Thursday, April 02, 2015

La Poule o l'Oeuf?

Are you a chicken or egg person?
Another sneak preview of April's Paris Sketch letter, this time the almighty French hen (poule).

It's not easy to say whether the fish, the chicken, the bell, the egg or the Anglo newcomer, the bunny, holds supreme reign over Paris during Paques (Easter).

La Mere de Famille Paris' oldest confectionary has every possibility covered.

A very nice chocolate Teddy has been added to their 2015 collection.

Sadaharu Aoki marches to a different drummer, so the classic French hen has a Matcha green chocolate tail and is tied up with a black and white polka-dot ribbon. Tres chic and unique.

Back at La Mere de Famille a huge rooster crows for Easter.

Mad decorations are not just for Parisian haute couture chocolatiers. This scruffy chicken adorns a humble boulangerie vitrine surrounded by abundant spring flowers and faux grass in the elite 7th arron.

Monoprix has a nice collection of chicken/bunny egg cups for the occasion under 5 euros.

Neither fish nor fowl, from a past Easter collection of Jean-Paul Hevin - a witty unforgettable image.

Gerard Mulot has big eggs of Valrhona Dulcy chocolate - a blond caramel-tasting version.

Nestled lattice milk chocolate eggs at Jean-Paul Hevin.
Did you know milk chocolate is much harder to create? To get the balance right takes a deft hand. I've come to prefer it over dark.

Do this eggs look a tad forlorn waiting in the window to be taken home?

They are not chocolate at all, but cheese (petits oeufs de Mimolette extra vieille et Tomme de Brebis) from excellent affineur fromager Griffon. And tied up with traditional bows made of straw not silk. 
23 bis avenue de la Motte Picquet.

The egg hunts have begun. Each Paris arrondissement has their own authorized egg hunt (chasse aux oeufs), usually held in a public park but you must reserve. 'Les enfants doivent etre accompagnes pendant toute la duree de l'evenment'
What about adults who'd like to hunt some eggs? Must they bring a kiddie?

FYI* An important egg fact. Did you know almost all French 'filled' eggs have Praliné inside - A mix of finely ground almonds, and or hazelnuts plus sugar, cocoa butter. Do not expect strawberry or maple fillings!

Another eggy fact I discovered yesterday - Belgian chocolatier Leonidas fill their eggs with smaller eggs.
No seafood-shaped fritures. Perhaps France is the only country to put chocolate fish inside? If you know more do tell.

I passed this drawing in a gallery window today by artist Jean-Jacques Loup of traditional French bells delivering Easter eggs.
If you  haven't heard David Sedaris' version of
“The rabbit of Easter. He bring of the chocolate.”
Do give a listen.
Thank you dear anonymous PBer of Hobart, WA who kindly sent me a Spork! She must have seen my comment of never leaving home without a spoon. Now I'm set for all occasions.
BIG MERCI et Joyeues Paques PBers!!


  1. Thanks for the link to David Sedaris. Now that pictures makes sense? This just made me laugh!

  2. Exquisite post. Yum.

  3. What a cool tool!
    Love your poules Carol..I listened to the Easter teacher story for 7 minutes until my son-in-law and grandson arrived..
    Could have been children;)

  4. Roseanne12:50 PM

    Here’s one for you, Carol-

    Here's a life-sized chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch - 'Chocobatch' - just in time for Easter! - Zap2it | News & Features

  5. Cheese Easter eggs!
    Not for some kiddie I hope.
    Do they roll?

  6. Love, love , love David Seders! Have you ever passed him leching les vitrines?

  7. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Hello, I am the one who sent you the spork. I tried emailing you but am not sure if you received my message. I hope you enjoy! xoxo

    1. Dear anonymouse!
      I did not get yr email ;((
      The Spork is terrific! Thank you !!!

    2. Anonymous3:21 AM

      I will try to send you another email :)

  8. Carol, you have now got me completely in a late Lenten chocolate trance.

    The choc Teddy is so charming. Wonder what dear Bear makes of that design.

    The Monoprix egg cups are so witty. If I were there, I would surely be acquiring one for my egg cup collection.

    David Sedaris is a joy, even if he left France for the UK.

    Moving on, that spork is the same as the Barilla pasta event's souvenir that I cherish. A gem.

    I wish you a very Happy Easter, and send you many Merci's for all the joy that you send us from Paris. Truly, Carol, I do need to get over there. I filed my taxes today, so am still in a bit of financial shock. On the other hand, NYC is warming just a bit. On the other hand, we have nothing here that measures up to what you show us from beautiful Paris.


  9. Monique9:03 AM

    me too milk chocolate.x

  10. Carol, I've been in France during Easter time, and the chocolate shops are one of my fondest memories. From the fish for April 1st to the fabulous Easter offerings, I can't think of a more delightful time in the Chocolate shops. I'm eager for my April letter to arrive. ;-)
    Joyeuses Pâques ~ Sarah

    1. Me too Sarah,
      My favorite time to visit before I moved here.
      Still a fav.

  11. Robyn9:21 AM

    As cute as the spork is there is a preferred utensil in popular use in Australia - the Splayd!
    Kind regards and huge thanks for all the Paris temptations and treats.

  12. Love your beautiful photos today! Merci for the David Sedaris link....I laughed so hard! Joyeux Paques!

  13. Oh, so much chocolate! Yum!! I prefer milk chocolate, too. When I read about theEaster egg hunts, all I could think of was Bear running around looking for eggs - accompanied by you, of course!

    Hapy Easter!

  14. Great question
    ~ I'd have to say definitely egg.

  15. Ahhh Carol; all that luscious color and delectable and no doubt deeeeeliscious candy.
    I'll surely have moments picturing these delicacies at tonight's Passover festivities.

  16. dang, i wrote to thank you as well for the David Sedaris link and the interwebs lost my comment!! Oh well -- thank you!

  17. Lots of great photos, Carol, The store window & interior shots have great lighting; looks like you had studio lighting it's so good!
    I love the crowing rooster in, La Mere de Famille...great shot, and the drawing by Jean-Jacques Loup - very cute :)
    The Spork looks very practical!

  18. Lynne9:03 PM

    I am looking out the window of the two eggs, and those streets are so clean! Those apt. Bldgs.,are wonderful..
    enjoy all the candy on Easter!!

    1. Do not mention those 2 words to me.
      I am done with E.C.!!!!Bear does not feel the same way..

  19. Cheryl9:12 PM

    Oh la, la, what a visual feast!!

  20. Ha! Glad you also saw these cheese eggs from Griffon - it's one of my favourite fromageries and they really have the most incredible ideas. Have a wonderful Easter, Carol and enjoy from all the choice of chocolate!

  21. Happy Parisienne Easter, dear Carol!
    Think of you often


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