Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My Wine Cards

Vineyards? Why are you so hard to paint?This is about painting la vigne (vineyards) and my wine cards. Painting vineyards isn't as easy as painting a gondola which is a glorified canoe with fancy trimmings. When I painted chateaux for S-L's catalog..well most sit in a vineyard that is a mass of green. Greens can be assertive, and like a dog pulling on a leash, they want attention. They need to be tamed with a touch of red to make them behave. "Heel Green! Heel, I say!" Doing a closeup of a vineyard is a lot easier. For one thing there are some grapes to add to that annoying mass of green.
And grape leaves, can be challanging and are another repetitive pattern but at least they're fun shapes to draw.
I liked drawing figures (i.e. grape pickers ) before I took up with cups of hot chocolate. So I put plenty of figures in as a distraction.
You get Pinot Noir grapes in Champagne too.
You can untie this purple ribbon if you go to Paris Breakfast ArtSo much for my struggles painting vineyards. You can buy a 10-pack of 5 different vineyard images, tied with a purple ribbon from me directly. The gift card pack sells for $11.95 + $2.00 shipping, totaling $13.95. ONLY U.S. sales at this time. You can contact me HERE . Merci


  1. CAROLE!! I LOVE THESE -- those grapes are to die for!! I so agree about GREEN!!! MERCY, and here in NC -- living in the woods -- that's all I have -- GREEN!!!!!! blobs indeed! But you've managed to shape each of them so incredibly -- they DO SAY VINEYARD awesomely -- and I'm on my way to buy your cards!! THANK YOU!

  2. Carol, I feel like my toes are touching the French soil, the grapes are sweet as I wipe off my chin, smiling at you and your beautifully painted cards! Good Luck!!

  3. I had a glass of Gespritzter for lunch (must have hit 80 degrees today) and your pictures for dessert. :-) The grape pickers are soon going to be out in the Viennese vineyards, too. Wouldn't that be a good reason to come and paint in Vienna? Chocolate pickings are also excellent here. :-)
    Sunny greetings,

  4. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Carol, You have created a wonderful feast of form and color and now we can appreciate it better as at last I broke down and got DSL :) GP

  5. Merisi I'd LOVE to come back to Vienna. I was only there for a day. Train in & train out, but I met an opera singer on that train and she took me to the Sacher Hotel for their famous Sacher Torte..quite a memorable occasion :)

  6. wein is a wonderful wine country trip! it was my birthday present two years ago from my husband and we loved everything about the city and outskirts... i love these carol .... the colors are so bold!
    do you have time tomorrow to talk?

  7. If one day you find that someone has broken into your house and the only thing missing were things in your closet.....It was me


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