Saturday, October 12, 2013

Touring the Marais

Thursday I joined Richard for a hour jaunt around the Marais, 75004
Rain, shine, clouds, and a bit of chill doesn't stop us for a second...
Hitting on architectural highpoints,
Gastronomic treats
And many unique one-of-a-kind shops.
Heaven at 16, rue du Pont Louis-Philippe
Has a British feel, well it's owner is a British expat living in Paris for more than 20 years. Loads of fun things.
Four caligraphie shops on the same street...
Richard has lived in the Marais from day one 8 years ago so he knows every nook and cranny and is happy to share his favorite places.
Like Chez Julien near the Seine
Richard takes us through a medieval courtyard
Enroute to a tea break and a chance to warm up
With coffee and hot chocolate at MOF Christian Varet boulangerie on 27, rue Francois Miron.
Fromager Laurent Dupois has a new cheese shop nearby. Plus we hit several wine shops, two foie gras shops, two chocolate shops...
Then over to gorgeous Place de Vosges. Richard explains soon the trees will be trimmed once they are leafless into a perfect square shape.
 Next Dammann Teas on square for some serious inhaling of exotic teas
And ending on a sweet note L'Éclair de Genie on rue Pavie. Thank you Richard for a terrific tour of the Marais. You can reach him here.


  1. Oh the Marais! La Place de Voges! These photos really communicate a lovely fall day in Paris. Oh.....tarte aux pommes...oh...

  2. Always loved the windows of Heaven!


  3. Oh what a lovely tour. Not sure what/where Marais is.. so will have to Google it, but it looks wonderful. Love the first photo of the umbrellas. Sort of reminds me of a famous painting.

  4. What a lovely tour. I got to visit the Marais for the first time this year, it's a great area- I can certainly see how wonderful it would be to live there. And Eclair de Genie? I could certainly live there!

  5. Carolyn3:09 AM

    So many yummy places in the Marais
    Must go back

  6. Eye prefer Paris3:51 AM

    THANKS SO MUCH! for the very nice review of my tour. the photo came out really well. it was fun having u along.
    Richard Nahem

  7. Looks like a fab. day.Right up your street !! couldn't resist putting in that little pun.. Enjoy your Sunday

  8. This is sort of my Paris stomping grounds, near where Jerry used to live and I just love seeing your photos of spots familiar and less so! Thanks for the walk-through!

    1. Hmmm...i should do more neighborhood posts like this i guess...?

  9. Carol, your images remind me (me reporter à) our nice lunch at Louis Phillipe just across from Chez Julien. If I remember correctly that was a rainy day too!

  10. So much fun to Imagine just how many great places exist in a single walkable neighborhood! I wonder just how many good places (notice I didn't say "great") places I can walk to....

  11. I was wondering when your next outing would be..
    the Marais..the word alone conjures up such images..and now to see thorugh your lens..Encore plus " le fun"..

  12. Great photos of the shops, houses, and streets, but the food shots look the best! I'm hungry today :)

  13. Vicki3:10 PM

    What fun and how ambitious! My first extended stay in Paris, 10 days, was during the winter holidays, 1992, and we stayed at Hotel Place des Vosges. We walked our feet off in the Marais and still didn't scratch the surface. Thank you for taking us along with you!

  14. This brought back some great memories. Thanks!

  15. Carol, even a rainy day does not make Paris any less beautiful.

    I do like the idea of close up view of various Parisian areas, and can well imagine you being an on site, on foot, guide yourself to various places that you love.

    Surely there are so many folks who've been loving your posts who just dream of following your footsteps. Perhaps they might be able to....

    It would be interesting to learn more about how Richard decided to start these tours of his neighborhood.

    (Maybe I should myself think about taking folks around to some of my favorite places in my part of New York? I always hope that my blog posts do show folks a bit of a different view of New York that they might ordinarily think was The View.)


  16. Annabella9:45 PM

    This brought back great memories for me too Carol! many thanks. I was lucky enough to be guided around the Marais and neighbouring districts by an English friend-a professeur resident a Paris for 20 years now-so he was a wonderful fund of knowledge and places to go. It was also the first place i went to in Paris solo (left b/f at home) and piqueniqued in La Place des Vosges and got picked up by a cute French boy at a nearby cafe ;)

  17. Une très belle promenade dans le Marais... Paris est si riche et à la fois ses quartiers semblent des villages...
    Je trouve cependant regrettable qu'on élague les arbres avec cette forme carré qui leur est impropre...
    C'est mon point de vue !...
    Que régal pour les yeux et les hanches avec toutes ces belles photos de douceurs !

    Gros bisous

  18. rue francois very first visit to paris, i stayed in a youth hostel on this street. it was just heaven and this quiet corner of paris with it's (four calligraphie!) sweet little shops is still central to my idea of the city and la belle france.


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