Tuesday, October 10, 2006

NEW & Improved

Which one is real and which one is faux? There have been some changes at the shop where I work. NEW faces are turning up since we're now on the edge of Chelsea and the art scene. Hey, Jeff Koon's assistant showed up for a look see...
Moleskines are the greatest aren't they?The moleskines are not NEW, but the watercolor Moleskine is just 6 months old and today was the first time I painted in it something other than a color swatch. I like this paper.. I wish it came much larger!
I wish I knew German Luis found these old color charts lurking in the cellar. Our regular color charts come from London. Someone sits around painting strips of paper and pasting them onto the charts...
25 colors, one for each year The 25th anniversary box came out in 2003, but it was so popular it's still around. It's a great starter kit for those NEW to pigments, who want to get their toes wet.

This amazing pigment display was hiding in the basement. Used in the past only for trade shows now it's sitting in our window. It's NEW to me !
So many colors Don't touch!


  1. All of these goodies make me want to go shopping there and I'm not even a painter. Its better than getting a brand new box of 64 Crayolas!

  2. okay here is a question from a non painter person like me...do I dare say that...how do you use pigment paints?
    Can you show me: Painting with Pigments 101...and afterwards we can have some tea and chocolate at let's say Angelina's?

  3. Good example.
    It's not that different from making hot chocolate. You can't do much with plain cocoa powder (the pigment powder), but mix it with hot milk (your binder: Linseed oil or egg tempera etc) and you've got a nice emulsion = drinkable hot chocolate (or paint! :)

  4. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Another one of your amazing candy store outings..Why do I live on the P.Coast?

  5. Anonymous12:45 PM

    I enjoyed reading your blog very much. Thanks for taking the time to keep it going.
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  6. I found my first Moleskin in New York in the fall 2002, and fell in love at once. A coupld of years later they came over to Norway, but are still extremely difficult to find.
    I went to a bookstore today to buy sheets for a 2007 calendar, and saw a pile of amazing Moleskins on the table. They were all different calendars and diaries though, and I want plain ones, or the aquarelle one..... Hopefully they will come here as well as time goes by.

  7. I sooooo want the pigment kit. Is it a combo of mineral and organic pigments? Lately, I seem so very enamored of quinacridone. I like all the reds and I like the transparency...

    Is the watercolor paper in the new moleskine as bright white as is shown in the top picture or is it my monitor... I never liked the gouache moleskines as the paper was too yellow.

  8. nice to see my work being appreciated! See ya!


  9. Cathy5:47 PM

    Glad to hear you like the Moleskin for watercolors--I just bought one yesterday and haven't tried it yet.

  10. Hi Lady K! I don't think there are any Quindos in the 25th set - You can probably see the contents on the www.kremerpigments.com site
    The Moleskine paper is bright white and you can paint on both sides :)

  11. Want one of those and one of those and some of that, your blog makes me soooo aquisitorial (is that how we spell this word, who cares, I just want that stuff!)

  12. Aquisitorial, sounds like it's in Africa Sara. Was it once a colony of France? I think I used to collect stamps from there...

  13. Those pigments look good enough to eat. I'll have to get me some of the earthier ones. (For painting, not eating;)

  14. Moleskin is a sketchbook? If it is, I want one. Where oh where can I find one in France?... arrgghh

  15. Anonymous6:02 PM

    JCHEVAIS - you can find them in VIRGIN records. That's where them I saw them in Bayonne :)

  16. Everything looks wonderful...I want to be there!

  17. oh i have been away too long. another beautiful blog post with eyecandy photos from you! Makes me want to grab my watercolour moleskine and skip work for the rest of the afternoon. thanks for the inspiration! I'll blame you when my current project languishes on the drafting table! "-)

  18. I took a quilting class recently, and the teacher is also a painter. She keeps a lovely journal where she paints her ideas and inspirations. She introduced us to some fun gadgets, and I went out and purchased a brush that is like a pen--it holds a well of water so you always have some on hand. Now I have to practice...


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