Friday, May 08, 2015

Breakfast at Kaviari

I read in Vogue Audrey Hepburn was not so keen on the Danish pastry she had to eat in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
I am absolutely sure she would have LOVED the breakfast I had on Tuesday at Atelier KAVIARI. WOW!

But to take you back 2 weeks ago a group of us were invited to a special press luncheon at Restaurant Louis 23, rue des Victoires 75009  A divine small restaurant not to be missed. They have a lunch formule for 32 euros.
We got to  meet chef Stephane Pitre formerly of the London Ritz.

Every course was created to emphasize and enhance the caviar.

No caviar for dessert though at this point I wouldn't have minded caviar ice cream. I'm obsessed. FYI: dessert was 'Texture Citron Meringue'. Perfect after all the caviar.

Naturally we all shot our food.

We were there to celebrate La Caviar Box by Kaviari - a subscription service. You can receive monthly boxes of caviar for 49 euros.

With a top Paris chef recipe, art objet and of course caviar. It's a brilliant idea. I love the chic freezer bag - I'm going to add a long strap and make it into a purse.

Tuesday a group of us got to go to Kaviari's factory/atelier in Paris in the 4th arrondissement.
What a feast!!

We got to meet Bruno, Top Cat at Kaviari. He's been in the caviar business for 28 years. There is nothing he does not know about caviar.

First we saw how salmon

Is processed and trimmed and trimmed until there is just the Coeur de salmon left - the absolutely best part of very fine salmon.

Then...Ta Da.
We had a blind tasting(many times over) of 4 different grades and kinds of caviar with champagne as a chaser.
My birthday celebration came a week early.

Yes those are kilo cans of caviar. Caviar Baeri Royal, Kristal, Esturgeon Blanc, Oscietre Prestige. Bruno is carefully turning over the tops so we don't taste the part touching the top of the metal tin lid. The best caviar lies within the middle. The part chefs desire the most. Who knew?

I did not know you taste caviar on your hand at room temperature. Skin has no flavors like a metal spoon to influence the taste.

The 3 smoked salmons we tasted were from Norway, Denmark Feroe Islands and Scotland.

I did not know how utterly divine caviar tastes in combination with smoke salmon (of the finest quality). Ahhh...I was floating on air the rest of the day and this week ever since my breakfast at Kaviari.

I stopped in La Grand Epicerie to gaze at Kaviari tins later on. You should too. And try it! You'll Love it I promise.
Kaviari gave us lovely shopping bags as a little gift.
I'll be wearing mine at all times.
I am definitely a committed Caviar Maniac!!


Nancy said...

This is the type of breakfast I could get used to!

La Table De Nana said...

You get to do such fun things:) Pretty girl in the black focused:)


Patricia said...

I'm sure Audrey would agree with you about that fabulous breakfast. And I hope you feature your new"purse" in a photo after you add a long strap. Love that idea.

Frances said...

Carol, it's been a while since I have tasted caviar of any quality, and so you've done me a great service with all this helpful information. It must have been so much fun to have that delicious meal, and be able to spend time with Professor Bruno.

Wonderful reporting! xo

Bonnie L said...

What a fabulous experience, Carol! I'm adding Kaviari to my Grand Epicerie list. A split of champagne, smoked salmon, and 30 g of Kaviari would make a great light "supper".

Happy Birthday wishes; a week early!

Nikon said...

The salmon looks great, but I'm a little gun-shy of the caviar (since I've never had any!).
I love your photo of everybody taking cell phone shots of their food :)
Happy Birthday!

Candi said...

Envy is not a word I think of often, but Oh Boy! After reading this it works for me! There are times I think I almost hurt wanting to return to Paris. I look so forward to reading your new posts. I'm saving this to remind where to go when I do get to return.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Sometimes I envy me too Candi!
Never happened back in New York that's for sure.

Parisbreakfasts said...

I've been fortunate to taste caviar quite a while back. Very subtle flavors of the sea. Nothing fishy about it.
Basically divine.

Parisbreakfasts said...

That sounds Perfect Bonnie.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Professor Bruno was terrific!
I need more leรงons...

Chef Ann said...

How fantastic Carol!

Leslie H said...

loved the artistry of the food combinations and descriptions of the outings. Whether I like caviar or not, I too would be flaunting the tote...way cool! I love the way you tell a story with creative photo selections and text. Merci beaucoup.

Charlotte Puckett said...

You are so cool!!! Love the pics!

Bugs said...

How utterly scrumptious !
Thank you for the divine breakfast.

crazy4paris said...

Happy Birthday! Cheers to the most fabulous celebration!

Karen Wheeler said...

Happy birthday Carol. This restaurant looks absolutely amazing – so want to go there next time I'm in Paris.
Caviar and champagne is my absolute favourite combinaton.
xxxx (Biff sends bisous to Bear)