Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Paris Spring Fever

It hits you hard. You want to snooze but Solli said, Come to the Rodin garden.
The bunnies were bouncing around undaunted.
There are still chocolate Easter bunnies in many windows btw. These at Jacques Genin, rue du bac.
The cavalry come out in full regalia for Spring in Paris - la Garde Republicaine holding up traffic on my street.
Stripes are out in Spring green.
Les marinieres shirt tails are hanging out.
And les trenches.
Get out your denim jacket please. It's Spring.
Some people are going a little overboard with the warm weather maybe?
Almost no shoes.
Striped shoes that cost a fortune in Bon Marche windows.
Red shoes work it.
There's a cheesy scarf store in Metro Chaussee d'Antin. Last month they had terrific graphic black and white Audrey Hepburn scarves. Yesterday fun fashion illustration scarves....almost bought it.
 Les fraisiers are out big time.
Les radis are out all year long in Paris but especially vibrant in Spring.
The first pivoine/peonies.
A lovely fleurist

In the Marais, Vertige.

Yesterday Jill Colonna of Teatime in Paris gave me a lesson making choux. (More to come on that). After baking Jill took me to Parc Corbiere, le Pecq. You pick tulips and make a donation to cancer research.

They trim and wrap them up for you. I've been painting tulips all day instead of going outside  for more Spring Fever.
If you want a tulip watercolor you can renew or buy a new subscription to Paris Sketch Letters.
Are you having Spring Fever too?


  1. I love, love your tulip watercolours, Carol!. That was a fun afternoon at the tulip field, although I didn't realise - I thought it would be a "shoe" lesson, lol. Great idea to go to the Rodin gardens instead of a nap. No rest for ParisBreakfast and bear...

  2. Superb!
    The poenies..lilacs ,hydranegeas..and your tulis..
    I quite like those scraves from the cheesy store.I am sure I am part cheesy truth be told.
    Looks so jean jackets are ready but it's still hovering at 40F..and rain rain go away.

  3. Lovely tulip paintings

  4. Spring fashion is lovely to see where ever you are. I'm wearing my mariniere under my denim jacket, but my my denim, is a style to suit my age :) Love your tulip paintings, I remember you saying you don't do flower paintings ! these are lovely.

  5. Carol, thank you for the Parisian street style reporting. I'm glad to report that I do have some striped tops in play over here, and a cropped jean jacket. If the weather will warm up just a tad, to go with the sun, I'll be able to pack my Doc Martens away and slip into my old espadrilles, sandals and new Tom's.

    Our greenmarkets have not got to the beautiful radish stage yet. Soon.

    Thank you also for the photographs of the Rodin garden, a place I remember visiting long ago. No cute bunnies around on my visit, though.


  6. Barbara11:47 AM

    Joli ,joli.

  7. Such a pretty post.

  8. Great people shots! I'm glad that denim jackets are still in, but a bit hard to believe that trenches are still in favor.
    I like the radishes, too & the flower shops.
    Wish I was there :)

    1. Trench hems go up and down and change colors.
      It will never go away...a standby in the Fr wardrobe.

  9. Hello, Carol. Your Amsterdam posts were fun & inspired me to do an Amsterdam post just recently. Love this little tour of Paris in its full spring colors! I can see how inspired you are, it seems, ALL the time in this Paris home of yours. Love those red shoes (yours?) and the toenails of the young woman with the almost no shoes. Do you know the scarf shops called Divali?

    1. Divali has Too many choices. I get completely confused and can not choose a thing but others do very well there!

  10. Very pretty post and beautiful tulip paintings. Oh the peony buds ... I do love love love peonies!

  11. Carolyn1:23 AM

    Lovely spring inspired post. I keep checking the farmers markets awaiting the peonies. They may be my all time favorite! I can count on more showing up on your blog. A little tricky to paint??

    1. Nope. Many peony posts
      Check October 2006

  12. I love peonies and will be there in time to see some. Yea.

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