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Monday, April 22, 2013


Dimanche 21 Avril Hier/Yesterday
Yesterday the weather was glorious in Paris in the 70's. All the cafes were packed.
Yesterday everyone was out wearing their KEDS and stripes.
Yesterday Bear and I went to see the new just-opened hot, hot Ron Mueck exhibit at Fondation Cartier. We thought we got there early (45 minutes after opening). Ha! We waited 45 minutes but watching the constant Parisian fashion show of others getting online time flies.
Inside the Ron Mueck over-sized sculptures were strangely moving and thought provoking.
Definitely a Don't-Miss experience.
We went upstairs to browse the great art books at the Fondation and got inspired by Issey Miyake's Pleats Please to go looking for pink desserts!
Off to Saint-Sulpice pastryland.
Does anyone do frais better than Gerard Mulot?
More Mulot fraise/strawbs...
Yesterday we wandered further down rue de Seine to see again Arnaud Larher's macaron tower of power all pink and yellow.
Over to rue Bonaparte to drool again at Pierre Herme's Celeste collection.
Celeste, je t'aime!
All we got was just one Celeste macaron...
Yesterday Bear browsed bears on rue de Seine...
We both admired the brand new dandelions...
Yesterday we went home dog-tired.