Thursday, July 18, 2013

La Maison Duvelleroy

Was your AC on high today?
Me, I was fanning away like crazy! Please note* Katie Perry has the red AC fan...
Yesterday I got an invitation to the 7th arrondissement atelier of evantailists, Eloïse Gilles and Raphaëlle de Panafieu of Duvelleroy.
Remember I wrote about their fans last Wednesday. Here Eloise is looking like a Degas dancer. I'm sure they had fans. It must get hot backstage...
Fan making pretty much stopped production after World War II. The last house producing, La Maison Duvelleroy barely survived. But these two enterprising young women saved the day and partnered with owner, Michel Maignan to revive and resurrect the brand and infuse new ideas and inspiration. And it's taken off spendidly.
Plus now many workers are happily making the various parts of these beautiful complex fans, No one person can make a whole fan alone. Too many skills are involved.
A Mondrian-style Eiffel Tower design for the contemporary line that you might find in Colette, Bon Marche or other Paris shops.
A fan inspired by Truman Capote's famous 60s Black and White ball.
A sumptuous wedding fan from the couture collection.
Another to-die-for couture fan I can see at the Opera Garnier easily...
Their famous peacock fan that doesn't really cool you down but that's irrelevant isn't it?
And just as beautiful when closed up.
A witty caged bird versus liberated bird fan...
They have museum-worthy photo albums of the old collections to refer to  and rift on. How did these young women meet you ask? Raphaelle conveniently married a friend of Eloise's brother. Together they hatched a plan to revive a wonderful dying art.
There's a whole fan language you need to know...
Who needs to learn French when you have a fan in your hand?
Carrying in right hand in front of face = Follow me.
Carrying in left hand in front of face = Desirious of acquaintance
Placing it on left ear = I wish to get rid of you.
Twirling in the left hand = We are watched.
Caarrying in the right hand = you are too willing.
Drawing through the hand = I hate you.
Fanning slowly = I am married
Fanning quickly = I am engaged
and so on...
I floated out of their atelier feeling like an Edith Wharton Countess... Directly across the street was newly opened Pierre Marcolini.
Any Countess worth her diamonds needs a chocolate heart or two doesn't she? Do check out the Duvelleroy website. You can order online and they ship world-wide. Surely you need a fan to let your man know a thing or two don't you?


  1. WOW. They're amazing. I particularly like the black and white one. How lovely that two young women have revived these, certainly fans are big in Paris, it's so hot, they're practical as well as pretty.

    1. Their designs are very strong. These are works of art, not just a feminine accessory

  2. You just brought back a vivid memory of a treasured fan I had ..plastic..and there was ribbon woven in between each piece..and there was a pianting somewhere?

    Oh now I want to have it and see it and remember my joy in holding it and looking at it..they are so special.:)

  3. I now realize I must NEVER get a fan! It would be just like me and my faulty memory to wave "Follow me and let's get acquainted" and me a married woman!
    Still, they are beautiful...and how many men could possibly be able to understand Fan Language???

    1. Very perceptive of you Jeanette ;))

  4. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Gawd these are elegant!

  5. Beautiful photos, Carol.
    I'll have to save this post in case I ever see a woman here waving her fan :) Who knew that it's all about telegraphing messages?

    1. That's it.
      Very important to be up to date on these nuances!

  6. Their names are just as charming as their fans they make. :) I love fans. Have one or two hiding out somewhere. Must find and use again. Thanks. Loved this post.

    1. Ah ha you noticed
      Their names are perfect for evantailists !

  7. Fabulous, am using one on the trains for my commute to work.Lot's envious stares!

  8. What a delightful post, Carol! The range of their artwork is impressive, and I particularly like the simple elegance of the Truman Capote design.
    And you finished your day with a stop at Pierre Marcolini, my fave chocolatier in Paris! What a lucky girl! :) x Katie

  9. Fascinating fans & how very convenient for you to have a good chocolatier right across the street.

  10. Anonymous1:40 PM

    so cool! have you been to the musee eventail in the 2eme?
    Cara Black

  11. Once again, I love every single photo (and painting!) in this post! I've been using fans lately too -- this kind, not the ones you plug in. Well, both actually!

  12. I enjoyed reading about these fans before,but to learn about their meanings,and especially the people behind them, gives today's post a wonderful in depth look.

  13. Fan--- tastic Beautiful Blog....!
    Hard to walk "Blithely" anywhere in this heat...
    we are suffering here too....

  14. I need fans (actually am using one in this heat) and I definitely need some very dark chocolate from PM...yum!


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