Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rouge Tomate

I often passed by restaurant Rouge Tomate on East 60th street in New York planning to stop in sometime.

In Paris the color rouge tomate knocks me over everyday.

Justine Red carries bags and accessories matching perfectly with a mignon red V-W.

Your tomato red carriage waits you while you shop at Zadig et Voltaire on rue Saint Sulpice in the chichi 6th. Boy could I have used one of those yesterday...

Someone else is waiting patiently, his champagne bucket full, his tomato red bandana tied just so. Hey he's Parisian and just 10 months old - a very big sweet puppy.

I hope I make it to the Lucio Fontana exhibit before it closes.

Parisian kids love tomato red, preferably with strawberry sprinkles at Sargent Major on rue de Seine.

Your doudou needs a red shirt if you shop at Agnes B.

At Marche Maubert Mutualité heritage tomatoes are rampant.

Hand pick out the varieties and colors you want.

My haul cost about 2€. Now my NY friend Allie says I must only eat GREEN tomatoes. More antioxidants than the red tomatoes. Who knew?

I tried salade de tomate variéiee at La Rotisserie de la Tour. They're famous for their grilled chicken natch and part of the La Tour d'Argent group.

At marché Maubert pick up plenty of tomato red polka-dot dresses for not much more than the tomates on offer. Wear what you eat!

Or doll up as a bottle of pop in Coke's famous red. Wild no?

Patisserie Pierre Hermé has bright red in the window.

Inside his classic Ispahan is available all summer long. No vacation for this beauty.

What caught Bear's eye was PH's fabbie tomato red 'freezer bag'(sac isotherme)! A mere 12 euros.

It goes perfectly with the Decathlon watch Rosemary gave me after I drooled on it (around 10€). Good thing it's waterproof.

PH's freezer bag, the watch and red nails polished my outfit for afternoon tea at The Mandarin Oriental. The bag has a ziplock top, is waterproof, so ideal for delivering Paris Sketch Letters to La PosteRenewing your subscription. You can still get a cherry or tomato bonus watercolor. Why not?


  1. Charlotte B.11:39 AM

    red red red! There does seem to be a lot of red in Paris
    Now I know what to wear for my trip!! Merci

  2. I am loving your red here today. Now I want a red polka dot dress or top
    and that watch is to swoon for indeed. I am looking for red jeans too.

  3. What a lovely photo series!

  4. While you have me seeing red (in a good way!) I am really in love with that PH window! Are those all pastries? Or just inspired colors?

    1. Always represent something...never just arbitrary decor in PH's vitrines.
      They are the macaron ice cream sandwiches seen from the top. Perfect to carry home in ze New Freezer bag.
      I returned to get a Montibello - trés delish but at 6.90€ I'd rather buy a backup freezer bag

  5. And you sit red so beautifully!
    Love the watch ..bag..and your signature shoes..
    Ainsi que les aquarelles..comme de raison!
    I remember that timer..
    Heirloom tomatoes are so beautiful..and I never knew about the green..

  6. So much red! Hard to pick a favourite. The dog with the bandana has to be close. But I love your splashes of red for your expedition to the Mandarin Oriental.

  7. Carol, it's great to see you back on your 2 feet & taking us all over. I love your color themed posts. And it's the doudou that I would take home.

  8. Yes it's Great to be back on 2 feet instead of 3 or 4!
    I never thought I'd say that...
    Tanks! ;))

  9. Carolyn in Seattle11:28 PM

    I picked up my mail today and was so happy to find my letter!
    You put such beautiful detail in it with those hot air tomato balloons, the sky writing, adorable cat and dog not to mention the French people. These are going to make amazing pages in a book! Love it!!!

  10. Great photos Carol, they seem especially colorful today with all of that red in them!
    Love the dog, and good to see Bear again.
    The colors and narrow streets make for a perfect series of shots - the pastries look great, too!

  11. A touch of red is always so chic! I'm fairly certain that although green tomatoes might have more antioxidants than the red ones, they are both far better for you than many other things. How was the salad at La Rotisserie de la Tour? I've walked by there a million times.

  12. Carol, rouge tomate is a beautiful color...and ripe Red tomatoes at this time of the year, fresh from a garden or farmers market, are such a delicious treat.

    Your red accessories are very chic! Great to see your little tootsies in ballerina flats, too. Does this mean you are really back to former mobility? Hope so.

    As always, your Parisian rounds have inspired you to do very evocative watercolors.

    Let's see, what else. Oh, of course, please give my regards to Bear! xo

  13. Please tell us where we/I can find that rouge must have freezer bag!

  14. Bear looks so comfortable in the chic red freezer bag. Would love to have one - it looks very sturdy.

  15. April4:27 PM

    Thank you for posting about the watch! I am sitting in the Bistro Atelier at Washington Dulles airport going to CDG.

  16. Love this, Carol! Reminds me I recently met a local Carmel-by-the-Sea artist who was so horribly abused when young, so alone, and she drew all the time for something to do alone locked in her room. Lonely she wrote letters to colors. "Dear Red....." etc. Very poignant, but also it made her an artist... And what's better than that? Only one from NYC living in Paris ;)

  17. I got my August letter. It takes me awhile to make sure I have seen everything. Love the colors and the whimsy including the watering can sprinkling water on dog. Trying to decide on framing or making a book.

  18. What about your tomato red glasses, Carol? You should include them! Lol

  19. Carol Anne11:24 PM

    Just received my Paris Letter for August today, made my day, arrived on my birthday, thank you for your perfect timing and it having the Eiffel tower on it

    Totally love receiving my letter

  20. I think I would cut off my toes one at a time, if I could have that whole cheesecake.

    (or…I could just go out and buy one ------------ I doubt it would be nearly as good as the one you photographed)


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