Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Aquarium Tropicale Porte Doree

Most visitors coming to Paris don't think of visiting the Aquarium Tropicale Porte Doree
I went last night for the opening of Art, Mode, Design on till June 12
The Art Deco building alone is worth a visit - 293 Avenue Daumesnil 75012 Metro Porte Doree
Fishy dancing
Beautiful fishy underwater dancing photos by Zena Holloway
Fishy fashions seen through a fish tank
On to the real fish

Such a romantic place, the aquarium for strolling

Dots too.
Red piraña fish from Brazil..amazingly still, waiting for dinner?
I took a mini video. It didn't upload. Just 8 seconds of serenity now.
Aquarium Tropicale Porte Doree is a good place to calm down 
You'll be inspired to get back in the tank, splish, splash


  1. Melinda4:18 AM

    My favorite bath song, Splish Splash!
    lovely underwater post today

  2. Looks like fun! I will check it out in April. It's very convenient for me since l'Hotel de la Porte Dorée, where I always stay, is at 273, ave Daumesnil! Thanks for the heads-up!

    1. Perfect! And you are a hop and skip away from patisserie Vandermeersh at 278 Daumesnil!

  3. Milles merci pour etre venue et pour cette belle parutions

  4. I have been to one in Fl w/ my Littles..twice ..it is fun!
    Thanks for taking us to yours:)

  5. Allie8:40 AM

    Great pics. Watercolor captures the feel.

  6. Something quite fishy about yer recent post,
    but I LOVED it! Great colors, and as always, wonderfully creative photos.
    Love that little wc at the top.

  7. Kathleen H11:05 AM

    WAY COOL - love the front of the building, too.

  8. Those fishy photos are quite fabulous! Sounds like a fun event -- you must have loved every second!

  9. If I were a fishy dancer I'd be afraid of getting tangled up in all that fluff :-)

  10. Great watercolor and exquisite Underwater photos, Carol.

  11. Isn't that funny you went to the other one? My girls wanted an aquarium and we did Trocadero last week which was excellent - this one looks interesting!

  12. more details here: http://www.ied.edu/profession/mirror-acquacciaio-breath-la-mer-a-paris

  13. Well, who'd a-thunk it? An aquarium in Paris. And yes, the building does look awesome -- I love Art Deco so I would make the trip just to get a gander at it.

  14. What a gorgeous building! Lovely to combine art and sea life. Your water color is perfect!


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