Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The Angels of Paris

 We've all probably had our 'angel' periods. Mine lasted while painting Bordeaux chateaux and their baroque/rococco decorations.
 I have a feeling Rosemary Flannery's angel period lasted longer. She moved to Paris in 1989 and became obsessed with it's art and architecture to the point she created over a period of years her newly published book, The Angels of Paris: Looking up in the World’s Most Beautiful City.
 Who knew there were macaron angels(circa 1925)? They reside at 14, rue Monge 75005, formerly the boulangerie/patisserie of Benoist et Fils from 1859 - 1940 and an Eric Kayser. The inscription refers to pastry chef Bourbonneux, reknown for his macarons, new to me.
 I'll seek out this corner angel next trip, known as the Lighthouse Angel (1860) at 57, rue de Turbigo, 75003. One gets so enthralled with the shops at street level one forgets to look up. Or at least one did in the past. That's changed now with Rosemary's terrific architectural guide, arranged by arrondissement by the way.
 Naturally I was drawn to the angels with squirrels in Rosemary's book - there are quite a few - I suppose it's a size factor. This The Knight's Angel (1833) at 4, rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, 75004. When Rosemary isn't looking upward in Paris she's leading private tours where ever you wish.
 Flammarion has a new foodie guide to Paris this year.
 Paris Bon Appetite could keep you entertained over the holidays.
 It covers mainly bistros and restaurants indepth.
 My fav foodie-Paris book is just out here.
 I've spent hours drooling over SWEET PARIS:A love affair with Parisian chocolate, pastries and desserts by British photographer Michael Paul in WH Smith on rue de Rivoli.
 I just discovered my own shot (with my old camera) of his cover tartelette fraises des bois from Maison Stohrer on rue Montorgueil. miam
 This book makes you feel like you just turned a corner and are there.
 You can almost enhale the scent of baba au rhum.
 There are recipes to boot. A winner all around for me.
This is my first '50 shades' of something or other but its wildly hysterical. You'll be lolling on every page I promise. The recipes are nothing to sniff at either.
BON APPETITE et bonne reading


  1. Drooling over those wild berry tarts..
    Looks like there's snow on them too..yum

  2. LuLu LoLo12:14 PM

    Darn, I planned to be at the book signing on Saturday and we could have met. I have my copy - it's my type of book, the kind I would love to write and research - I do love a theme.
    Thanks for posting about it

  3. I'm not over my angel kick yet - when you play a harp, you gotta play the part!

    (Yes, I once had to wear wings when I played. Not even kidding...)

  4. Laughing at Amy's comment above here. Love it, and your cherubs. Fun.

  5. Carol,
    this post made me smile and giggle, from the angel to the sm chicken!
    Merci beaucoup,

  6. That last book is HILARIOUS! I also love the cover photo - it's brilliant!

    Hope you are doing well :)



  7. I amit to still loving angels, & one of my favorite things to do when walking solo in Paris is looking up at all the angels & other "petits personnages"! You're never alone in Paris, surrounded by ancient friends! I can see why you so love Sweet Paris! This is such a good season for hunkering down with books! Merci!

    1. At last!
      Someone who looks up in Paris!!

  8. I've just discovered Paris Sweet. It is wonderful- planning to use it as a guidebook next year! The Angel book looks lovely. An angel walking tour sounds fabulous too. I'm going to look at that.

    1. Very good idea Louise!
      An angel walking tour...I bet Rosemary offers it too.

  9. I love your angels..
    BTW..watched A.Bourdain The Layover..in Paris..you win hands down for enticing me to visit Paris:-)

  10. Could it be possible to know Paris better from reading your blog than one could get to know it by visiting???

  11. Does "Sweet Paris" have a recipe for Baba au Rhum??? That is my very favorite dessert and I have been searching everywhere for a recipe.
    I will buy the book for just that one recipe

  12. LOVE the idea of the 50 shades of chicken. Probably a guaranteed success! Genius! x

  13. I like what she found when she looked up! The macarons are quite a surprise to me...
    I love the pastry book, great photos.

  14. Love the description of that Angel tour even though it's not in French...wonder how much it is?

  15. Thank you so much for reviewing my book so generously
    I was overwhelmed by your lovely comments.
    Unfortunately there is no recipe for Baba au Rhum
    I didn't include it as I think it is not one of those things that people often make at home - and it's a little ol' fashioned these days.
    Long may you have breakfast in Paris!
    Michael J Paul

  16. Carol, I have been told I have exceeded my yearly budget for books 3 times over for the year! Don't worry, I did not tell that most recommendations come from you!
    And for Donna, I use Julia Child's recipe from Mastering the Art of French Cooking, which never fails me.

  17. Thank you so much for your wonderful and original posting!
    it's so nice that you included the pic of me at Rizzoli's.
    I love the way you shot the pictures directly from the book.
    I do hope our paths will cross again, in either NY or Paris!

  18. Anonymous11:31 PM

    I miss WH Smith Bookstore! As an American student in Paris, I used to spend a lot of time in that place!

    Love your blog!


    1. Donna, you can subscribe to their newsletter onsite and it's almost like being there..
      Bon chance

  19. Interesting books ! My goal is to find really nice books in French about Paris... !!! I don't know where to find them !!!
    I really enjoy your blog madame Carol !


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