Tiffany's Game of Love.. What's up with me?

True I've still got a few good hearts up/on my sleeve...

And I'm still hung up on RED...

Red anything...

Even though I did receive a red envelope. Thanks Bill :)

Red roses at Takashima I guess I'm on compassionate reprieve.

I'll be over it by Monday, please believe me.


  1. No pressure to move on! Personally, I hate the sad look of the leftover hearts and chocolates after Valentine's Day...kind of like after Xmas decorations.

    I say, prolong your VDay as long as you like! So as long as you paint it ;)

  2. No rushing through the good things in life, Carol! Take your time, so we can secretely enjoy the reprieve along with you.
    I found a Vpackage at my doorstep this morning when I was rushing out the door. Took me three traffic lights to tear it open, at the last one a gentleman ogling me and my activity with a smile bigger than the ancho chile that I at one point pulled out! :-)))

  3. Ok, it's an ancho chili. The country's still there where it belongs. :-)

  4. Nothing wrong with a little ogling especially coming from a car...
    I may be reading too much chic lit...

  5. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Nothing to appologize here. It all looks good enough to eat! ;-)
    Especially that last picture with the RED heart in the box.

  6. Well ... come on, get over it!
    Ok, that's just because all the others did say the opposite :)

  7. Anonymous6:02 PM

    That was supposed to be.. nothing to appologize for here... I'm for more chocolate and Red any day... sorry if that came out wrong.

  8. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Something red
    you shouldn't dread
    when sent with love and joy
    'tis sincere, nonetheless
    from your sjerseyboy.

  9. I`m still basking in it too...lots of hearts through out my house...and will be there for the whole weekend
    Love that roses and mad about that 1 red chocolate heart

  10. Yeah - me too. I plan on basking in the pink-rosed, chocolatey-heart goodness at least through the weekend! Well... maybe longer... :-)

  11. Maybe I'm still basking too because 'm reading the cutest,funniest love story.
    I highly reccommend it!

  12. You can talk about: Red. Hearts. Valentines and chocolates. Everyday.
    I'll never grow tired of it either.

  13. Laura Florand8:02 AM

    Thank you, Carol. :) I always come over here and lurk for a taste of Paris.

    I told on you about giving away all those chocolates, by the way. All that beauty to end in such tragedy...

  14. plaisir des yeux et de la bouche!!

  15. Bask in it! There's no rush. Lord knows there are already too many people who scoff the holidays. :)


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