Saturday, February 01, 2014

Le Derniere Goutte

Have you been to Le Dernière Gout? If you're into wines you should stop by for their weekly tastings on Friday and Saturday afternoons at 6 rue de Bourbon le Chateau in the 6th eme. Metro Odeon
It's the charming yellow-red shop on the corner.
Inside is just as warm and the staff could not be more friendly speaking all languages fluently.
The owner, Juan Sanchez is from New York so there's a relaxed atmosphere.
The building dates from the 18th century. The handsome Esher flooring is from the 20s though...
A big French county pitcher is for spitting at the tasting but most forgot about it...
I went to Le Derniere Gout (the last taste) to shoot Bob's portrait in his favorite Paris wine shop. He's been coming for close to 13 years
Bob is a Burgundy man...
He was in 7th heaven. He looks for wines he can't find back in Boston.
LDG will pack up your purchases for the plane home with expert care for a mere 12.€
Regulars were meandering in and out with gusto. The wines are bio-dynamic and mostly from small independent vigneron the owner knows and has visited.
Bob wanted to be painted standing next to the sign.
Later a beret was added.
The Burgundy bottle under his arm was my idea.

If you're with a wine person who wants to linger you can always go across the street to Henri Le Roux
For some gorgeous caramels
Or my favorite chocolate in Paris, Le Roux's 'caramel au fruit de la passion'
Back in Derniere Goutte a wine connoisseur could tell I had caramels on the mind and didn't approve. Uh oh. You know you're in a New York shop when you see a vintage trash can as part of the decor, though the staff missed this important detail. If you'd like to painted in your favorite Paris shop do let me know. Bon weekend PBers!


  1. Carol, you were the highlight of our trip - the wine a close second! Your watercolor will always remind me of a very special 60th birthday gift from my wife. Many thanks!

  2. Bob..great gift!What a lovely keepsake!
    My husband would love that wine shop Carol..

  3. mon mari adore ce moi j'adore ce qu'il achète...



  4. oh! maintenant j'ai soiffe!

  5. What I'd really like is a chance to make a shop my favorite! Some day. Meanwhile, that Escher tromp l'oeuil flooring really made me wonder if the disapproving dog was going upstairs or down....finally my brain re-interpreted it as a flat floor.

  6. As I read this post and loved the picture of Bob, I looked up to see my picture that Carol did of me in the Palais Royal last fall. A picture done by Carol does end up being one of the highlights of your trip to Paris. it puts you right back there.

  7. Very cute shop. The Esher floor is great!
    Love your watercolors, too!

  8. So happy to read this post! Juan and his crew are delightful, and all too ready to help educate. Pleasantly, the folks in his restos share the same attitude. Btw, I love, love that photo "about" shipping. x Katie

  9. Rosemary FLANNERY1:12 PM

    beautiful watercolor portrait, Carol, bravo! I'm sure he must be very happy with it

  10. Oh, Carol! How i love the portrait -- not to mention that I wish I'd discovered this place when I was there before! Well, it goes on the "next time" list!

  11. Love your portrait of Bob. My husband just said he'll give me a portrait by you for my next birthday. Now I just have to get there.

    1. Wonderful Suki!
      Or you could send a photo to me too..

  12. Carolyn5:09 AM

    By the way, the picture you painted of Bob by the wine shop is my favorite portrait thus far! You made him look quite handsome and totally captured his look! I have walked by that wine shop numerous times without taking note of it, so it was fun to see inside and get the scoop. Who knew that galvanized can was for ashes?! Thought it was just a trash can. LOVE the floor! I always learn something...An Esher floor.

  13. Kathy5:26 AM

    I love following your blog and getting a daily taste of France .Just letting you know out of interest that La derniere goutte means the last drop
    Le dernier gout means the last taste.

  14. I love your latest painting of the man outside La derniere goutte, but... and I don't want to nit pick as I think you are absolutely WONDERFUL, but check out the shape of the bottle of Bourgogne, it's a bit askew.. it should be a slender rise from the neck. in marked contrast to the Bordeaux, which is a bump. The French are very particular about this difference.

    1. I tried to make it a Burgundy bottle for Bob...not the same one on the sign
      You caught it ;)

  15. Sharon1:53 PM

    La Dernier Goutte" not "Le Derniere Gout"

    1. Thanks Sharon,
      i can hardly see straight posting at Apple and not on my PC at 'home'
      No links either unfortunately

    2. La Dernière Goutte--to be completely correct, but I understand about circumstances making for diacritical problems, Carol! Oh, I think in this case, it means "The Last Drop".

  16. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Is that darling dog "Orson"? He was featured on Sunday Morning CBS a few years ago and lives at Cafe Conti - I think......that is where he resides. He is regular in that neighbourhood. I went looking for him in Aout but he was en vacances! Thanks, Miyeko

  17. Love this post and the shop, but the owner is Juan Sanchez not Alvarez. :)


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