Sunday, October 14, 2018

Le Marché des pays l'Aveyron

This past weekend was the big annual vendanges/wine fete de Montmartre and lesser known, smaller annual Marché des Pays de l'Aveyron in Bercy, 75012.
The 3-day MARCHÉ takes up few streets, yet is chock-a-block with delicious regional food specialties. FYI l'Aveyron is in the Massiv Central department. I've yet to visit.
Masses of hand baked goods made with regional walnuts or prunes. Buns were covered with bees.
Tempting prune pockets were very popular.
Eau de vie from local fruits; pear, quince, plums. A small sample was way to strong for me cough, cough...
So many producteurs of Roquefort.
They all offered a variety so you tasted at least 3 vatieties per cheese maker.
This Roquefort cake mix looked interesting.
Beautiful knitted goods from (Correction!) FERME DE MALEFIGUE - Mohair from chevres/Angora goats.
Loads of duck products. Aubrac beef and charcuterie is also famous from this region.
Their Gateau a la broche is turned on a rotisserie
Its big in Paris Christmas markets because of its pine tree shape. The flavor is pleasent. Its more about the texture, form and regional tradition.
L'Aveyron Aligot is always served with saucisse. Made from mashed potatoes, Tome cheese and garlic.
I managed to grab a mini taste from sellers of the boxed variety. I'm sure the freshly made is far more flavorful.And much more sticky and stretchy.
There were long, long lines for these patties made with onion and blette (a kind of Kale).
I had small tastes of just about everything (who could resist) but I only bought a large pack of shelled walnuts, only to find walnuts in the shell around the corner. I am very well-supplied with nuts shelled and unshelled for the Winter and they go well with Roquefort. The l'Aveyron marché is a wonderfully rustic annual country festival you shouldn't miss if you're in Paris in October.
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Bonne semaine prochain


Bonnie said...

OMG! Hope you stocked up on all those goodies!
Looks wonderful, wish we were there

La Table De Nana said...

Are the girls Arlésiennes? I was so happy one Sunday we had lunch in Maussane..and an Arlésienne came for lunch all dressed up..we had seen many at their Mistral Fair last yr..en groupes..ehere and there..this yr that ONE was so interesting to look at from the top of her head to the tip of her toes.C'est beau!!

sukicart said...

I was very excited to try Aligot at Ambassade d"Auvergne once but was really disappointed as I found it very bland. I expected more cheese taste.

Kirrabelle said...

This all looks delicious! And I love the colourful gloves made by the sheep that also provide milk for 5e cheese. Very restrained only buying walnuts but I guess you got to taste everything so don’t really need to have it all at home too.

Owl's Head said...

Carol, this sure makes me hungry for gooood cheese. Imagine those sheep putting out cheese and wool and NOT getting paid. That should be worth a penthouse apartment at least.

Parisbreakfasts said...

I was restrained Kirra, though Very tempted by the hunks of Rocquefort. I bought some when I visited 3years ago. The

Parisbreakfasts said...

The Aligot looked fabulous and the mini taste from the powdered stuff I had can't compare I bet. Next year I WILL get some. I wish I could eat saucisse... the gents stirring up the huge pots of it with big paddles made it look magical.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Similar costumes I guess. No Provençal at this fete!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Honestly Paris is a daily landmine of constant temptation.
One builds up resistance. Though I didnt practice in Maine at all!

Winewalker said...

Everything looks yummy!

Parisbreakfasts said...

I was Wrong!
Correction noted:
The Mohair is from the chevres/goats of FERME DE MALEFIGUE !

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