Friday, November 09, 2018

Furoshiki Paris, Hotel de Ville

Paris has these extraordinary magical exhibitions that can last just 4 days or 1 weeks like the DIOR JEWELS. If you don't drop everything and run you will miss out the FUROSHIKI PARIS expos at HOTEL DE VILLE lasted a mere 4 days this week.
I'm so glad I didn't miss it (many thanks to @caroline.mignot showing it in her STORIES on Instagram)
Why you need to get on instagram PBers!
Inside the big tent a veritable wonderland of wrapped packages and gifts. Fukoshiki is the art of wrapping (just in time for Noël which we're already gearing up for, since there is no Thanksgiving to get in the way).
A brief animated video explained the Japanese tradition of wrapping, whether a gift or a dozen eggs or something enormous like CRISTO wrapping the Pont Neuf!
Both Japanese and French artists participated. AGNES B. Wrapped a package with postal stamps patterns. YUM
Artist YAYOI KUSAMA using her wonderful famous dots.

Wrapping a laptop.

The staff matched the wall pattern. The exhibit was designed by TSUYOSHI TANE.
In the back an atelier where you could try your hand at wrapping with assitents and videos.
I didn't know I already loved Fukushiko. It shows up all the time in surimono woodblock still life prints.
I kept thinking Coco would love this exhibit with her indigo wrapped bandanas and turbins. I didn't know yet. At a brunch Coco set out this coaster of a petit rat painting at my place setting.
So Coco. So Japanese...


  1. Wonderful! The entire space is like being inside a package.
    I love fukushiko--I often use it to wrap a gift bottle of wine in a fancy tea towel or a scarf--two presents in one.
    Did you see the Notre Dame light show?

    1. They had demos showing how to wrap a wine bottle! Amazing
      Is the ND light show on again? I missed it last year
      I will check
      THANKS !xxx

    2. I'm too was last month. Its near impossible to keep up with all the things going on in Paris! NYC was never like this. I could be running everyday in Paris :((
      The fantastic and monument light and sound show, "Dame de Coeur" [Ladylove] is back from October 18 to 25, 2018. For the record, this spectacular show in front of Notre-Dame has been created by stage director Bruno Seillier.

      "Last year, the show was sold-out. Three weeks before the first screening, all tickets were booked. And for all those who couldn't come, we're back with the show. And for a longer period" he says in Le Parisien newspaper.
      8 nights, 16 sessions, here's to please everyone or almost. We hoped this super show could come back, it's now official and the booking service is open. We advise you to book your tickets as soon as possible for this remarkable show with a prior registration.

      En savoir plus sur

  2. I look forward to your every posts as your photos are beautiful, you have a great eye, and your posts are always informative. And, I, too, love Paris!!
    Thank you!

  3. You are bringing tears to my eyes.That's when we have really cared for someone when we imagine them:) Love the little dish for you.Ce fut parfait.
    The expo..looks like seeing it on your stories.
    What a sweet face your Coco.

  4. I think this one would boggle my mind -- in a good way. Oh, missing Coco, so hard. Yes, I know that feeling of wishing your friend were there. I love it all.

  5. Hi Carol.... I am coming to Paris tomorrow morning (from London) spending two days before I go off with the London Royal Academy of Arts.... is this exhibit still on this weekend??? And do you have any other suggestions for Sunday in particular (I have a friend exhibiting at the Palais in the Photography exhibit... so going there.. as well as the art fair at the Carrousel du Louvre... but would love to hear what you think I should see or do.

    1. It finished on Wednesday sadly but I love the MIF/MADE IN FRANCE fair at Porte de Versailles (ligne 12). Its on sat,sunday, monday and really fun. Lots of tasting of regional products of France and not just food.
      I'll add a link. I wrote about it several Xs on PB.

  6. What a beautiful exhibit. I would love seeing this in person. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. Kathryn12:14 PM

    Ahhh. So delightful! Only in Paris would you see such a thing! Love Coco's little rat. xo

  8. The tent itself is a wonderful show - would love to walk through it. Love Coco's sense of humor & it shows in your pictures of her.

  9. Beautiful post, Carol. Coco's turban fit perfectly, and I wish you could have been there together.

  10. JoAnn8:39 AM

    Fantastic post! Merci!

  11. What a wonderful post. Oh to be young again!

  12. This exhibition looks great. I love Japan but have never mastered the wrapping technique, should give it a go next time I have a gift to wrap. Thanks for sharing!


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