Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Salon Coqs d'Or, Marie Claire Idees SalonCreations et Savoir-Faire

Everyone asks me are the Parisians going out?
YES, very much so. Of course there is an undercurrent of sadness and loss, but Parisians are carrying on with their lives best they can with their usual joie de vive.

PR Florence invited me to meetup at Salon Coqs d'Or on Saturday. I went 2 years ago. It's la creme de la creme of French regional purveyors. Here Florence and her maman are in a deep discussion with the pain d'epice guy. It was surprising to see throngs of people only one hour after opening time.

I could not resist Bellanger's extra long dark chocolate-enrobed orangettes. In fact there are 2 pieces of candied orange peel inside the long pencil sticks - his special secret. I'm sad to report though I planned on eating one stick a day the are all gone.

Florence was not familiar with Dijon chocolatier Fabrice Gillotte (no relative).

Jean-Luc Poujauran, famous bread maker to the top restaurants only shows up at the Coqs d'or Salon. Get it while you can.

Jam, confiteur and more jam. By the way you could taste at almost every table including Champagne and Bordeaux wines. To show proper appreciation when tasting, get a far-away, dreamy look in your eyes and shake one hand madly like it was wet. That's the French way.

I loved this subtle chart of apple juices. Who knew?

The chicken guys with superb produce. I assumed Florence and her mother were doing advance shopping for Noel. Not at all. 
"Too early to think about Christmas", Florence said.

You could buy a plate of Burgundian escargot (6,50€) Then have them heated up in the restaurant area of The Marriott and no extra charge! Wow

Parisians were ordering plates of fromage, charcuterie, plus Poujauran's bread and eating at stand up tables in the main salon. Fun non?

Yours truly could not pass up an ice cream cone from Paries. I returned to the salon on Sunday to stock up on Spanish anchovies. I remember reading somewhere Jackie Kennedy would stock up on 5-6 skirts of the same design. Well I've got 10 cans of anchovies in my kitchen cabinet with the possibility of ordering a full case if so inclined. Pure Heaven.

On Sunday I ran over to the annual 3-day Marie Claire Idees Salon.

500 stands and ateliers and DYI workshops. The joint was jumping.

I did not know you could take ugly old gourds

And make them into stunning light fixtures?

Or grow your own mushrooms? I thought the girl at the stand might be eating her own home-grown mushrooms for lunch but she was not.

What about make your own lampshade kits. Looks so easy. And wouldn't the Paris Maps make fun lamp shades?

Fab French ribbons I'd been looking for all week were at the Marie Claire salon.

Plus Marie Claire had a big stand with adorable DIY Xmas displays.

Of course I bought their cabas (shopping bag) with the latest issue inside. Then I saw another cuter cabas (top) and it was FREE! Why you don't need a $$$$ Chloe bag in Paris. Just shell out a fiver or get a free one and you're set.
Meanwhile Bear is taking breaks from Product fulfillment to hog the holiday Marie Claire issue (Thank you PBers for ordering the new gift 6-pack of Paris Maps!).
Did you know you can subscribe on Amazon and get MCI delivered to your door?
Bear is dreaming of sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie...
Me too.


  1. So wonderful to see that life goes on....the worst thing these terrorists do is steal our sense of well-being. And if Florence were an American, she would feel that, with the advent of Thanksgiving, we are suddenly behind in our Christmas shopping! I am thankful that we have a holiday to let us know when to get serious about Christmas :-)

    1. Please take pictures of your Hound of Baskerville wolfing down a turkey leg! How I wish I could watch The Simpsons Special...

  2. Carol, thank you for showing us that Parisian folks are celebrating life! So many wonderful places to visit, filled with treats for the senses. You are a wonderful key to beautiful Paris...with Bear available for more guidance.

    Marie Claire Idees seems like a very good match for your talents. I do hope to see you...and an issue, perhaps in the new year?

    I return your wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving. I had a walk in Central Park today, and under the bright blue sky, the colors of the tree leaves surrounding the Sheep Meadow were gorgeous. Lots of the usual police barricade fences were being put in place for tomorrow morning's parade.

    Let's celebrate the joys of living in wonderful cities! xo

  3. "Tomorrow morning's Macy's parade"
    will you be going Frances?
    You make me a little homesick for a Central Park hotdog.
    Nothing like it here...

  4. I love your drawings of Jean-Luc... splendid! Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. And Happy Thanksgiving to you, Carol. Paris is on our minds so much these days. Any heartening news of Parisians feels good to us. Enjoy!

  6. Terrific post Carol, I soaked up every word and was enchanted by every photo. You are the connection from Aus to Paris for me and I thank you for it truly.
    Stay happy, safe and well, till next :)

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Bear, dear Carol
    So glad to see people going out and about - and enjoying wonderful food and looking stylish about it too.
    Think of you often.

    1. I had a steak and salad and one roasted shallot formy Thanksgiving lunch at Les Fous de l'Ile today. Yum

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Carol

  9. Sally V10:19 AM

    Love those lampshades!

    With gratitude, Sally

  10. I cherish the shopping bags I picked up at the grocery store in Paris. Could you show us some that you could sell to us? The designs are so wonderful.. I use them when I go grocery shopping and many times tell of my trip to Paris ... Reminiscing is so fun!

    1. Jamais, nunca nada, non non non.
      I am not in the shopping bag businss yet Janice!!!!

  11. I am going to eat myself into oblivion today .

    1. U just made me get up and eat soooo much roquefort cheese on crackers with honey......

  12. How are you, Carol? I had to laugh when I saw your comment about anchovies.
    I adore them also.
    Small world.!

  13. OMG. Paris maps lampshades is a brilliant idea whose time has come. I would LOVE one!

    I give thanks today that you are out and about, still reporting on your fabulous Vie Parisienne for the benefit of all of us Carol Gillott wannabes.

    1. Why didn't I buy a lampshade kit???!!!

  14. Anonymous2:43 PM

    There are many times I wish you had a vlog as well as a blog. Would love for you to have a wearable video camera to capture so many of the things you talk about and photograph in your blog. That French gesture of appreciation you mentioned above comes to mind...

    1. Just shake your hand like its wet.
      easy peasy

  15. I am engrossed in a book you mentioned, Rue des Martyrs. It is so well written,researched, and interesting. I have followed up several times when you mention a book, i.e.
    Teatime, etc., and truly appreciate your recommendations

    1. Did you read her chapter ont the knife sharpeners yet?

      My face hurt from smiling.

      Elaine is special. Her heart is in it.
      the Genuine article.

  16. I'm so delighted to see that Paris is still..Paris. The smiles are beautiful and the food looks fabulous!

    Thanks so much for this...

  17. I'm glad that Paris is alive and well, and scarred but they don't appear to be too scared.......
    I love your sketches in this post - like with "the bread guy" and the great photo of "the chicken guys."
    Wishing everyone the best there!

  18. I cannot believe I missed this post..I could be a giving them too..
    I remember painting on a vintag e silk lampshade and donating it to an auction..I miss it!
    Fun post..

  19. I have one of those gourd lamps that I bought last year in Nice at a Christmas market. The shadows it cast are so wonderful.


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