Thursday, December 07, 2017

Paris tree ornaments

The first weeks of December I like to go hunting for Paris tree ornaments.
First stop, l'Arbre de Noël shop, the 2nd floor of Bon Marché
A huge space with big trees. Naturally Bear came along.
Looking for bears as usual. This is a rather nice one but its a clip-on. You can't hang it..
Fancy glass tassels at Bon Marché
They do have a good selection of sea creatures/coquillages my favorite.
A very tempting scallop...
I could paint scallops and eat them everyday.
Then over to le creme de la creme collection of tree ornaments at Astier de villatte, 173, rue St Honoré
Clever how they use a bare bones silver tree to show off their treasures.
In one small room upstairs in this ceramic shop, Pandora's box awaits. Bears and more bears.
Lovely painted glass balls/boules de noël en verre
White objects look well on a silver tree.
Angelina has white meringue boules de neige/snow balls. Are these for eating or hanging?
My concierge kindly let me help decorate our tree on Sunday. Bear was thrilled. Have you decorated your tree? I bought only a silvery bird at Astier. It clips on instead of hanging. C'est la vie. Still I got inspired and painted up a storm of tree ornament watercolors today you can hang year-round.
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  1. Beautiful post! I am able to catch many on IG..but seeing some together like pretty.
    Glad you have the pretty tree up too..
    I think some of these framed would make beautiful original gifts..your cute shops in Paris should carry a few:)Near your home..I loved some of the shops there..

    1. Thank you Monique 💋
      The same with your watercolors!!

  2. I love this post - I collect Christmas ornaments & I have one tree that's all food & drink ornaments. I would love to get my hands on one of those Angelina ornaments as I've never seen anything like them. I do love clip-ons as they can be used to fill in spaces that other ornaments can't.

    1. Its a buche de Noel...totally edible..not for the tree Suki.
      La Boule de Noël d'Angelina conjugue les textures, du croustillant au moelleux en passant par le fondant et le mousseux, à l'image des caractères si différents qui, une fois réunis, forment une famille. Et l'ensemble présente en bouche des saveurs harmonieuses qui nous rappellent à ces valeurs.

    2. I looked it up and saw that they were edible but they would sure make adorable ornaments for my food & drink tree.

    3. You could DIY the little meringues surely

  3. Beth B12:37 PM

    Love your Paris pictures and your watercolors! Almost as much as we love Paris!

  4. Kathleen H12:55 PM


  5. Are you starting to see feves to purchase?
    Your watercolors of the ornaments you are seeing are so pretty with the variations of color. Joyeaux Noel

    1. No, its too early for feves or epiphanie cakes.

  6. Well, I would say this is about as beautiful as it gets. I can imagine my entire tree with any or all of those beautiful ornaments!

  7. Arlene D7:35 PM

    Beautiful! Thank you.

  8. Sadly, when Debbie and I were in Paris last week at les Grande Magasins, we saw a lot of pretty ornaments, but after closely looking at the tags, noticed they were made in China. It seems a bit bizarre to me to bring home ornaments made in China from France. Luckily, if one looks good enough, you can find some that are actually made in France (which we did in Galeries Lafayette, if you carefully review the tags). We also managed to pick up some beautiful handmade ones at the Alsace Christmas market at Gare de l'Est. I do wish I had seen the ones at Angelina when we stopped for the Mont-Blancs and a cafe creme! They are very pretty!


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