Tuesday, January 09, 2018

La Galette du Coeur, la Galette des rois researche

Every January since moving to Paris I write about the Epiphanie galette des rois. And every January I try again to paint those golden disks.

The king cake acts as an antidote to post-Christmas blues amd lasts till the end of the month.

I started this new year's research in Boulangerie Louvard, 431 rue Miromesnil 8eme

It can't hurt to begin with a previous prize winner and a neighborhood boulangerie to boot.

The almondy  aromas wafting from Paris' boulangeries in January can drive you nuts. Louvard's 'individual' galette was delightfully light, crunchy with perfect pâte d'almonde inside.

The high end couture patisseries play a different game of innovation and outlandishness. Still who doesn't love Jean-Paul Hevin's Eiffel tower couronne.

Sadaharu Aoki offers matcha and black sesame galettes.

Maison de la Truffe in Galeries Lafayette Gourmand has their galette infusing with a huge truffle under glass. Lift the dome and inhale.

Saturday morning starting at 9 am the annual La Galette du Coeur at Place Saint-Germain-des-Pres offers their top chef galettes for charity. I picked one up to take to Jane's Sunday Lunch.

Small bites for everyone

Plus galettes this year with foie gras as well as the usual almond frangipane.

Saturday night rue Montorgueil was full of galette hunters.

Maison Stohrer was mobbed

Every boulangerie had lines. "Let them eat cake"

This little tike will be tasting his first galette perhaps.

I love looking for the silly favors or feves hidden inside the galette. I found these chicken + egg in a boulangerie nearby. You can buy them individually for a mere 5€.

Louvard had tiny blackboards (ardoises). Not for sale.

At Jane's on Sunday we had two kings cakes. I met Jane on the train to Clermont-Ferrand.

She has quite a collection of feves. She is a 'fabophile'!

The white figures are antiques.

Coming home from Jane's I passed a gallery near rue Saint Paul with what looked like dancing feves on display. A perfect ending to an Epiphanie celebration. I hope you get to taste a galette des rois PBers. Thanks for reading Paris breakfast. If you like this newsletter, forward to a friend. Gift yourself and others Paris letters, maps and watercolors in your mailbox. Cheers.


Allie said...

Love the Epiphany blog, which is a reminder for me to take my Xmas tree and holiday decorations down.

Rachel said...

Galette des rois? Haven't even finished the Christmas cake yet!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Epiphanie comes around every January 6th.
The traditional date for the feast is January 6. However, since 1970, the celebration is held in some countries on the Sunday after January 1. Eastern Churches following the Julian calendar observe the feast on what for most countries is January 19[9] because of the 13-day difference today between that calendar and the generally used Gregorian calendar.[10] In many Western Christian Churches, the eve of the feast is celebrated as Twelfth Night.[11][12] The Monday after Epiphany is known as Plough Monday.[13]

Popular Epiphany customs include Epiphany singing, chalking the door, having one's house blessed, consuming Three Kings Cake, winter swimming, as well as attending church services.[14] It is customary for Christians in many localities to remove their Christmas decorations on Epiphany Eve (Twelfth Night),[15] although those in other Christian countries historically remove them on Candlemas, the conclusion of Epiphanytide.[16][17] According to the first tradition, those who fail to remember to remove their Christmas decorations on Epiphany Eve must leave them untouched until Candlemas, the second opportunity to remove them; failure to observe this custom is considered inauspicious.

Lynn S said...

Mouth watering....delightful and informative. Perfect final shot.

LuLu said...

Fabulous as always! Happy New Year from a very cold NYC! LL

Jill butler said...

Abundantly spectacular!!! Chapeau!
and Happy New Year.

Joyfulartist said...

Looks almost worth coming to Paris for, even though it is January! Brrr. Perhaps I can find a French Bakery here is SW Florida. Happy New Year.

Kirrabelle said...

Yum!!! I love the feve collection and Eiffel Tower Crown.

suki said...

Marvelous, I love Jane's feve collection - they remind me of Santons & one looks like Monseur Mistral. I never take myChristmas trees down until after Twelth Night but it takes me at least a week so I guess I must wait until Candlemas; was unaware of this tradition.