Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Sunday Lunch at Le Grand Colbert

Thank you PBer Kathleen and Mariah. When you get an invite to Sunday lunch at LE GRAND COLBERT you go. No hesitation.
Diane Keaton did not hesitate in SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE.
Even though I forgot to get her famous roast chicken.
I did briefly flirt with it but the duck won.
The traditional brasserie setting is to die for. Big globe lights (the warm, golden light makes it impossible to get a decent shot btw but you look good), palm plants, Empire murals, mirrors everywhere.
Chief financier JEAN-BABTISTE COLBERT for Louis XIV is the restaurant's namesake. He originally bought the former townhouse on the spot (designed by Louis le Vau) and later accused him of nepotism and put Nicolas Fouquet, owner of CHATEAU VAUX-LE-VICOMTE in jail for fraud and a number of other shenanigans. Not my favorite Frenchman. Never mind.
His bust is still a good subject to doodle whilst waiting for your canard.
These days I doodle more than I shoot. The best record you can get of any place. Why didn't I doodle the dessert trolley?
Don't miss noticing the mosaic floors, same as in nearby GALERIE VIVIENNE .
The floral arrangements are always outstanding. Post lunch you should waltz through the gardens in the Palais Royal close by.
During the week Le Grand Colbert offers a daily blackboard special for 19,50€. But never on Sundays. 
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xxx💋Carolg et Bear 🐻 back in Paris


  1. I LOVED that movie..one of tthe few I have watched more than once..:)And I love your aquarelle of it.
    What a nice outing!

    1. Thank you Monique
      I could do that every Sunday and not mind a bit.

  2. Sally V.10:13 AM

    French waiters are my fav movie additions.

  3. Bonnie10:17 AM

    Yes! We have been to GC...we were hitting the galeries...it was a cold rainy day. We entered from the Galerie Vivienne, had onion soup and yes! the chicken.
    Lucky girl, getting to go for Sunday lunch!

  4. I would also opt for the duck - loved that movie!

    1. I was not so wild about the pepper sauce. Gimme something fruity on top instead with my duck.

  5. Kathleen4:13 PM

    wow! thanks, Carol. a great memento of our lunch. i hope we can do it again soon.

  6. Sharon2:29 AM

    This is Superb Carol!������thanks for the menu selections!

    Let’s meet for Lunch @ Le Grand Colbert!

    1. YES! I'm calling now for a reservation.
      The chicken is waiting

  7. Sweet paintings, color harmonies, and as always, I like the preliminary drawings on graph paper. I did a modified re-post on La Tour Eiffel just now. Big celebrations today for la fête de 130 ans!! Rita at Sketchbook Wandering.


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